Resogun Soundtrack, Wipeout Ships, New Human Packs Out Today

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Resogun Soundtrack, Wipeout Ships, New Human Packs Out Today

Hey all, Ian from XDEV Studio Europe here with a bunch of news for all Resogun fans out there. At long last we are pleased to announce the Resogun original soundtrack is available to download today on PS4. Featuring all 17 tracks from the game, including the famous main theme.

Resogun: 6/10 Update

The soundtrack, composed entirely by the hugely talented veteran games composer Ari Pulkkinen, reflects the arcade history of gaming and features modern electronic genres and styles fused with classic gaming themes and sensibilities, creating a lively pulsating soundscape which resonates with the spirit of Resogun’s explosive action.

The PS4 soundtrack allows you to listen to the tracks alongside high quality images from the game and also download the tracks to take along with you on any digital music player. The Resogun original soundtrack will be available to download today on PlayStation Store and is priced at $7.99.

Resogun: 6/10 Update

The Anti-Gravity Racing Championship’s most famous Ships have arrived in Resogun. Utilize the Feisar, Piranha, Auricom, AG Sys, and Qirex crafts to take the fight to the Sentients.

Each ship has been specifically modelled to represent its Classic Wipeout look and feature custom attribute set ups to reflect their strengths in speed and weaponry.

These ships are perfect for fans of Wipeout and Resogun alike, and we’re proud to add the Wipeout Ships to the ever growing roster of Resogun craft.

Ships are available today from PlayStation Store priced at $1.49 individually or $3.99 as a bundle.

Resogun: 6/10 Update

Finally we’re pleased to announce that the next three Human Packs are available today. Each pack features 2 different Human types that normally only unlock on specific days of the year but are being made available here for the collector types.

Human Packs 3, 4 and 5 will be available today on PlayStation Store and are priced at $0.99 each.

All content announced today will be available to download for all season pass owners. If you’ve not purchased the Resogun season pass then there really has never been a better time. Priced at a bargain $7.99 it includes all content released today as well as the Heroes and Defenders expansions and all previously released Human Packs.

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  • Time to buy that Season Pass!! (Did I beat Paulogy to the first comment?)

    “Resogun, best game on the PS4, so far” – Colin Moriarty

  • I’m not seeing the new content on the Store yet. Any idea when this is available today?

  • Soundtracks in games are so often overlooked, but they can be essential in creating a certain mood or feeling. Resogun’s soundtrack is excellent, so it’s great to hear (no pun intended) it’s being made available on its own. Still the best game on PS4 ;-) #ColinWasRight

    • I might be in the minority but man I love myself some Shatter.

      I was in the On Live Beta and I couldn’t justify myself spending any of that kind of money on anything like what they were offering. Great too cause they went out of business. XD

      The one thing I did on On Live was watch people play Shatter, and then go and play Shatter myself on the PS3. I really wish that Shatter could come out for the PS4. There was just something about the almost vocal like synths, that made the boss battles feel like the bosses were angrily singing, but, musically. It’s hard to describe. It just sort of hit my sweet spot.

  • Does the Bosses music also on this soundtrack? and not just the level itself?

  • I am so glad I bought the season pass for this game, unlike when I did so with other games. I can’t wait for Alienation!

  • The level of support you guys have given this title is a sterling example that I wish more teams would follow. SUCH VALUE!

  • Thanks guys! However I also want to ask you when is the DLC coming to the PS Vita version?

  • Awesome! Bought the season pass when it was first released. Now Sony pls… we need a new WIPEOUT on PS4 ASAP!!

  • While I like the tie in to Wipeout, it makes me sad about Studio Liverpool.

  • So happy with my season pass! Thanks for keeping up the support for this great game!

  • So thats why the gigantic 800mb update?….anyway thats some sweet stuff,I’m really glad to see the support for Resogun.I’m always watchful with the next human in the list and I always hop into Resogun to make sure I don’t miss it.Also I’m glad I supported you guys buying the Season…it was really worth.And excuse me but you said “all” content announced today….does that mean that the super ultra mega amazing soundtrack is available to Season owners too?

    BTW I have a question…what happened to the Golden and Dragon human?

  • Vita?? Come on, I have money.

  • Why dont you release these packs to vita as well? Vita only has the main game, 0 DLCs

  • So purchasing the season pass will also get us the soundtrack since it was stated all content announced today will be included with the season pass? Thanks so much and I’ll be buying that season pass later!

  • I only see 2 human packs, no ships…

  • Best season pass ever.

  • yes! i was all over the internet yesterday trying to find out why the soundtrack wasn’t on the american store. my favorite new song is the protector theme, phasmatis, and my favorite from the original is ceres. ugh, just listening to them makes me want to play now!

    i bought the season pass when defenders came out, it’s the only season pass i’ve ever purchased, and man, what wonderful content! now i have to go try out these new ships. thank you for resogun!

  • Season pass is still valid! That’s Kinda Funny. Pass the wings.

  • This game is amazing.

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