Watch Kill Strain, Drawn To Death Live This Week on Twitch

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Watch Kill Strain, Drawn To Death Live This Week on Twitch

Hi everyone. E3 2015 is just around the corner, and everyone here at San Diego Studio wanted to give all our fans out there a special treat: a week-long SD Studio Twitch Week with some special guests!

Starting today and ending on June 12th we’ll host a new Twitch stream featuring developers from the assortment of announced games being developed and produced by the Sony San Diego Studio.

San Diego Studio on Twitch

San Diego Studio on Twitch

Today, the MLB The Show development team will kick off the streams with MLB 15 The Show. Hoping to hear tons of stories and feedback from the community; it’s a rare treat for us to be able to celebrate the season-in-progress before we shift our gaze to next year! The stream will feature designers Nick Livingston, Lance Leahy, Luis Martinez, and yours truly.

On Wednesday June 10th there will be a new Kill Strain livestream that continues to give the community a real-time look at the game’s progress. Conversations with the team and beta signups continue over at

Thursday June 11th will be the World Premiere stream of Drawn To Death being developed by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. The stream will feature Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency’s Creative Director David Jaffe, 3D artist Caryn Cook, animator Chris Kovach, and producer Nick Kononelos.

San Diego Studio on Twitch

Last and most certainly not least, on Friday June 12th is the World Premiere live stream of Guns Up! being developed by Valkyrie Entertainment. The stream will feature Valkyrie Entertainment founder Joakim Wejdemar, art director Forest Telford, and SD Studio Sr. producer Jeremy Ray. Head to for more details.

Mark your calendars for the Twitch streams for Drawn To Death, MLB 15 The Show, Kill Strain, and Guns Up! from San Diego Studio Twitch channel. All streams start at 7:00 PM Pacific.

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  • I must say I find all this Pre-E3 coverage this year quite fascinating. It’s a great way to capitalize on the excitement without getting buried by all the news from next week, and a the stream is a good way to catch a sneak peak at some interesting games in progress. Plus, any time you get Jaffe on camera, magic happens :-)

    [ Sidenote: Dear Shuhei, like you I am a supporter of Kinda Funny. Despite what Greg says I am not a piece of garbage, so please permit me to keep my PS+ subscription. Thank you. ~Paulogy P.S. Also, please let us change our PSN names. ]

  • Awesome guys! I’m enjoying Gun’s Up quite a bit so far and am looking forward to Kill Strain and Drawn To Death.

  • Pre E3 coverage is always fun, looking forward to seeing what else is shown!

    Also, 1) new PS Blog appearance, and 2) the ability to reply to comments? Do my eyes deceive me?

  • Eh, online only games do nothing for me. You guys can keep em.

  • My body is ready for Drawn To Death and Kill Strain…already playing the Guns Up! Private Beta and…’s going to be milking money from you I can already tell >_>

  • Sweet! It’s going to be a great week leading up to E3!! Can’t wait for the streams. I’ve had a chance to get to play some of the games here and they all are awesome games in their own way. I’m super excited for San Diego Studio, not only will they be known for MLB but for these other three great games as well!

  • WTF just happened with the Blog?….damn terrible change…just sayin.

    Also I’m very disappointed in Drawn to Death,lost all my interest when I saw the game is online-only but I’ll take a look in some gameplay just for the heck of it.

    • I’m actually kinda digging it, maybe give it a little bit of time and it may grow on you.

      Also, this reply feature…. ; )

    • You should definitely watch the Drawn To Death Twitch stream on Thursday. Creative Director David Jaffe, 3D artist Caryn Cook, animator Chris Kovach, and producer Nick Kononelos will all be there to answer any questions you have about the game.

  • Pretty pumped for KS and DTD. :D

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