Neonchrome Coming to PS4 Later This Year

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Neonchrome Coming to PS4 Later This Year

Hello again, Playstation.Blog readers! As some of you may remember, 10tons was among the first indie studios to launch games on PS4. We are very excited to start revealing the new games we’re working on, specifically targeted for consoles from the ground up. First up is Neonchrome, a fast-paced, top-down, cyberpunk shooter.


In addition to being the game’s title, Neonchrome is also the name of an arcology built by the Rooswahl Industries in 2085 as a home to more than a quarter million people. Arcologies are gigantic structures providing space for residential, commercial, and agricultural facilities.

Neonchrome also hosts its own fusion reactor, along with closed loop recycling system. All this makes the titanic structure mostly self-sufficient.

The arcology is controlled by an entity called the Overseer. The Rooswahl corporation is secretive about the nature of the Overseer and the details are known only to the highest level executives. While the mega corporation has always strictly denied it, some say the Overseer is a general purpose Artificial Intelligence which were banned after the Tampere incident in 2078.


Taking place inside the titular arcology, Neonchrome sets the player on a mission to delve deep into the arcology to uncover secrets and save the mega structure and its inhabitants from certain doom. This is done by blasting through large amounts of corporate security, assault drones, and dangerous cyborgs. Neonchrome features intense sci-fi shootouts and devastating futuristic special abilities like plasma grenades and conversion rays. The game blends both procedurally generated and hand-crafted environments, including epic boss battles.

Neonchrome hits PS4 later this year.

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  • Sounds like a very promising title! I’ll have to check it out. What engine does this game run on?

    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      Crazy as we are, we’re rolling our own tech. We started expanding our current multi platform tech to 3D last year, and we have already achieved roughly the level of fidelity we thought we could get to. Everything from now on to release candidate is nice extra :)

  • I’ve read this description multiple times now and I *still* don’t think I understand what’s going on, but maybe it’s just me :-).

    I *did* however really enjoy Tennis in the Face – a surprise Vita gem with a quirky little story to it, so you’ve got my interest regardless! That one’s got a free demo so folks should really give it a try (hint hint: Kinda Funny Games Let’s Play?)

    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      Hehe, I guess we nailed the mystery part then :) (sort of…)

      I’m glad you liked Tennis in the Face! We just released Sparkle Unleashed, and we may have one more title coming out before Neonchrome. We’ll see how it all plays out.

  • No Vita port how come you guys make great vita ports and sure the vita can handle this type of game so please please make it for the vita

    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      No Vita port *announced yet*. Vita is definitely a very strong candidate, we just don’t want to overextend ourselves at this time with everything we might do with the game down the line. One step at a time!

  • Seems ok, just dont price it like complete morons. $10 is the max games like this should be. Im willing to give this a chance because of your past work, despite the procedural generation.

    • Jaakko Maaniemi

      I hear you. We hope to make a free trial available, as we have done in the past, and price the game right.

  • Looks interesting. I like top down shooters if they are done right. One of my most enjoyable games was Dead Nation.

    Blog has a facelift too.

  • Woho i like the new PSBlog look and wow we can reply now!

  • Look forward to seeing more on this game.

  • Loved Crimsonland, so I can’t wait to see more of this up till its release. Any chance of a big PS+ discount at launch?

    • Any chance that Crimsonland will be playable is PSTV yet? It’s on the PS Store, but it doesn’t work after trying to play it?

    • Glad to hear you like Crimsonland! It’s a charming game, in a blood soaked way…

      Right now we’re focused on making the game, pricing and publishing stuff comes later. While I can’t commit to a big PS Plus launch discount, I guess some kind of PS Plus discount is pretty much customary.

  • I’m curious to learn more about this game at E3, I like fast paced top-down shooters as well.

  • awesome! sounds and looks really cool. will definitely be picking this up. i laughed out loud tampere incident. finland represent!

  • When it says, top down.. we can assume “twin stick shooter” and will there be co-op either local or online?

    • Yeah, it’s twin stick.

      We haven’t made a decision on co-op yet. The current version supports local co-op, in a quick and dirty way, but if we run into huge trouble with it or schedule issues arise, it may not make it to the release version. Online co-op is unlikely, although now at least the game architecture supports it, unlike Crimsonland.

  • Le_Baron_Farceur

    A cyberpunk shooter by the makers of Crimsonland?
    Color me aroused.

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