Neonchrome Coming to PS4 Later This Year

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Neonchrome Coming to PS4 Later This Year

Hello again, Playstation.Blog readers! As some of you may remember, 10tons was among the first indie studios to launch games on PS4. We are very excited to start revealing the new games we’re working on, specifically targeted for consoles from the ground up. First up is Neonchrome, a fast-paced, top-down, cyberpunk shooter.


In addition to being the game’s title, Neonchrome is also the name of an arcology built by the Rooswahl Industries in 2085 as a home to more than a quarter million people. Arcologies are gigantic structures providing space for residential, commercial, and agricultural facilities.

Neonchrome also hosts its own fusion reactor, along with closed loop recycling system. All this makes the titanic structure mostly self-sufficient.

The arcology is controlled by an entity called the Overseer. The Rooswahl corporation is secretive about the nature of the Overseer and the details are known only to the highest level executives. While the mega corporation has always strictly denied it, some say the Overseer is a general purpose Artificial Intelligence which were banned after the Tampere incident in 2078.


Taking place inside the titular arcology, Neonchrome sets the player on a mission to delve deep into the arcology to uncover secrets and save the mega structure and its inhabitants from certain doom. This is done by blasting through large amounts of corporate security, assault drones, and dangerous cyborgs. Neonchrome features intense sci-fi shootouts and devastating futuristic special abilities like plasma grenades and conversion rays. The game blends both procedurally generated and hand-crafted environments, including epic boss battles.

Neonchrome hits PS4 later this year.

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