Hustle Kings Out Today on PS4, Free to Play

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Hustle Kings Out Today on PS4, Free to Play

Hustle Kings is coming to PS4 today! The best thing about this new iteration of Hustle Kings is that it’s now free to play for all; PlayStation Plus membership is not needed for online play. This means that with the core package, all PS4 owners will be able to jump online and take on the world in 1v1 games and tournaments.

Hustle Kings

The core package comes with a healthy amount of content including Trophy support, a training mode, career, and the online league. The league is built around our in-game currency, HKC (Hustle King Credits) which can be won and lost on games — the more games you win, the more you earn and the higher you can go in the league tiers.

There are lots of ways to earn HKC in the game. New players will be given a welcome bonus, there is a new daily challenge every day where you get 5 chances to win big in a unique puzzle or trick shot game, you’ll earn small amounts as you play by potting balls and pulling off tough shots, and when you run out we’ll be sure to give you a booster the following day.

For players who don’t want to have to earn and spend HKC to play, we also offer a separate upgrade package where with a one-time purchase you can play local offline games and challenge other players with the upgrade package to private online games, no HKC needed. This will allow you to spend your HKC on other things like a fancy new cue or ball set.

Hustle Kings

Hustle Kings has been slowly launching across the world. It’s been out in Europe for a little while now and since its release there have been more than 12 million balls potted, cue balls have travelled a combined distance of more than 39 million metres, and there has been a combined table time of more than 4,300 days! We can’t wait to see this explode once you get your hands on it.

We’ll be launching new content regularly; new game types, new items, new features, and more — so stick around and let us know what you want to see.


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  • YES YES YES, I loved hustle Kings on Vita and PS3 and I bought Pure Pool on PS4 cannot wait until off work to download this :D

  • I forget, does this game has PS Move support? Seems like a perfect title for it.

  • having bought the vofoo pure pool game,there is just one question that i have.will this game be bug free at launch?cuz the other game had a rather messy any rate, i will try it since its free to play and all that jazz

    • I’d rather stick with Pure Pool. F2Ps suck.

    • @OtterX

      To give Hustle King’s credit, it does give us a option to remove F2P elements, just like that other F2P game that Sony released on Vita a while ago. which I forgot the name of it.

  • Is there some kind of bonus for people who bought the PS3/Vita version? Like cross-buy DLC or something?

    • I’m afraid not, the game is structured quite differently to the PS3 and Vita versions. However we do have lots of free content updates planned so stick around!

  • Loving the improvements to the PSBlog!

  • Love that you guys are letting us reply to comments. Hopefully we can stay logged in all the time. Is this version 3D also?

  • cool beans.. i look forward to this

  • Will it have all the dlc from the other versions like the crazy tables, trick shots and other stuff like snooker? Can you still play games against the AI characters? Also is there a way to just buy everything with real money instead of earning the in game cash?

    • We’ll have news on additional content soon.

      In the initial release you can take on AI opponents in the Career mode (more to come soon) and if you don’t want to participate in the in-game cash system you can buy the Exhibition pack for a one time fee and play for no in-game credits. The exhibition pack gives you access to private on and offline games against AI and friends.

  • that’s amazing, but don’t have PS4 yet

  • It’s great to see Hustle Kings on the PS4 finally, but I went to buy the Exhibitor Pack through the PlayStation Store and it’s not downloading! What’s going on?!

  • I picked up the exhibition pack but get an error and cannot download, anybody else have this issue? I also got some extra hkc with no problems.

  • I think the Exhibition Pack may be broken. I bought it and the game seems to register that I’ve purchased it as it longer shows up in the in-game store list, but the DLC won’t download and keeps giving an error (CE-34707-8). Don’t know what to do.

    • im having the same issue with the exhibition pack :/ any fixes anyone?

    • Apologies for this, looks like something went wrong on the store. It has now been fixed though, just delete the key from your download list and download it through the store again.

  • Nice Digggz Mannnn kooooo thnks for the triple wammy out of mint blown brain oh wat stick and freebies dude

  • Isn’t this already free? At least in UK PSN*….

  • Having the same problem as all of the above :/

  • Hmm worth the try, i bought pure pool, FTP games seem like more of a rip off than anything though..

    @PSBLOGTEAM – about time you take my suggestion on replying to comments thing, still think it should be rendered blue or something though

  • First impressions on this game:
    1. Glitches in the tourny ladders, when someone leaves it messes up and don’t advance the other player. Few times the other person never hit the ready button and I was eliminated and they advanced, one time I couldn’t connect to another player and it said I forfeited the match and they advanced (over a hundred matches and it only happens once? bad chance it was my connection), been on both ends of game winning shot and the other person won when they lost. ( they made the eight ball or I did and lost, on my end it was in the called hole, I didn’t scratch nor made opp. ball in)

    2. Special chalk is ridiculous, when there are people that can run the table, its even more ridiculous people need special chalk to win games. Removal of special chalk will make for more even games, especially when high ranks players goes into amateur tournys to win with ease.

    3. Ranks don’t matter when high ranked players always play in lower ranks against people just beginning… There should be a rank limit for each level. Rookie, Amateur..etc…

    Overall, good clean game for online, takes me back to yahoo pool in a way but needs some cleaning up to do and I may buy into rest of the game.

  • This game was a bit of disappointment compared to the PS3 version which lent itself to having offline play challenges. There’s no US 8-Ball, UK 8-Ball (Black-Ball), 9-Ball, Snooker and Killer game modes.

    Career mode is virtually non-existent to say the least.

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