Hustle Kings Out Today on PS4, Free to Play

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Hustle Kings Out Today on PS4, Free to Play

Hustle Kings is coming to PS4 today! The best thing about this new iteration of Hustle Kings is that it’s now free to play for all; PlayStation Plus membership is not needed for online play. This means that with the core package, all PS4 owners will be able to jump online and take on the world in 1v1 games and tournaments.

Hustle Kings

The core package comes with a healthy amount of content including Trophy support, a training mode, career, and the online league. The league is built around our in-game currency, HKC (Hustle King Credits) which can be won and lost on games — the more games you win, the more you earn and the higher you can go in the league tiers.

There are lots of ways to earn HKC in the game. New players will be given a welcome bonus, there is a new daily challenge every day where you get 5 chances to win big in a unique puzzle or trick shot game, you’ll earn small amounts as you play by potting balls and pulling off tough shots, and when you run out we’ll be sure to give you a booster the following day.

For players who don’t want to have to earn and spend HKC to play, we also offer a separate upgrade package where with a one-time purchase you can play local offline games and challenge other players with the upgrade package to private online games, no HKC needed. This will allow you to spend your HKC on other things like a fancy new cue or ball set.

Hustle Kings

Hustle Kings has been slowly launching across the world. It’s been out in Europe for a little while now and since its release there have been more than 12 million balls potted, cue balls have travelled a combined distance of more than 39 million metres, and there has been a combined table time of more than 4,300 days! We can’t wait to see this explode once you get your hands on it.

We’ll be launching new content regularly; new game types, new items, new features, and more — so stick around and let us know what you want to see.


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