Super Meat Boy Coming to PS4, PS Vita (Yes, Really!)

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Super Meat Boy Coming to PS4, PS Vita (Yes, Really!)

Once upon a time, two friends named Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen got together to make a game. They called that game “Super Meat Boy”. They were forced to form a company by “the Man” and that company was given the name “Team Meat”, they did not pick this name, it was on some promotional information for a press event they attended and being the savvy businessmen they are they took a note from Warren “G” Buffett and rolled with it. For 18 months they both slaved away creating the greatest platformer they possibly could. The process was hard and very well documented in Indie Game: The Movie. Neither Tommy nor Edmund expected Super Meat Boy to be a huge success. Much to their surprise, everyone wanted the game, including some very disappointed PlayStation fans.

Super Meat Boy on PS4 & PS Vita

When Super Meat Boy was launched, Team Meat wasn’t allowed to bring it to PS3 for very complicated reasons. They hated that they had to alienate the loyal PlayStation fans who desperately wanted the game but couldn’t have it. They felt their pain as PlayStation fans had to suffer for years without the greatest platformer ever made by two guys named Tommy and Edmund. Team Meat was very sad about this, but what could they do? Their hands were tied.

Earlier this year, Team Meat got an unexpected gift. The gods smiled upon them and opened up a teeny tiny sliver of a path that could eventually lead them to re-release Super Meat Boy. Even though the path would be difficult they knew they owed it to their fans to at least try.

Fast forward to today. We walked that arduous path and with a lot of hard work, a little convincing, and huge scoops of luck we are now here today with huge smiles on our faces to say:


Super Meat Boy on PS4 & PS Vita

Crazy right?! We actually never ever EVER thought this day would come and it makes us both so happy that it’s finally here! We know this has been a long time coming but better late than never. Expect to be playing Super Meat Boy on your PS4 and PS Vita later this year.

Oh…and we almost forgot: It’s going to be free on PlayStation Plus at launch. That’s our way of saying “Thank you for waiting patiently” to all those PlayStation fans that reached out to us over the years only to get back a “we can’t do it, sorry” response. We love you guys and girls and we’re so happy that you can finally play Super Meat Boy on your system of choice!

Here’s a trailer for your viewing pleasure, spread the word!

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  • Is it really that surprising?

    • Of course. Team Meat always have said “NO” to us, and now they are coming and giving one of the best platformers of all time for free.

      Platinum confirmed for my Vita/PS4.

  • FrankDaPronStar

    I played this on PC, console gamers are in for a treat =) Buy an extra controller before picking this up ;)

  • Can’t wait to play it, then! Thanks so much for bringing this one over, it seems like a perfect fit for Vita!

  • YES!

    Super Meat Boy + Vita + Free with PS+ = Delicious

  • I’ve had my rib eye on this one for a while.

  • So glad I’ll finally have chance to play this(and free!)…and then throw my controller through the TV :) Thanks, guys!

  • Yeah buddy!

  • This is great! PS4 is getting a lot of last gen’s XBLA classics! Keep them coming, these games are great and can’t wait to play them again on my PS4 and Vita.

    Super Meat Boy in specific is one of my absolute favorite games from all of last gen! Free with Plus is just icing on the cake!

  • Awesome news, I can’t wait to play it on the Vita, and hell, on the PS4 with that awesome controller.

  • Excellent!

    Would have paid for it – free on Plus is even better. Go Team Meat! Remind me to give you my money next time you make a new game.

  • I bought this on the PC a few years ago but never played it. It sounded like it was best played with a controller and I didn’t have a good PC game pad. I’ve never gone back to it so I’m happy that I will soon have an excuse. Nice!

  • great, ANOTHER indie 2d sidescroller as a ps+ offering…

  • @1 Yes, it IS surprising. Team Meat had moved on from working on Super Meat Boy so for this to happen is something out of left field.

    @12 Check yourself before coming in. SMB is a treat.

  • Fantastic, I think the Vita is the perfect platform for SMB. Being a PS+ game makes it even better.

    Vita ends up getting the games it needs despite all odds, its just sad that Sony can’t stop sabotaging it with overpriced memory card prices and stupid restrictions like no multiple accounts. Shame on you Sony.

  • I’m not sure why this is surprising, except at @13 says, that an older game is coming out for a newer system. But I have to say I don’t find it all that enticing. I guess if I hadn’t played it I’d be pleased, since it is a good game, but I bought and played it years ago… and it’s not like it’s an out of print game, or one that’s been away long enough to make it’s revival special.

  • Wow, I’ve heard great things about this title. Glad that Playstation users can enjoy this too!

  • Macho_Mustachio

    Awesome, been waiting a LONG time to play this!

  • @#12 Reaper527 that’s exactly the way I feel. After having PS+ for years my subscription expired a few months ago. I can put that $50 towards the awesome flash sales and get better quality games than what is offered through the PS+ igc. Great for the people who enjoy these games but not my cup of tea. PS+ was so much better before the PS4 existed.

  • THank you


  • Thank you guys so much! This is by far the best plus game we’ve seen. Really can’t say thank you enough, this is amazing!

  • Honored-Atticus

    Free for PS Plus members its good. This is a great indie game.

  • Awesome, can’t wait! PS+ has been kind of slim for the past few months (aside from the past two) so that’s great that it will be free on Plus!

  • smoothboarder540


  • This would have been a crowdpleasing announce if they’d done it during their E3 conference. Makes me wonder what they have in store that’ll top this…

  • @12 and @18 Really?

    A great game is announced for two consoles, AND it’s free. How is that something to complain about?

    Bring positivity with your quemments!

  • Soon please, I’m tired of going back to my 360 to enjoy this game.

  • @26 No kidding, have these kids not heard of the game? It’s not just some 2d flash sidescroller as they say.

  • Played this on PC, but I have a feeling that it will be another game that’s “best on Vita”.

    Hoping that the load times are decent (unlike some reason Vita games =[)!

  • Now… any chance we can get a save transfer from the X360 to the PS4? I only ask this because my DS4 requested it. He is afraid that he might get thrown against a wall if I get stuck on any of the levels I already beat on my Xbox.

  • @26

    it’s an igc title. this game taking that slot means that another game won’t be free because of it. the program has been oversaturated with fake-retro indie sidescroller spam, and the program needs to diversify its offerings.

    • + Reaper527_ on June 8th, 2015 at 8:06 am said:
      it’s an igc title. this game taking that slot means that another game won’t be free because of it. the program has been oversaturated with fake-retro indie sidescroller spam, and the program needs to diversify its offerings.


      #1, they’re not going to give us big PS4 games when the system is _less than two years old._ #2, the indie games don’t take up slots. We still get two per system and cross buy has no bearing on this.

  • @31 Maybe if you stop to consider things for a moment, there are way, way more indies out there than “AAA” games. That’s why they’re so prevalent on the IGC and coming from developers who are more willing than big names to offer their game for “free”.

    And besides, to shun Super Meat Boy is asking to get yourself shunned. It’s first indies that gave way to the rise of indies so if it weren’t for SMB, the IGC wouldn’t be a thing today.

  • Super Meat Boy has a Metascore of 90 on Xbox 360, which would put it in the top 10 PS4 games of all time on Metacritic.

  • ThumbsOfSteel74

    So…you’re so upset that you couldn’t bring this to PS3 way back when, that you’re still not bringing it to PS3? ;)

    Yeah, I know developers are moving on. But I’d likely play this if it came to PS3. Not so much if not since the PS3 is all I have.

    Meanwhile, I understand there’s a potentially large group who want nothing to do with indies. IGC or otherwise. Quality or not. But I believe that ship has sailed along with free multiplayer this gen. Any crumbs of AAA games you get are either there to fool you into thinking there will be more soon, or maybe they really are trying their best. But I don’t believe we’ll ever see the robust catalog of top AAA games for PS4 on Plus that we did a while back for PS3. It’s up to Sony and the devs to prove me wrong and bring in more perceived value to the program.

  • @32

    if more fake-retro indiespam is going to be all that ends up in igc, the existence of the program is irrelevant. this generation the bar for quality on the program has been lowered so far that its underground.

  • I heard nothing but good things about this game from people that had it on Xbox360. Looking forward to playing this real soon didn’t expect this to be part of PS Plus though.

  • And for those that will complain about everything now you know nothing is perfect unfortunately. It’s a difficult task trying to please everyone.

  • Sweet! Thanks for bringing it over and free to boot!

  • Wow, never thought I’d get a chance to play this. Very cool.

  • great pc indie ports like this are all i need sony, and best played on vita

  • @36

    my hobby is perfectly fine. there are a ton of great games on ps4. they just aren’t on igc, in part due to how terrible the program has been on the whole for the current generation. most of us didn’t get our ps4’s to play games that we can play on our phones for 99cents.

  • Is there going to be a platinum trophy? Please say there’s going to be a platinum trophy. PLEASE

  • @41

    And a lot of people prefer to play those games in consoles, since not everyone like mobile games nor touch controls.
    And just because it is an indie game or a platform game doesn’t mean they are bad.

    So please, don’t be a jerk.

  • I do love me some free meat.

  • Never cared for this game really but since its free thanks, will try it tho

  • Heard good things about this from a friend, so I decided to pick it up on PC. Had a lot of fun but never finished it. That said I’ll be giving it another go once it (re)releases.

    Oh, and thanks for bringing Super Meat Boy to the Vita as well!

  • For free hu…thats great cuz there was no other way for this game to come to PS.Shame it ain’t coming to PS3 though and because of that I’ll stay with the Vita version.So thanks for supporting the Vita.


    oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

    This is all I’ve ever wanted and never thought possible because of existing contracts.

    And…for FREE?! You guys are the best. I’m going to go pass out now.

  • My cousin and I were just talking about this last night. I watched Indie Games: The Movie, and was really anxious to play Super Meat Boy on a console. I have it on PC, but come on…Can you really beat a game like Super Meat Boy on Vita? I thought it was never coming out for PSN because of the hassle the devs went through with Sony back in the last generation.

  • @MarinoBrea

    consider it how hard for Team Meat to bring it over to PlayStation Consoles due to legal reason (most likely due Xbox Summer of Arcade or a Exclusive deal with Microsoft if you haven’t watched Indie Games: The Movie). alienating PlayStation Owners in the progress, worst that the PS3 was harder to develop. and then PS4 and Vita came and Sony’s Huge Support for Indies. Then YES. It is a big surprised to play one of the best indie games of last generation.

    and, as a “PS Plus IGC” title. its more of a “Apology Gift” too me.

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