Action Henk Butt-slides to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Action Henk Butt-slides to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Hey everyone! Roel Ezendam from RageSquid here, and I’m honored to announce that Action Henk will be coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita!

Action Henk is a game about an action figure trying to relive his heroic past. Henk used to be fastest of them all back in the 80’s and 90’s, but nowadays there’s not much left of his former glory. He gets challenged by his rival Dr. Kentony, and he’s out to prove that he still has what it takes to be the fastest!

The goal is to use physics and momentum to race through levels as fast as possible. These short levels require you to master all the subtle tricks that the physics-based platforming has to offer, including the famous butt-slide.

Action Henk

Action HenkAction Henk

RageSquid is a young game development studio from The Netherlands, and Action Henk is our debut title. This means it’s also the first time we will ever be launching a game on console, which is super exciting for us! The game is heavily inspired by our childhoods, and it’s set in a colorful world full of toys and nostalgia.

So far, the reception for Action Henk has been amazing. We felt like the game could work very well on consoles, and we’ve teamed up with Curve Digital to make this happen.

We can’t wait to sit down and play some Action Henk on PlayStation, and we hope you are just as excited!

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  • At last, butt-slides are coming to Vita! :-D

    I remember spending much more time than I would have thought playing PAIN for PS3, and this title seems to be like that butt better in every way.

  • Looking forward to this.

  • This looks entertaining. Few questions though… Anticipated price point? What about ad-hoc support for Vita?

  • Will the Vita version be compatible with the PlayStation TV? I’d like to update my compatibility list with it if so

  • the game looks cool plus it coming out for ps4 and psvita

  • A level editor would fit this well.

  • Game looks great and fun.

    Thanks to developer for supporting PS3 aswell. We arent budging just yet.
    Another dev added to “love list”.
    Great choice to team up with Curve Digital, those guys are one of few publishers who arent in delaying bussiness.

    Hope the game does well on all Sony platforms.

  • You got love for the Vita? I got love for ya! Vita seriously need more 3D games and I appreciate it. Doesn’t hurt that it looks like a butt ton of fun.

  • Looks preety good, I’ll eventually get this on VITA.

  • First I’ve seen of this, looks good fun and the graphics look nice. Thank you for bringing it to Vita.

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  • Looks like a fun game for my vita :)

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  • I would like to know when its comming to ps4….i want to buttslide my way to the top!!!

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