Philosophical Puzzler Pneuma: Breath of Life Coming to PS4 on 7/7

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Philosophical Puzzler Pneuma: Breath of Life Coming to PS4 on 7/7

Today is an exciting day for us at Deco Digital, an independent games studio based in Derby, United Kingdom, as we can finally announce the news we’ve been wanting to share with PlayStation gamers for months. Our first game, Pneuma: Breath of Life, is coming to PS4 on July 7th.

For those not in the know, Pneuma: Breath of Life is a first-person puzzler that puts gamer’s minds to the test in a visually stunning world using the combined power of PS4 and Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. Pneuma pushes players to think outside the box and explore beyond what they know as reality through the eyes of a god.

Gamers who solve the mysteries of Pneuma’s world will progress through a narrated story of self-discovery, exploring the fundamental nature of being. To give you an idea of how this works we’ve released a brand new gameplay trailer to help you wrap your head around the plethora of mind bending puzzles you’ll encounter in the game.

At Deco Digital, we’ve always wanted to create games that challenge player’s expectations and perceptions of videogames as a medium. One of the design challenges when creating Pneuma was developing puzzles around our completely unique observation mechanic which allows you to lift bridges, rotate platforms, and move entire buildings. All with the combined power of your sight & mind.

For example, certain puzzles requires you to traverse your way across a room with no obvious way of getting to the other side. It’s your job to manipulate the objects with the world using the power of your vision to make the environment bend to your will. Only then can you progress in Pneuma’s story of self-discovery.

Pneuma: Breath of Life

The story in Pneuma is one that can only be experienced through the interactive medium of video games. We don’t want to spoil the ending, but it’s a twist which we feel can’t be recreated through film or within a book. Video games are unique because if their interactive nature and we aimed to take full advantage of that when developing Pneuma: Breath of Life.

Writing from the perspective of a god was an interesting challenge for our designer. Pneuma tumbles through chains of thought that have preoccupied philosophers for centuries. We give you time to ponder questions about life and your own existence between presenting you with complex environmental challenges. You’re required to use perception, observation, and lateral thinking skills to succeed.

In Pneuma: Breath of Life, we were able to harness the power of PS4 and create visually stunning worlds. One of our favorite moments is seeing player’s reactions to the beginning of the game where the world creates itself around the player. The world floods with color, detailed reflections, and lighting that can only be achieved with the power of next gen. For our four-man art team, the creation these relaxing and immersive environments is something we can’t wait to share with PlayStation players.

Pneuma: Breath of Life

We hope this post has given you a clear idea of what to expect when Pneuma: Breath of Life launches on July 7th. We can’t wait to see how you guys react to the combination of Pneuma’s unique gameplay, story, and visuals. We’re especially excited to hear your philosophical thoughts you take away from the experience — this really is a thinker’s game. Until then, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Another great game coming to PS4

  • Wow, PS blog on a roll today – I can hardly keep up!

    Ever since the early days of MYST have I liked exploration puzzle games like this. And this one is clearly taking advantage of the technological improvements since then. Looking forward to it! :-)

  • Looks beautiful and I like this game idea.

  • How much will the game cost. Can’t wait to play this

  • @Stealthmexican Hey I’m the Producer on Pneuma, glad you’re excited to play, it will be $14.99!


  • This game looks amazing! I’ll definitely have to get it when it comes out!

  • This looks awesome and helps with the disappointment that the Uncharted collection is without having UC2’s mp added in. So thank you.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    No physical release, no sale.

  • @ Kid_Loser: Please don’t be a whiny b**** for the next four months and bring up UC:C in every other game thread? On-topic threads (ones about UC) are more than enough. You’ve already hit this and Warframe. Please just drop it. Your personal disappointment != mass disappointment. I’m perfectly fine with them excluding past MP modes in favor of beta access to UC4’s MP. You’re bellyaching now won’t change anything.

    @ On-topic: This looks all fine and dandy, but will it work at launch? Ether One looked promising, but it had massive framerate issues that turned it into a slide show, and glitched so bad that I had to delete my save and restart the game about three hours into it. I love this style of game, but I’ll definitely look for a QOL analysis before I jump in

  • Trailer soundtrack reminds me so much of this other game called Savage Moon

  • First time I hear about it and I cant wait to play it. I hope it’s part of the IGC of july.

  • Derby! I’m originally from just up the road, went to Derby University and also worked there for a while before moving west. First I’ve seen of this game, looks interesting and fairly priced. Even without the local connection I would be in. Looking forward to giving it a try.

    Good luck with the July 7th launch.

  • Love most of what I read about this… except one thing: It’s first person only.

    That is, sadly, a dealbreaker for me. But if the devs are reading… if you make something in this vein but offer me third person gameplay, I’d absolutely be interested.

  • @7 – You’re right to be upset with ND, but #9 is correct about you needing to keep your complaints out of other blog posts.

    @9 – You need to settle down. The bulk of your post is just an angry bash at someone else. Very hypocritical of you.

    @13 – They made the game they wanted to make. I’m sure you can find some games that will suit your interests.

  • On-topic: I am extremely intrigued by Pneuma. I think the first-person perspective will add a depth of immersion that most puzzlers don’t achieve. While I can’t comment on the puzzles or story yet, I have to say congratulations to your art team, who have achieved a level of visuals and photo-realism that we have not seen from any console game. This four-man art team has done something that even AAA developers – who may have hundreds of people working on a project – haven’t done. Really impressed by this.

    Of course, being that this is first-person, I’m obligated to ask if this will have VR support. If not at launch, then patched in some point down the road.

    Also, gotta say that we’re nearing 2-years into the PS4’s life cycle, which means it has been nearly 2 years since it was actually “next gen”. ;)

  • Looks cool.

  • I’m really excited to see such a project. Will definitely be buying at the time of launch. Thank you all for investing your time and work into creating and filling such a deep experience. This is art- and why I love games, it is these that connects us to life and teaches us about ourselves.

  • the camera placement and angular designs scream out for stereo 3D support. will the game have stereo 3D support?

    will it use the Move or the DS4 motion controls to manipulate objects?

    I miss games like Datura that provided an experience that could genuinely only happen on PlayStation.

    PS: I loved Myst, Riven, Exile, and all the Myst games. Someone needs to bring realMYST to PlayStation. Playing Myst in real-time rendered first-person was a revelation.

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