New Warframe Update Out Today, Boosts Game Performance

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New Warframe Update Out Today, Boosts Game Performance

In addition to sweeping, across-the-board performance enhancements and improvements, the Tubemen of Rigor Update delivers Warframe‘s greatest challenge yet. Join the free-to-play, third-person shooter fight in an all-new, 8-player cooperative mission, the Law of Retribution!

Players can also infiltrate the secret Undersea Laboratories of the Grineer in the Tubemen of Regor event, or challenge other Tenno in an all-new Conclave PvP mode, Annihilation.

Warframe Tubemen Update

Performance Optimization

The latest update has a lot of content to offer, but one of the most exciting changes comes in the form of performance optimizations that have been made to help improve the quality of all multiplayer sessions in Warframe. Tenno will notice a clear FPS gain when playing Missions.

Trials: The Law of Retribution

Councillor Vay Hek must pay for his crimes! Join with seven friends and hunt Vay Hek across the Solar System. Use the power of the Void and coordinated firepower to cut down any Grineer standing in your path. Bring Vay Hek to justice and earn unique rewards only available in Trials.

Warframe Tubemen UpdateWarframe Tubemen Update

Operation: Tubemen of Regor

Beneath the toxic oceans of Uranus, Tyl Regor has been working in secret to cure the Grineer’s degenerative DNA. His work must not be completed. Both Alad V and Nef Anyo have offered generous rewards for assistance, and it’s up to you to decide who to support. The Tubemen of Regor event will launch soon after the Update has gone live.


PvP receives another exciting expansion with Annihilation and Team Annihilation game modes. Combat other Tenno alone or on a team and earn points by confirming kills and securing the enemy’s Oro essence while retrieving those from fallen allies. These new game modes are featured on four brand-new maps designed to test your skills at parkour and gunplay.

Warframe Tubemen Update

The Tubemen of Rigor Update also includes a major expansion to Vaults with the Spy game mode, new weapons, the False Profit event featuring a preview of Nef Anyo’s dangerous Bursa MOA, and brand new customization features like the limited-time Nyx Nemesis Armor. Plenty of exciting changes to keep your Liset on the move and you trigger finger happy!

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  • The game that keeps on giving! Still one of the very best PS4 games. Glad to see the continued support. EVERYONE should play Warframe!

  • Nice! It just keeps on coming!

  • That warframe content though…<3 <3 <3

  • Well it seems the Warframe devs believe in continued support for there community. This is what made me play Wareframe again.

    Now it seems I will play this and anything else over the disappointment in the Uncharted Collection is without UC2’s mp added on and it’s lack of support for its real fans.

  • @#4 – But you will have beta access to Uncharted 4 mp? That should suffice

  • The gift that keeps on giving. Huge update.

  • ok before i do read this tread. Lets make this straight, i was stuck in 1st mode 4 freaking times (2 is on youtube and 2 inside my ship idk how it happen). And the /unstuck did put me in 1st person view once. So i hope when i read this after i see the post and play warframe because there is an event my clan is doing on saturday i got the invite via Psn message. Only for the Chroma warframe.

    Now lets go see what update warframe has for me.

  • i need to start PVP in this game have not tried it since they updated it.

    warframe is one of the best games and maybe one of the most supported indies on PS4 / pc / Xbox1 def in my top 10 maybe top 5!
    its a good game at times it get repetative but they constantly update and add stuff to keep you coming back. even if you play it leave and come back its easy to put down and pick up.

  • Oh man, Trials are ready to go?! Awesome, well if anyone is looking for a group to take down Vey Hek, check out our group’s site – RebelAllianceClan (dot) com .

  • @#5

    Stealthy, stop drinking the kool-aid. If you think a timed multiplayer beta suffices in any way for the full multiplayer gamut across two games (we’re talking co-op and competitive multiplayer here), then you must have a serious head injury.

    Get to a doctor.

  • And the content just keeps on coming…

    Thanks Digital Extremes! All this support means Warframe is still the most most played game on my PS4 (now at more than 300 hours)!

  • @Kid_Loser I’m a “real” fan and I love that they’re leaving out MP. Just because you and possibly your friends like a game mode doesn’t mean everyone does.

  • @10 his post reeked of sarcasm, could you not read it?

  • Put over 300 hours in warframe, played since day one up until about march of 2014. Got bored because of the long wait between updates. Figured i’d try it out again since my cousin had just picked up a ps4, and you have not made it easy to get new ppl to play. Making a game more complicated doesn’t make it better. All the crap you have to do just to play together starting out is crazy. I’ll keep trying to get him to play though, because i have always liked your game. PS. Can someone please stop all the spam thats been showing up in the blog. Im talking about @14 and the kindafunny stuff.

  • Works consistently now. Consistently crashing. :( Gonna have to keep in sending these reports as they happen.

  • uh guys it turned out i just got in 1st person view when i hacked bursa. It will be on youtube as well. pm me if you wanna see it.

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  • Warframe is not an indie. It is a PC game that got ported to console.

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