Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Arrives September 1st

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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Arrives September 1st

364. That’s how many days between Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair’s launch and September 1st, the day you’ll finally be able to get your hands on Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls in North America — exclusively for the PlayStation Vita.

If you played the first two Danganronpa games, then I’m sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the third entry in the series. And if you’re one of those poor souls who never played a Danganronpa game, well then… it just might be time to join dis bear! Still not excited? I think our new trailer will scare you straight.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Arrives September 1st

The first two Danganronpa games had a slower pace. You weren’t running away from robotic bears. You were combing through rooms for clues, deciphering suspects’ words for inaccuracies, and shooting out Truth Bullets to pinpoint murderers. This new episode in the lauded Danganronpa series brings its deep and twisted storytelling to a new genre.

Unafraid of Action

This time, you’re playing as Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa as they try desperately to escape a city filled with despair. Komaru has been equipped with a megaphone — a hacking gun — that generates Truth Bullets which you’ll use to defeat Monokumas and manipulate puzzles while racing through the streets searching for answers.

The situations you find yourself in are varied and intense. Luckily you’ll have a whole host of Truth Bullets at your disposal as you make your way through the terror that fills Towa City. You may find yourself caught in an alley with no escape only to make use of Dance to create a rockin’ (Scary?) dance party. Of course, sometimes you may find it best to create some chaos by chaining together targets with the electric power of Paralyze, and then lighting them aflame with Burn.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair GirlsDanganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

And then there’s Toko. Armed with her own madness, the way she clears a path can be a touch… crazy. Using a stun gun, she can force herself to switch personalities and become Genocide Jack. I don’t know about you, but a nigh-invincible mad woman wielding scissors that can tear robotic bears to bits scares the bear-jeezus out of me.

Scarily Engaging

A lot of shooters have a tendency to overlook the story, or make it almost impossible to really become invested in the characters as you race about shooting everything in sight. Danganronpa Another Episode has changed up the pacing enough that both the story and the characters really stand out.

Between a mix of puzzles, battling Monokumas, and expertly written exposition sequences, it’s actually hard to not become lost in the struggle between hope and despair. Like the first two games, I’ve written off seemingly wonky characters at first blush, only to find myself rooting for them later, or hating them intensely thanks to how well they’re written. Characters are likable and real — if sometimes completely off their rockers.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

You’ll be able to join the despair that is Danganronpa Another Episode on September 1st when it hits retail and PlayStation Stores. Until then, you can join NIS America on Twitch on Tuesday, June 23rd for a first look at the game.

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  • Any more Danganronpa is good Danganronpa! Colin shall be pleased :-)

  • Discovered this AWESOME series due to Colin Moriarty. His enthusiasm for it sold me, and I’ve been very impressed. Can’t wait to try out this venture into another genre!

    HI KINDA FUNNY! and the Timmys!

    Colin will the Hawks win the cup?

  • Looking foward to this very much! I gotta have my Danganronpa fill!

    Also, are there any plans to release the two Danganronpa Vita themes in NA?

    I’d buy those in a heartbeat.

  • Are we gonna get the vita theme as well?

  • mokalovesoulmate

    Day 1 buy!

  • Can’t wait!!!

  • Timmy Timmy’s Vita is ready for this!

  • Already preordered!

  • i already pre ordered the limited edition
    thats a great news
    danganronpa is always good
    do we have the option to choose the japanese voices ?

  • I am never supporting a thing Colin, Greg, or Kinda Funny do again.

    This spamming the PS Blog, IGN, etc thing is annoying as heck, and they’re clearly advocating it, which is kinda really NOT OKAY.

    Call off your dogs, boys. All you’re doing now is p***ing people off.

  • You guys are my favorite publisher! I have ALL your PSVita games. Will get this and Operation Abyss day 1. Keep bringing these awesome games!
    PS: Please bring rougelike dungeon-crawling RPGs to the west, such as Shiren the Wanderer 5+.

    • @hussamfelimban Thanks for all the support!! Glad you’re excited for our games :) Stay tuned for more cool announcements and games!

  • Loved the first one so much I’m getting Danganronpa 2 for father’s day and Ultra Despair Girls for my birthday.

    • @dantemerfi man… you sound like the Ultimate Lucky guy! Hope you enjoy the twists and turns of the second game!

  • @#10 I hear you DJ. I like to read the comments for some info about a game or some friendly advice. I’m all for a good joke but when you run it into a hole in the ground, it just becomes kinda lame.

  • Sony should ask Capcom to port DMC4SE to vita like they are doing with Resident Evil Revelations…I think not onl;y would it sell better than revelations but the bite sized arcade style levels would suit the mobile nature of the Vita. Also the fact that it uses MT framework would make it a super smooth port. I don;t know where else to drop this suggestion.

  • Got my Limited Edition pre-ordered! Also looking forward to my LE of Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy next week!

    • Whoo! They look pretty awesome, don’t they? Only 5 more days until Operation Abyss is out too!

  • You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s released on the same day as The Phantom Pain! I’m sorry Danaganronpa. I’ll have to wait a bit before playing you.

  • WaveLightning777

    More Danganronpa is always good. ALWAYS.

  • Preordered the Limited Edition at NISA Store since day one, can’t wait for it!

  • Will the theme be making its way over as well?

  • Puhuhu…

  • Never played this series before, do we need to play the other 2 games in order to understand the story line ? This one looks far more better than the previous so I will like to play it but i want to know if the other 2 are necessary.

    • @chrisgomez3030 You don’t have to play the other two to understand the storyline. This game can stand alone but for those who have played the other two games, it provides a richer story. You should definitely play this game, and then if you like it, pick up the other two! :)

  • I hope the Vita theme make its way here also.

    And I really want a Monokuma avatar, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  • @chrisgomez3030, it IS essential to play the first 2 games and THEN go for AE, otherwise you’re gonna get spoiled for many things (actually i you saw the trailer above, you got spoiled somehow, so be careful).

    And i can’t understand on your “this looks better” statement. The first 2 games are Adventure/Visual Novels and they don’t rely on shiny graphics. AE is a action-adventure and it’s a spinoff, set between Danganronpa 1&2, but the series won’t be in 3D from now on.

  • @g3n3raL986 Yeah it’s true, this trailer/game is pretty spoilerific :P But for someone just jumping into Danganronpa, this game is equally as good as a stand alone and even BETTER when you play the other two! :)

  • Hope the first two get a sale on PSN. So I could try them before playing this game.

  • Now I have the third game to add to my collection.

    I think I now have enough games to last a year of shelter in the mancave.

  • Excellent. Now I need those two Danganronpa themes that were released for Japan.

  • Well the first two games were visual novels for the psp that got ported to the vita. This game is an actual vita game. So might be why your noticing the graphical enhancement. That and it’s not a visual novel.

    Whatever very excited for this, preordered it when I first saw it pop up on Amazon. Still need to plat the second.

  • Glad another title is coming to Vita.
    Not really into interactive novels, without game play at full price.
    However, I do like some NIS titles, and this looks more interactive.

    Won’t buy at full price for digital, but will definitely try to grab, when it goes on sale.

    I really hope you keep them coming, being slightly perplexed as to why the Vita has such low numbers.

    That’s Crazy.

    As for comments.
    Have to say, that’s the first I have seen DJ get irritated, with someone other than the consumer.
    And would love to see Kelly89’s idea make it, though I am more of a DMC 3 & DMC fan myself.
    Between that, and SplinterCell.

  • Had my LE pre order since day one. Cant wait thanks nisa. Also thanks for offering dual audio most of the time so noone wont be mad and I can get my sweet sweet english Dubs.

  • Have the limited edition preordered already super excited. I’m wondering why you guys didn’t bring over the limited edition vita also I would of definitely picked it up also.

  • Yes! Love me some Danganronpa! Oh, NIS, you’re so good to us with all the localizations. But, there is one game I DESPERATELY want. If You Thought It Was Harem Paradise, It Was Yandere Hell. But, knowing I still get my Dangans, I’m happy! And… if there is another Cross Edge style game I hope Monokuma gets in… for nothing more than Etna to mistake him as a Prinny. ….And…. maybe him meeting Tiara from Fairy Fencer F….

  • will it be censored?

  • @Tiffany Chin

    why does the japanese dub keep getting cut-out and then made DLC english dub is created later shoulden’t that be the DLC.
    you lost a sale i don’t buy games that don’t have it included. DLC can be pulled from your download list and store meaning we don’t actually have japanese dub included.

  • @34
    Stop asking something they would have mentioned already if it had happened. It’s obvious you’re trolling now.

    That’s a dumb reason to not buy it since you can still the Japanese Audio FREE; just need to download it from the PSN after buying the game.

    Also, to the mods, comment 32 is likely a spambot.

  • @ani12jb

    this is my choice to make not yours if you feel so bad buy 2 copies.
    also the japanese audio will be pulled from the psn store after licensing expires and considering konami had the right to pull P.T. from your own download list meaning they can do the same for japanese audio track. meaning it’s not included it’s just temporary.
    if they care more for ppl who want english dub why let them count on those ppl for sales.

    cause those are nothing more than casual players they hardly buy games day1 anyways.

    • @dgnfly
      The short and sweet of the matter is that we are a localization games company and are localizing the game into English. A number of us work very hard to bring the best that we can for the English-speaking market, but we also want to provide the original Japanese audio tracks for those who enjoy that more.

      Since audio files themselves are pretty large, we weren’t able to fit both audio tracks onto the cartridge as we’d like, so we’re providing the Japanese voice acting as free DLC. Also, I think if you download the audio DLC onto your VITA, it shouldn’t be disappear. If it’s only left on your download list, then there’s a possibility of that.

      It’s unfortunate that we can’t have both on the cartridge, but we hope that you can still support us and our future releases :)

      ….. and I totally lied – that’s not very short, haha!

  • @Tiffany Chin

    little point in downloading it on the Vita cause if it ever broke Vita always reboots the memory card meaning everything is wiped off the memory card. wish japanese releases just had english sub included like certain bandai namco anime releases.

    coulden’t you have done like a limited printed run on pre-orders off ppl who wanted the japanese dub on cartridge atleast then we would have a choice. wasent there a way to compress them so that you like need to install them from the cartridge. atleast that would mean it’s both on it. it sucks so much this is a Vita only game.

    probably gotta import japanese version now and use online walkthroughs. or just watch a playthrough on youtube.

    and not to sounds lame but might be a english localized game but still doesen’t change the fac the game has nothing to do with either english culture.

    Ignorance isn’t bliss. Bliss is knowing the full meaning of what you have been given.
    David Levithan

  • @Tiffany Chin

    you folks only releasing 2 more title’s i do have my eyes on OnechanbaraZ2 chaos which i do expect to have japanese dub and Dungeon travelers 2,Disgaea®5. Sadly all your other european release are ATLUS so means all No buy cause they all lack japanese dub.

  • Woo! I’m going to be spending Monocoins for a LE
    And please, do further release a VITA theme, and you can have more of my Monocoins
    Cannot wait for this!

  • The Danganronpa series certainly has my attention, I’ll definetly give it a try now that I know that there are 3 games in the U.S. ! Question since you are a localiztion company…any chance we might get Shiren the Wanderer? If you guys bring it over on a cartridge I would definetly buy it day one!!

  • I’m a poor gamer from a poor county. Not having financial ability to buy a ps4. And no shop in my country offers to pay in installment. Is there any kind gamer who can fulfill my wish?

  • Would have preferred some news on Danganronpa 3, but I’ll still be picking this up. ;)

  • How about localizing and porting the Twilight Syndrome games to the Vita as well? The second Danganronpa referenced them, but they’ve never been released in the West.

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