Rocket League Out July 7th, Sweet Tooth Joins Roster

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Rocket League Out July 7th, Sweet Tooth Joins Roster

The team here at Psyonix has been overwhelmed by the positive worldwide reaction to our upcoming action-sports game Rocket League. Which is why we want to give you all not one, but FOUR major pieces of information in a single announcement!

The first two are right there in the headline: Rocket League will be available for purchase on PlayStation Store July 7th, while Twisted Metal’s famous ice cream truck, Sweet Tooth, joins our roster of playable cars as a special unlockable vehicle exclusively on PS4! Watch our brand new trailer below for proof!

What the headline doesn’t tell you is that Rocket League will also be one of the few games in history that supports PS4/ PC cross-play — meaning that owners of both the console version and the PC version will be able to team up or go head-to-head in the same matches when the game launches early next month!

And finally, we’re very proud to announce that Rocket League will be making an appearance at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and will be playable in near-finished form. Season Mode, splitscreen multiplayer, car customization, and Sweet Tooth himself will all be available to check out and enjoy all three days of the show. We can’t wait to see you drop by to enjoy it!

Rocket League, Sweet ToothRocket League, Sweet Tooth

I know I say it in every post, but on behalf of the entire team at Psyonix, that you VERY MUCH for the continued sentiment, support, and suggestions during the development of this game. Without you, our sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars never would have happened, and for that, we are forever grateful.

See you at E3 and see you once again on July 7th!

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17 Author Replies

  • AWESOME! Day one.

    Any info on price? When will we hear?

    • You will hear right now!

      It will have an MSRP of $19.99 US, other regions it will be as close to that as possible!

  • This looks awesome! If only real soccer had rocket cars…

  • Hi Jeremy! What a sweet bonus :-) And PC/PS4 cross-play?! What are you… wizards?!?!

    Rocket League looks great based on what Colin & Greg have shown us on Kinda Funny, so can’t wait to play it for myself :-)

  • You guys picked the wrong time to announce this with the Fallout news just hitting lol. Regardless as if I wasn’t already sold on this game you have to go and throw Sweet Tooth into it. Even more reason for a Day 1 purchase now!

  • Will it be possible for multiple local players to play online together, or is the split screen multiplayer strictly offline? And the opposite: will it be possible for 4 local players to play together offline, or is this game online-only?

    • Yes, you can take one group of splitscreen players and play against another group of splitscreen players via online.

      Same with your other question. We support 2p, 3p and 4p offline splitscreen


  • I can’t say how much I have enjoyed the beta. A lot of gamers always talk about graphics but it’s not always about graphics case and point with this game. Very enthusiastic about Sony’s line-up at E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m honestly more excited about this right now than Fallout 4. Can’t wait to play and see some of the dev’s online. Timing for the first Tuesday of the month always makes me curious of a PS+ tie in. But honestly I just want to throw my money at you guys and play this!

  • Thank you so much!

  • A multiplayer game so good you’d think Nintendo made it.

    This got a ton of play on my PS3. Thank you for keeping the split screen in favor of needlessly fancy graphics.

  • Day one! I just need to know the price.

  • Uh Jeremy why does it say you are the Community Manager at Zipper Interactive? Wasn’t that studio shut down by Sony?

    • LOL. It was old job (RIP SOCOM, MAG, Unit 13) and I think it’s just a mix-up with the signature system. I’m sure they’ll fix that shortly.

  • FrankDaPronStar

    I can’t wait to play with all of my Kinda Funny best friends. You better have the #TeamFat flag for us :)

    • There is in fact a Team FAT flag that can be found/ unlocked in the final version of the game as a customization item.

      Worry not!

  • @11

    My guess is he already had account when he worked for Zipper, so he just kept it this way. They probably can’t change the company that shows up next to his name.

    Hes still an awesome guy. :P

    • Thanks,

      And it usually has my proper signature, looks like was a one-time snafu with my old-school job. I’m confident it will be fixed soon. No big deal :)

  • This looks great, though I must say I’m a little disappointed it’s the same layout for all the stadiums instead of something like those crazy ones from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars.

    • We will continue to add more maps post-release and ALL new maps will ALWAYS be free. Keep that in mind :)

  • Looks great guys. Loved SARPBC on PS3. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  • @15 me too, Utopia was my favorite stadium.
    I also hope there are enough safeguards against PC cheaters.

  • Great game and good price ;-)
    I played the 2 beta’s

  • Splitscreen multiplayer happen to be 4 player? (will buy day 1 if the case)

    • You can do 2p, 3p, or 4p splitscreen.

      You can even take all 4 of your splitscreen partners, go online with them, and play against another group 4 players playing splitscreen

      (there’s a lot of “play” in that sentence)

  • Awesome, but when is the Team Fat flag/car getting its own trailer?

  • ^^^^^ pay no attention to #20, he quit Team Fat awhile ago ;-)

  • You want a Team Fat Rocket League trailer, Dunham?! Give me the b-roll!

  • Jeremy, I hope you’re prepared to see Greg with his shirt off appear in it somewhere :-D

  • Dunham! Awesome news today, but I am a bit bummed that the beta wont go live again for a third time. You have to admit, one month without this game is a long time, especially after sinking into the first two betas. I still open the beta daily to see if servers are back online. Life is just not complete without RL goals. #thirdbetapleaseplease

  • Loved every single second I spent with the beta version. My friends, myself, and my 10-year old soccer playing son are all super excited to jump into this on day one. Absolutely can’t wait! Can we pre-order digital download now so that it’s ready to go or do we have to wait until July 7?

  • I really enjoyed the Beta and the PS3 version. This game has a TON of replay value. Will there be goal celebrations? Thanks for bringing this to the PS4! Congrats!

  • this game kicks ass and for $19.99 just take my money!! at first i was skeptical because i usually play action/adventure/ shoot em up games!! when i gave this a try… it was addicting and most importantly FUN!! i will be on board!

  • this game kicks puppies and for $19.99 just take my money!! at first i was skeptical because i usually play action/adventure/ shoot ish up games!! when i gave this a try… it was addicting and most importantly FUN!! i will be on board!

  • Day 1!!! Hell I want to preorder it. I’ve never wanted a game to be early access before in my life but I wish I could keep playing the beta until launch.

  • I’ll be there Day1! :D
    The beta was the most fun I’ve ever had playing a game, please support it with lots of post-release content :)

    • Thank you (and that’s the plan — we want to aggressively support the game post-release with a combination of useful updates, a mix of free and paid DLC, and NEW MAPS that WILL ALWAYS be FREE.

  • This looks sweet. I’ve heard a ton of hype from the beta, but never got to play it. Definitely picking this up day one. Thanks Colin & Greg for exposing me to this game. And thanks Jeremy for making it. I can’t wait!

  • As an owner of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars & Beta tester on Rocket League. I can say with all my heart count me in!

  • Great work guys! Loved the beta and everything you’re doing; keep it up!

  • Can’t wait for this. Loved SARPBC, loved the beta periods for this. Day one purchase for sure.

  • WOO! this is so close and I cannot wait for it. The beta was so much fun and I loved it! see you all on the pitch!

  • BloodOfVengeance

    @ Jeremy —– Are there going to be any Pre-Order Specials if you Pre-order?

  • BloodOfVengeance

    @ Jeremy —- Maybe an Exclusive Psyonix Skin? Or Exclusive Map?

  • @37

    Do you want the community to split up? Because that’s how you do it. Every map will be available to EVERYONE. Unified playerbase is just gold, man.

  • Hey guys SOLID work! The game looks great and I will be strongly recommending it to all my other ps buddies! For country flags I did notice my country of Trinidad & Tobago was not in the list that I at least saw last. I know its tough to ask but will there be any additional flags added for antennas post launch? No biggie if not I am still purchasing day one but would be nice so figured id ask. Again great work guys!

    • Yeah, don’t worry — If we don’t have a flag or item in there to begin with, that doesn’t mean it won’t be in there eventually. We plan to aggressively support the game with new stuff over time (with a mix of free and paid DLC types)

  • This news made my day! Whenever the lads and I are back in town, it is tradition that we play at least a round of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars; we all love the game. Rocket League is definitely a day one purchase for me. :D

  • HopeYouRotInHell

    Awesome game! Is there going to be any leagues or tournaments?

  • This game is Really fun!

    Day 1 =)

  • The beta was so much fun I cant imagine how much fun the full game is gonna be I CANT WAIT

  • Oh wow.

    Sweet Tooth pushed me over the edge. Day one purchase now.

  • Right on my birthday too! Excited to celebrate it with a cool looking title.

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  • oh,come on i only have 15.01 EURO,i have to wait until the price drops

  • Awesome, thanks for the response Jeremy.

    And I’m glad you asking fans whether they wanted a PS4 version of Beyond worked out.

    I’m super hyped, I hope it is successful for you guys!:)

  • So, there wont be a PS3 version of this game, anytime soon?

  • If this is PS4 / PC cross-play, does that mean the PC also gets Sweet Tooth?

  • Will there be a PS Plus discount? Or at least a loyalty discount for those of us who own SARBPC? :D

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