PlanetSide 2 Launches on PS4 June 23rd

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PlanetSide 2 Launches on PS4 June 23rd

Hey everyone. After months of intense Beta testing, I’m excited to announce that PlanetSide 2 will be launching on PS4 June 23rd in North America!

Planetside 2

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, you’re in for a wild ride! PlanetSide 2 is a revolutionary, massive scale, first-person shooter where soldiers battle as one in strategic, targeted missions against enemy Empires in an all-out planetary war. Massive communities with unwavering camaraderie band together in PlanetSide 2 as the game challenges the skill and grit of the most seasoned soldier through intense infantry, air, and ground vehicle gameplay. Victory requires teamwork and a quick trigger finger to survive the enormous battles.

To give you an idea of just how massive our battles really are in PlanetSide 2, we recently set a Guinness World Record for the Most Players Online in a Single FPS Battle, with 1,158 players in a single fight! The game is synonymous with large-scale warfare and it’s truly an experience you have to see to believe. Plus, as a free-to-play game, all players can jump into the game’s massive battles for free — no PlayStation Plus Membership required.

Planetside 2Planetside 2

We’ve put a lot of effort into streamlining and improving the feature set so that PS4 players will have the ultimate massive-scale, FPS gaming experience. We’ve also incorporated some unique features that are currently exclusive to the PS4 version, which for example, include the new battle map, Koltyr. We will continue to further improve and enhance the gameplay experience after launch as well. In the weeks and months following the release on June 23rd, players can look forward to frequent game updates, which will include deeper features, holiday events and content, new in-game marketplace items, and much, much more.

On behalf of the PlanetSide 2 development team, we’d like to thank the tens of thousands of players that have taken part in the Closed Beta testing. Because of you, we’ve been able to make a ton of refinements to the game that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible without your valuable feedback.

Planetside 2

We’re excited to finally bring the game to PS4 so the console gaming community can experience what truly massive warfare is all about!

We’ll see you on Auraxis!

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  • Glad to see you guys can finally launch the game. Looking forward to it.

  • Nice I have been waiting for this one, now we just need to port dust 514 and get the vita companion app out

  • FrankDaPronStar

    Yaasss, I played on PC and loved it but I’m a console gamer at heart.

  • Can’t wait!

    I love this game on PC, but I’m a primarily a console gamer. So this has me very excited!

  • Finally! I have dabbled with it on PC since it was announced for PS4, but I’m not a PC gamer except for this or that puzzle strategy sort of game.

    Planetside 2 is my idea of what a good game can be, and I hope it really lives up to that ideal on PS4!

  • I love the game. Been testing the beta for a few months. Will it have trophies?

    • Yep, we have trophies. We could not activate them during the beta, so they will become available at launch.

  • Pleasant surprise!

  • Exciting news… but what about Europe?

  • FINALLY! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I’m glad that it’s coming, though I wish it was released with more of a *bang* so that it would get the attention that it deserves.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you all online!

  • This game is great on PC! Looking forward to the PS4 version

  • Can’t wait to try it out!! Also can #3 be banned from commenting or something. All I have seen from him Is advertising for kinda funny. If I wanted to watch it I would, but I don’t.

  • CrusaderForever

    Amazing!!! I really enjoyed the Beta. Well done and I will find time to play PS2 during my Batman Arkham Knight enjoyment.

  • I played a bit on PC a while back. Glad to see it’s finally coming to PS4.

  • Ps4 exclusive? I know you sold the company ?

  • Finally! I’m worried it’s a bit too late though. At least for me. BF4 + DLC has been on sale so many times recently. I certainly picked it up and play every so often. And then there is that game in my life called Destiny. It certainly has me hooked like a mom playing Candy Crush.

    I am excited to finally try Planetside 2 though. Any word on how big the download is. My HDD is rather full.

  • It’s about time since I never did get the chance to beta test the game after signing up for it. I didn’t expect to play this well after E3 has come & gone.I guess better late than never.

  • Great to see that it’s finally releasing to the public! I’ve been in the closed beta for the past couple months and the game felt a bit overwhelming at first but has an absolutely ridiculous amount of depth once you put a bit of time in. It’s great that the game is free-to-play but I really hope it isn’t pay-to-win.

  • But What About Europe ? …

    Hey everyone. After months of intense beta testing, I’m excited to announce that PlanetSide 2 will be launching on PlayStation 4 on 23rd June 2015 in Europe and North America!

  • I still have the Planetside 2 thumb pads it save me from using the regular kind that falls out like flake.

  • finally i will be able to play it after several failed attempts in trying to get a beta.

  • I will be playing batman June 23 bad time to put this game more gamers will be playing batman

  • Out

  • Is it June 23rd for people in EU/UK as well?

  • Yes! I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile! I played Planetside 2 on PC and loved it, but then my computer crashed and I haven’t been able to bring myself to replace it. I’d rather play Planetside 2 on PS4 anyway, so I’m super excited to have it releasing so soon!

  • Thanks for the positive comments everyone. If you haven’t received a beta key yet, we’re sending out another huge batch of invites within the next several hours. We plan to send another large batch of invites out next week as well.

  • legandkiller181

    I’ve been playing the beta and the game seems to be crashing alot. Will that be fixed when it is released?

  • illi-CoBrAz-illi

    Thank you but will be Xbox One version, I already have both consoles but I prefer playing shooter in xbox

  • Can the people on the beta keep the stuff we have?

  • NEVER RECEIVE THE BETA!!..yet the reveal has made this GRIMM…Amuse..LOOK FORWARD to your CALLING!!.. I have my Rifle to my right..With steady hand!! CALL UPON ME. And i shall STRIKE THE ENEMY DOWN!!..more so…I LOOK FORWARD TO H1Z1…Make sure your engine is up to Par..

  • Ok scrubs, I hope all you silly blue and purple fools are ready to be shredded apart by our Glorious Red. TR for life <3

    My PC can't run it smoothly at all, so I've been waiting for the PS4 release for ages. Can't wait for launch! Best of luck :3

  • I have a anybody thow first things first i’m excited for ps2 been waiting watched alot of the streams looks awsum but i was wondering if their’s going to be an E3 app 4 ps4 owners again ?/?/?

  • yesssssss , played this on my PC for a bit, but when i heard it was coming to PS4 at launch i stopped..sadly it has taken forever, but none da less i am still every much excited to play this as the beta’s were pretty fun despite the bugs and glitches.
    ..are there going to be purchasable content upon release day?

  • Basically they are gonna launch beta with micro-transactions. Why they are doing it ? Well the internal beta is quite empty for some time now, most of the people quit due to the fact it’s loaded with glitches, crappy framerate and ****load of input lag that never got taken care of…

  • Do not be able to download in Japan?

  • I love Planetside 2, you guys are amazing, this game is amazing,( I would say best of the 21st century), and I hope you developers make millions of dollars in $. Though I hope that there will be a playstation plus exclusive add on for this. Nothing big, just something like a starter in currency or whatever.

  • Hi there is there any rules on recording in the beta?

  • illi-CoBrAz-illi

    @hydro_cookie_z it was owned by SOE and then sony sold it to company and renamed to Daybreak Game Company


  • My beta key was already redeemed -.-

  • Same issue beta key is redeemed… are we getting trolled for wanting to join in?

  • What about Asia release date???

  • Beta users: will we have to download a new client or will the beta client be patched to release status?

  • can we use stuff we got on the pc version on the ps4 version or does everyone have to restart there progress

  • The beta was pretty amazing. I have friends that didn’t get beta codes, so it will be fun to play with them. Show them what’s up

  • Finally, a 3 year old PC title being ported to PS4. Hurray?

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