Wander Coming to PS4 on June 4th

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Wander Coming to PS4 on June 4th

Greetings, amigos! This is Crystal here coming at you from not-so-sunny Melbourne, Australia to bring you the latest Wander update. The first bit of exciting news is (drumroll…) our release date! Those of you who are overcome with desire to explore the lush forests, beaches, and ocean of Wander will be thrilled to know that it launches on PS4 June 4th.

Next up is something we’re all pretty excited about, and that is our newest trailer! Featuring all four of the forms players can discover in the game — including the beautiful and agile hira, who is being introduced here officially for the very first time — as well as eye-popping shots of the vast and majestic scenery players can explore.

While we were at it, we’ve added a little bit of narration as well just for good measure. Feast your eyes on this, and get ready to wander!

Since our time is nearly at hand, we’ve been working hard to develop tons of awesome new features, such as polishing the griffin flying experience to a high-gloss sheen. Anyone who thinks flying will simply be a matter of just pressing a button to get from point A to point B is in for a pleasant surprise, as it will require a little bit of skill and practise to master.

Luckily, practicing flying is ridiculously fun, as I can’t think of too many things more satisfying than successfully locating and gliding towards a thermal to have it lift you triumphantly into the air! Just keep your eyes open for downdrafts or you could find yourself grounded, your triumph rapidly turning into a sad trombone noise.

Another thing we’ve come up with is a very cool idea for a menu system that doesn’t involve a menu at all! This non-menu will allow the player to manage the map, review their communication glyphs, and change into other forms they’ve found. On top of that, it looks fantastic, too!

Now, you all might be thinking: “Glyphs? What is a glyph and what does it have to do with me?” Well, my lovelies, if you want to communicate with other wanderers, it’s not simply a matter of walking up to them and introducing yourself. You’ve got to learn how, just like in real life! You could be talking to someone who speaks a completely different language than you do, after all.


Thus, while traversing the rainforest you will come across stones that teach you how to draw symbols, which will allow you to speak to other players. This also makes use of the PS4 controller in a very cool and innovative way, by drawing symbols on the touch pad. So basically, the more you search, the more you can say! Do with this knowledge what you wish. You could become the most helpful person in Wander, using what you’ve learned to help new players find useful and interesting places, lorestones, etc. You could become a legend among wanderers. Or, you could just make some friends and then let them figure things out on their own. Your call.

Another cool new feature, for those who really want to take advantage of the vast environment available to them, is skydiving. If you’re a hira, you can request a ride from a griffin buddy by using the helpful new “hop on” feature, fly up as high as you can go, and then plummet spectacularly and gracefully to the ground. You can even land on a griffins back in mid-air, if you’re really talented. I know some of you will look at the floating island and your first thought will be that you’re dying to jump off of it. Well, you can, and in an artistic way, no less.

In addition to this, there is also a Wander PS4 theme! So, if you just can’t get enough of the glorious ambiance and rainforest sounds in the game (And let’s be honest, who can?), you’ll be able to enjoy it on your PlayStation dashboard as well.


That’s it from me for now! If this little taste of what you will experience while immersing yourself in the world of Wander has got you intrigued, then be sure to get your hot little hands on a copy on June 4th.

For my friends on the southern hemisphere, what better way is there to deal with the gloom of winter than by escaping into a sunny, tropical paradise? And for the rest of you, where else can you be a tree, a sea creature, or a griffin?

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  • Looks beautiful – what a stunner! I’ve never really been into MMOs, but given this is not about combat but exploration I’m a lot more interested. Glad to hear this is coming out so soon :-)

    [ Also, I “Wander” if the Kinda Funny guys will end up doing a Let’s Play of this game ;-) ]

  • Good to see an indie game that doesn’t look terrible like 99% of them.

  • uhhhhhhhhhhhh so we fly on griffins and poke glyphs?

    thanks but I’ll be getting Farcry 4 and wither 3 soon… and AC Syndicate when it’s out.

  • Witcher 3 * >.>

  • WOOOOW. Love the concept. How about Price? will I be able to complete it solo?

    • :) Happy you like the concept! It’s $25, once off, no in game purchases or anything like that. You can play the game solo but you won’t be able to get every trophy. The skydiving between two griffin’s one for example requires 3 people, plenty of skill and some luck. :)

  • This looks great! Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Looks gorgeous and awesome. Glad it’s third person(or at least it looks it)

    I just wish you’d spelled it Gryphon in stead of Griffin :(

  • Looks pretty good. I may have to give this a shot if the price is right.

  • Looks very good and different from what were used to play these days. Any info about its price?

  • Is it possible to play 2 MMOs at once? Is it??

  • AWESOME ! That’s all I can say about this Wander :) I’m a french YouTuber and I sent an email to your PR contact about this game. Can not wait to play it with other (pacific) players. Thanks for this cool project, and what a soundtrack by the way !

  • I see that you guys uploaded the trailer in 4k… Does that mean we’re looking forward to some Project Morpheus compatibility in the future? Please! haha

  • You mentioned the trophies above, does the game have a platinum trophy or is it a smaller list? I looked for the list in the usual places, but none of the tracking sites seem to have it yet.

    • It has a platinum trophy. A few of the trophies took our testing team quite a while to get though! :) I find skydiving from the floating island onto a griffin requires very good timing.

  • This game looks amazing! Will there be a platinum trophy for it?

  • Oh man count me in, looks beautiful.

  • Will we need to preorder to get the full game? I’m trained to ask at this point. ;)

  • Any chance there will be a launch week PS Plus discount?

  • Definitely a Day One “Grab” for me, (Theme included) i have been interested in this Game ever since the first Trailer was released and i’m so looking forward to play it, it looks absolutely stunning – Great Work!

    But do you require “Playstation Plus” to play “Wander” or not? and also, any chance of getting a possible Retail-Disc release later on or will this be a “Digital Only” release?

    • Thanks for your support!
      Playstation Plus is required and we currently have no plans for a retail disc release.

  • This looks awesome! So it’s an MMO right? How is the end game content? Is there an end-game? What is the goal in the game? I’m just really intrigued by this and know not much about it.

  • WHOA. Somehow I’ve never heard of this game before today, but I am SO glad I did. This looks phenomenal; if I can’t get it day one it’s definitely on my list ASAP. Congrats on your upcoming release; Wander looks incredible!

  • This game looks incredibly unique and pretty incredible in general. Looks like a definite purchase for me and I think it will be a fun game to stream (and watch) over Twitch. Can’t wait!

  • This actually the first time hearing about this game. Looks very promising. I felt I was watching Avatar the movie for a moment. Plus a bit of Primal the game.

    So a few questions about the game. Are you assuming a female character? I only saw a few females characters here and there. Also what type of game is this? I can see exploration will be a big part of it but is there a story behind it?

    • All the characters you saw in the trailer are players. There are no NPCs, so you can play as all of them. It’s very narrative focused and there is a lot of story to find in the world. You start off as the giant tree (Oren) and can shape shift between the different forms after you find them.

  • Also I notice that the sky diving looks fun but it wasn’t fluid when she landed on the Griffin. It looked like she slided into position. That is something you guys might look into.

  • Its so pretty…really interested in this.

  • Great news! I was just watching the video diary of this game. Game like this is the reason I went with the PS4!

  • now this is what i like its first time ive heard of this game an it comes out next week not 2years from now thank u…

  • Any idea how big the file will be? I’ m running out of space and haven’t upgraded my hard drive yet. Thanks!

  • Am I the only one who thought it was a new game from the Ico team? lol

  • Looks really cool.

  • :o Next week?! SWEET! I’ve been keeping an eye on this game for a while. I’ll definitely check it out. :)

  • @30 That’s a silly reason not to buy the game and support the developers. Just saying.

  • Not gonna lie, at first I thought this was going to be a full Shadow of the Colossus remake. After my brief disappointment, this looks pretty cool.

    I’ll keep an eye on it.

  • Where can I buy it? Can I buy it now? or is it going to be released on ps store on release date?

  • Thanks, Crystal. This sounds really great. I remember being intrigued by your first post, although it was a little too mysterious for me. I still can’t say I have a solid grasp on what Wander is, but the more I hear of it, the more I want to experience it for myself. I just hope i can find the time.

    Side note: “Dashboard” is an Xbox term. For PS4, it’s “PDM” (PlayStation Dynamic Menu), or you could stick with the classic “XMB” (Cross media bar), which isn’t the correct term (that’s what it was called on PS3), but it’s what everyone still calls it because they didn’t pay attention when we were told what it’s called this time around. :p

  • Look interesting. I’ll keep an eye on it. Will there be a demo?

  • June 4th is Thursday.

    The game will not be available when the store updates this Tuesday?


  • 60fps?

  • i hate games with multiplayer trophies… wth!!!

    however, game looks cool, reminds me of that other playstation exclusive game we saw at gamescon, the wild.
    nice price tag as well, 25bucks?! awesome.

  • Now this sounds interesting! It’s about time we had something different… looking forward to it!

  • And attention for VITA games? no one? well, i’m still waiting for even more games for VITA too.

  • @Ricosama – I generally don’t like multiplayer trophies either, but this game is a MMO, so you are always online. You don’t have to go out of your way into something you never wanted to play to get the trophies.

  • Looks nice. Keeping my eye on this one.

  • I am really looking forward to this game, but $25?? I think I remember reading somewhere that the game will be free. I have no problem with the price, I’m just surprised that’s all.

  • This is the game we should be getting free for playstation plus, usually one of the free games is a brand new indie game around the same price point (ether one, apantheon) Instead we’re stuck with MGSGZ as the “AAA” offering this month, sure it’s fun, but it’s only really a demo, and most people picked it up when it was discounted for PS plus members several weeks ago. One disappointed customer here. I won’t be buying Wander, because it I Know it will be eventually offered as a PS+ game, but only AFTER everyone has bought it of course.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    No physical release – no sale.

  • This sounds kinda like Journey. I don’t usually play online, but I do make exceptions once in a while. Might give it a try.

  • Must be a bunch of competition trolls around here….rating posts downwards. I say, disable the rating system.

  • when is this coming 2015 or 1016

  • $20 and I’m in. $25, I’m out.

    And a Thursday release? I knew it was this week so I was just searching the store after the update getting pissed because I’m not finding it, only to read you’re releasing on an odd day.

    I don’t like the trend of indie game prices rising. Now when all others were $10-$15, I could almost justify paying a little more for this. But $25 I just can’t support. Plus, I only have $20 on my PSN Wallet so…there’s that too. lol

  • silverthehedgeh

    Looking at some of the vids, I’m seeing that everyone looks the same for each race. Is there any form of customization to vary it up a bit?

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