PlayStation Blogcast 166: Witchers and Grocery Lists

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PlayStation Blogcast 166: Witchers and Grocery Lists

Massive, open-world fantasy adventures? Sign us up! The team assembles (late at night) to gush about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and its incredible scope. Expect several mentions of Geralt’s rippling ab muscles, and how Ryan was right about the game all along. We also hear Sid’s rave review of Mad Max: Fury Road, and an unexpected analysis of his grocery list. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
  • Nom Nom Galaxy
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Grocery lists
  • Ryan’s new hair

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The Cast

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2 Author Replies

  • Enjoy the show!

  • :-D always happy when I see the podcast auto download on Thursday.
    The Witcher 3 I think my favourite PS4 game so far. Simply amazing.

  • Woo! I do wish all 4 of you guys can all be in the podcast at the same time. Oh well.

    AnoHana really does bring in the tears. It’s really good too.

  • So far as news one can use goes, this week’s highlight for me was Bandai Namco announcing two Sword Art Online game releases for 2015.

    The first, Sword Art Online: Re: Hollow Fragment, is a digital-only PS4 “director’s cut” version of last year’s Hollow Fragment on PS Vita, due out sometime this summer.

    The second, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, is a retail release for Vita and PS4 due out this autumn, and will be set in a new game world (ALfheim Online). Lost Song was released for Vita and PS3 earlier this year in Japan and across Asia, but it seems that the PS3 version is being skipped for the Western release.

  • Speaking of Lost Song, the Japanese version of the game just got a free update adding new features and characters, such as Lux (who originally featured in the spinoff SAO: Girls Ops manga) and Kuroyukihime (one of the lead characters from Accel World, a series written by the same author as SAO). Hopefully that update will surface in the West in the fullness of time:

    Hopefully more of the Vita’s growing stable of Japanese games will follow suit; such as Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, God Eater 2: Rage Burst (which is also out on PS4 in Japan), Tokyo Xanadu, Yoru no Nai Kuni, Blanc’s game, and so on.

  • Thanks for reading my comment once again, guys. I´m a dude, a muchacho, as they would say here. You read an email I sent a few months back… I´m Martín from Argentina. Great episode once again. The funny voices you make are one of the reasons this podcast is so awesome and why I love listening to it.

    I´ve been playing The Witcher 3 (as many with a ps4 might be) and I´m finding myself a bit overwhelmed by the size of the world and by all the side quests there are available. Needless to say, this game will not be over by the time Arkham Knight comes out, so winter gaming time will be shared by both games.

  • Blunt_Whisperer

    Yo boys, DJ here. Great show, even with Sid being back at the wheel. (Whoa cheap shot!) Im just playing!

    Loved the show, and I gotta agree with Nick, Sid has to re-evaluate some of his life choices when adding 160 paper plates to his grocery list. …Or having it delivered when Nick said the store is 2 blocks away. I would dive deeper into the matter but it just gets too sad.

    Ive been playing a lot of Towerfall lately. Getting the legendary Gold skulls on the DarkWorld DLC has proved to be quite the challenge for me and my roommates. Thank the Towerfall Gods (Matt Makes Games) for the 4 player co-op feature. If that got patched into the Ascension levels I would lose my crap..literally.. right out my butt into my pants. Ohhhh my!!

    Anyway, Keep up the great work.
    Dj from Redlands, Ca

  • @Hollie We… do… not… care!

  • Thanks. I have a few more items for the grocery list.

    1. Please enable 2 step verification for PSN and the ability to add a recovery email and number to our account. Also, a PIN for sign in and purchase. PSN gets hacked a lot.
    2. Please remove the 10% OS reserve for PS3. 100GB of my 1TB (931GB usable) should not be reserved for the PS3 this late in the console cycle especially given the fact that you have a 12GB PS3 that only reserve 4GB for the OS. I think 4-5GB reserve for the OS should be standard. This is a waste of space.
    3. Please allow individually backup games to the PS3 instead of only having this entire system backup option. Every time I download a new game, I have to waste 18hrs to backup my entire HDD. I should be allowed just to add the game to the already backup external HDD.
    4. Please make it that games can be loaded from an external HDD on the PS3.
    5. Please link PS Video to Ultraviolet. Sony is a supporter of Ultraviolet and already allow users to link it with Sony Pictures.


  • Can Sid’s grocery list PLEASE be a new weekly segment?

  • ‘Bout to drop some knowledge.

    I wash my hair with only water a couple/few days before washing with shampoo. Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils which can mess up its PH, and isn’t healthy for your hair in general. If you do use shampoo ever, you definitely should be following up with conditioner to replace some of that silkiness. I always use shampoo after working out. Or if you think your hair is stinky, conditioner alone doesn’t hurt as a “wash”. Also, keep in mind that most hair products (gel, pomade, etc) are water-soluble and will wash out with water alone.

    Keep that hair silky! And try just water a couple days before using shampoo! It makes my hair easier to deal with without using product, because those oils are still there! It’s weird and sounds gross, but it’s not so bad. It is how people did before shampoo was invented. :)

  • The highlight Mr. Andrew House said that PS Vita is a platform and legacy are right you do not support deberde make AAA games ocidentales take pure indies have nothing against the indies but console needs AAA Please ps vita more AAA games

  • The groceries had me in stitches.. It was too funny!

  • Must be a bunch of competition trolls around here….rating posts downwards. I say, disable the rating system.


  • @TheCraZyCloWn If they don’t want our opinion then why do they ask? Obviously 4 internal Playstation staffers is not that interesting to anyone, and you are surprised? Maybe if they did not work for a company set to make a profit and in full affiliation with all the companies and games talked about it would be a little more reputable.

  • In my humble opinion, the “Oh, My!’ could never become overdone. Also, what can be better than a podcast with hair tips, nic cage movies, mad max reviews, and sid’s grocery list? seriously, nothing. You guys are the best. <3

  • Sam_Smith_WWE_93

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