OlliOlli2 Gets Combo Rush, a 4-Player Local Multiplayer Mode, Today

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OlliOlli2 Gets Combo Rush, a 4-Player Local Multiplayer Mode, Today

Hello PlayStation!

It’s been an amazing few months since we launched OlliOlli2 on PS4 and PS Vita, not least with the release of Not A Hero which will be coming to PlayStation soon!

We’ve been inundated with thousands of tweets, comments, and even a couple of REAL fanmail letters. To cap it all off, OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood has been downloaded well over 2 Million times!

As a big THANKS, we have one massive, sexy, bodacious update left for you on PS4…

We’re excited to announce that Combo-Rush, our 4-Way Local Multiplayer mode is available FOR FREE in today’s update!

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

So grab your friends, boot up Combo-Rush and turn OlliOlli2 into the biggest, flippiest, trickiest multiplayer skate session of the year!

You can play across four brand-spanking new Game Modes using all 50 career levels and all 50 spots! What are the new modes?

  • TIME: Rack up the beefiest score in a set time.
  • RACE: Clash against your mates in a quick race to the end.
  • ONE-SHOT: Think Daily Grind, but without the practice!
  • SCORE: Set a target score and pray you don’t sloppy land that massive combo!

OlliOlli2: Combo Rush Mode

OlliOlli2: Combo Rush ModeOlliOlli2: Combo Rush Mode

All of this is wrapped up in a tournament format. Select a tournament length and then each round is scored until the winner is crowned!

And don’t forget… If you’re tied at the end of the tournament with your friend-soon-to-be-enemy, Skaters will then meet in Sudden Death – a random One-Shot level to determine the winner… The skating stakes have never been higher!

To celebrate the release of Combo-Rush we have teamed up with the incredible Boosted Boards to make a One-Off Limited Edition OlliOlli2 laser engraved Electric Skateboard. This will be given away along with a PS4, PS Vita, PS TV, OlliOlli2 Skate deck, T-Shirt and tech-deck. All you have to do to enter is follow @roll_7 and retweet this tweet. No brainer, eh? Get involved before the competition ends this Monday, June 1st at Midnight PT.

OlliOlli2 Boosted Board

OlliOlli2 Gets Combo Rush, a 4-Player Local Multiplayer Mode, Today

Oh and before we go, a little update on the leaderboards. Some naughty people (you know who you are!) took advantage of a now-patched glitch to get crazy scores! We’re removing the modified scores now, so once you’ve honed your skills with Combo-Rush against your friends – get back into Olliwood and climb those ranks!

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  • Congrats on all your success so far! I LOVE local multiplayer, and am so glad to see it having a sort of renaissance right now :-D

    [ Also, wishing Colin & Greg and the other Kinda Funny guys a great MomoCon :-) ]

  • It’s excellent to have variety to your game. Gamers like that alot

  • Awesome news! I finally unlocked RAD mode earlier this week. Thanks for another amazing game. Just wish I had more local friends who played OlliOlli now. ;)

  • Just finished up the platinum for OlliOlli 2 yesterday. I really enjoyed the game and think it’s awesome that you are continuing to support it!

    In your post you state, “Get involved before the competition ends this Monday, May 25th at Midnight PT.” Today is the May 28th and this is just now being posted. Is that a typo on the date? Or is it only now being announced here after the competition has already ended?? That would make me a sad panda…

  • @Misbik — Hey! The competition starts today, and ends 1st June 2015 — fixing this now!

  • @Roll7 dope trailer, who is the artist that did the music?

    @Misbik Its june 1st on the actual site so your good

  • @Akiratech — Thanks man, glad you like it! The track is ‘Draw (Dorian Concept Remix) – Cid Rim.’

  • Tried it, good graphics and felt challenging, but had to delete the game because I was afraid to break controller. While playing I get so tense that I start forcing controller to its limit. My PS3 controller is completely worn off because of cod bo2 and bf3, had to buy full replacement cover :/ but good to see multiplayer option. I love multiplayer. Maybe will try it again :)

  • @Akmaljon — Hope you do, dude! Combo-Rush is a blast! :)

  • Why do you guys feed this addiction of mine!? Just after I thought I had done it all by getting into the Hall-of-Rad, you guys pull me back in with EVEN MORE content!!

    joking aside though, i absolutely love Olliolli and am glad to see it get post-release content! I would love to see Not a Hero come to the PlayStation platforms some time in the future — it looks absolutely insane.

  • I’m pumped for Not a Hero as well. Video games need more trailers like this one had, just totally nuts.

  • oh by the way, I forgot to say, Thank you! for your hard work and support :D

  • So I’m trying to play with 2 players and I can only get 2 small screens on the top half of my 60inch Sony Bravia? You have to be kidding me!!!

  • So I’m guessing you guys set this for 4 player multiplayer only not taking into consideration that there are single parents with one child? Or just sorry people with only one friend? My daughter loves this game and wanted nothing more then to wipe my a** on it but…… Please patch it for 2 player splits screen.

  • The landing mechanic still sucks and doing specific tricks is miserable. Instead of cramming every flip trick in there, you shoulda just made like 8 of them. Nobody ever does the quarter circle then half circle ones anyway.
    And the title still annoys me. It says O-Lee O-Lee. So irritating.

  • Does local multiplayer work on PSTV (multiple controller – 1 PSTV system), or is this feature exclusive to PS4?

  • Roll7 you guys are awesome! The new content looks like a blast (:

    Super excited about Not a Hero too, good to hear that it’s coming “soon.”

  • hands down this game has the best sound track. the great music compliments a great game! Roll7, you guys are awesome.

  • Must be a bunch of competition trolls around here….rating posts downwards. I say, disable the rating system.

  • Wish this was on PS3…but I’ll play on Vita so no co-op for me.Awesome update anyway.
    And I’m baffled with that laser engraving….I didn’t know such thing existed lol.

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