Nom Nom Galaxy: 10 Tips for a Successful Soup Empire

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Nom Nom Galaxy: 10 Tips for a Successful Soup Empire

We’ve seen a lot of people enjoying Nom Nom Galaxy since its launch on PS4 earlier this month so we thought we’d share a few of our tastiest, top tips. For those new to the title, hopefully it shows a little more of what the game is all about!

As one of SoupCo’s loyal Astroworkers, you’ll help to expand its soup empire across the whole galaxy by harvesting a planet’s ingredients and wildlife to make delicious soup. Two Astroworkers can play together in couch co-op or you can form a team of up to four online!

Once you make it through the handy tutorials, you’ll be given all the basic structures you need to set up your own basic soup factories, but as you conquer the market on more and more planets you’ll build up a huge array of buildings, weapons, vehicles, and robots which will allow you to create the huge automated mega-factories of your dreams.

1.) You Can Harvest Baddies Like Veggies

Robots like “Arthur” can attack dangerous creatures for you and then the other robots can collect the tasty ingredients they leave behind!

2.) Warp Gates Are the Shortest Distance Between Two Points

A pair of Warp Gates allow you to teleport back and forth. It’s a great way to explore vast landscapes, hurry back quickly when your factory is under attack, or transport large quantities of ingredients from further areas.

Warping yourself around the map comes at a cost, however your robot workers can throw ingredients into a warp gate for free, just waiting to be received by your robot minions
on the other side!

3.) Plants Have Needs, Some Have Benefits

Flora and fauna differ on each planet, and many plants have unique properties to discover; Sunflowers won’t grow in the shade, Mushrooms only grow in caves, and Grass will naturally grow almost anywhere with ease. If you eat aquatic Brineweed (the red seaweed), it will replenish your Oxygen and help extend long underwater expeditions!

Nom Nom GalaxyNom Nom Galaxy

4.) Chewing Gum?

Galactic Gums are awarded to you regularly and can do a number of cool things! Chew some “Oxy Breeze” Gum and your Astroworker will fart out Oxygen as he moves. Chomp on some “Boulder Bash” and you can punch through normally impenetrable solid rock!

5.) Conveyors and Escalators

Automating your soup factory means less work for you. Conveyors can be placed next to escalators to carry ingredients and soup cans.

6.) Power Management

Your factory needs power to keep it operational. All the components of your base need to be connected to keep the energy flowing. Metal girders and vertical struts can also transfer power around your factory!

7.) The Air We Breathe

You can only explore so far as your oxygen supply takes you. Fortunately getting near an Oxygen Flower can re-supply you. When an Oxygen Flower grows tall you can punch to harvest it and plant two more anywhere you like!

Nom Nom Galaxy

8.) Soup Machines

These machines are the core of your factory, turning harvested ingredients to soup. You’ll notice a green radar on the soup machines, it points towards nearby ingredients!

9.) Combat

You have to defend your base and fight creatures to convert them into tasty ingredients. There’s an assortment of weapons in the game, but if going in fists only, why not hold “Up + Attack” to unleash a powerful DRAGON PUNCH! This move can also lead to air juggles!

10.) Your Boss Robo-Sacho is in the Know

Each planet on your galactic soup building conquest presents a unique set of challenges and secrets for you to discover. Robo-Sacho, on the start of your second day of work, will give you some insight into each planet’s secrets!

Our team of soup-pros at Double Eleven and Nom Nom players across the galaxy are finding new and interesting ways to export soup all the time. We’ll continue to publish the best tips, tricks, and epic factory pics @DoubleElevenLtd.

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