Bloodborne: New SHAREfactory Theme, Patch 1.04 Notes

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Bloodborne: New SHAREfactory Theme, Patch 1.04 Notes

We’d like to thank everyone in the Bloodborne community for their continued feedback and support. We’re humbled by your dedication.

This amazing community has made Bloodborne an exciting game to spectate and share. To add to this, we’re happy to announce that we are releasing a free SHAREfactory Theme of Bloodborne on June 2nd.

We look forward to seeing unique videos online!

SHAREfactory: Bloodborne themeSHAREfactory: Bloodborne theme

As you may have already seen, we very recently released a new 1.04 update. Please make sure the patch is applied the next time you play, as there are many changes of note:


  • When players use a password, they will be matched regardless of level difference.
  • As long as the other player uses the same password, members of enemy covenants can also play co-op.
  • The Insight Shop will now appear when players have more than 1 Insight.
  • Blood Stone Chunks can now be acquired by trading Insight.
    • *Players must advance the story to a certain point before Blood Stone Chunks become available.
  • The maximum number of Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets which can be stored has been increased from 99 to 600.

Game Balance

  • Enemy strength in several New Game + areas has been adjusted.
  • Enemy resistance to arcane and bolt attacks have been adjusted.
  • Beasthood is now easier to increase. This allows players to have stronger attack for a longer period.
  • The Beast Blood Pellet changed so that Beasthood will increase when used.
  • A bug that occurred while using Rifle Spear as a rifle has been fixed.
  • In particular, its damage when Blood Gems have been affixed has been fixed.
  • The use of Stamina when wielding the Kirkhammer has been reduced.
  • The use of Stamina when wielding Logarius’ Wheel has been reduced.
  • The duration of the effect when the Old Hunger’s Bone is being used has been extended. Fewer Quicksilver Bullets will be consumed.
  • Increased stat scaling for the Tiny Tonitrus. The Strength of attack when the arcane stat is low has been increased.
  • Increased stat scaling for Augur of Ebrietas. The Strength of attack when the arcane stat is low has been increased.
  • Number of Quicksilver Bullets consumed by A Call Beyond has been reduced.
  • Number of Quicksilver Bullets consumed by the Choir Bell has been reduced.

Chalice Dungeons

  • Players can now acquire a Short Ritual Root Chalice by trading Insight. The Chalice will become available after completing the Pthumeru Chalice dungeon. Players can now use the Short Ritual Root Chalice’s quick matching feature in the early part of the game.
  • Random drops added to the reward given by bosses in Chalice Dungeon Materials to upgrade weapons, including Blood Gemstone, will be dropped randomly. Materials that can be obtained will change depending on the depth of the dungeon.
    • Depth 1: Blood Stone Shards
    • Depth 2: Twin Blood Stone Shards
    • Depth 3: Twin Blood Stone Shards, Blood Stone Chunks
    • Depth 4: Blood Stone Chunks
    • Depth 5: Blood Stone Chunks, Blood Rocks
  • The Rank of Blood Gemstones appearing in Depth 1-3 Chalice Dungeons has been boosted.
  • More Blood Echoes will be obtained when enemies in Chalice Dungeons are hunted.
  • The guest player’s HP will drop to 50% instead of 65% in a Cursed Chalice Dungeon.
  • When using a Short Ritual Root Chalice for co-op play, the guest player will always start from the Lamp room of each floor.
  • Special weapons that have been obtained in a Chalice Dungeon, such as Uncanny or Lost will become available for purchase chase from the Bath Messengers.
  • Upon obtaining a special weapon such as an Uncanny or Lost weapon in a Chalice Dungeon, it will become available for purchase at the Bath Messengers.

Other Adjustments and Changes

  • Brightness of the screen when Blood Echoes are acquired has been adjusted.
  • A bug that disconnected players from online mode during standby mode has been fixed.
  • During Multiplayer, there was an issue of enemies not displaying properly when they move quickly, on the guest’s screen. This bug has been fixed.
  • Other adjustments and bug fixes.

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  • Great game.

  • Great patch. I’ve been waiting on this. Really hoping for a respec option to be patched in. Maybe in the DLC…

  • xX_UrsaMajor_Xx

    I’ve had this game at platinum status just under a month from when it was released and love it. This patch makes me want to get off GTA5 and come back to Bloodborne. I think I am at level 147 on my main char, if you want to play just add me- xX_UrsaMajor_Xx

    Happy hunting everyone!

  • I earned the Platinum for this game in the first week it came out and love it so much. Very much looking forward to the Expansion later this year. O and can you guys please add Photo mode to the game too! =)

  • Nice! Hopefully photo mode with some alternate filters will come to, kinda like The Order 1886.

  • Can we get a re-spec item thrown in somewhere, or a re-spec option from the doll. I done enough so many dungeons that I don’t want to start a new game because I made a few mistakes with my points…Remember all hunters are humans and humans make mistakes. Please Fromsoft and Sony add re-spec to the game.

  • When players use a password, they will be matched regardless of level difference.

    Might as well have put an easy mode in.
    Fromsoft just keeps catering to the players that pick up the game and play it once.

  • Being able to store 600 blood vials is the best part of this update for me. I hate it when I deplete all my vials during a tough part I can´t get through and then I have to either go and buy some or try to get them from enemies..

  • Very cool updates to make a great game even more fair / fun to play. Thank you!

  • When will you guys post the Strategy Guide under the game tile?

    Pretty please?

  • Awesome. I cannot wait for future announcements of new content!

  • Nice, new Bloodborne SHAREfactory theme, unfortunately all of my Bloodborne vids were lost when I had to factory reset my PS4 :(

    Also glad to hear about the changes this patch is bringing, especially the max blood vial/quicksilver bullets increase and the password matching changes.

  • This is great. Just so you’ll know, it’s old hunter’s bone, not old hunger’s bone.

  • I have more than 20 friends the own bloodborne and never played co-op with anyone because the level difference.
    Thanks for the update !!

  • I never got the game, simply cause I watched some live streams and there was one thing that I would find extremely annoying…. to the point of killing the enjoyment,. Every time someone failed a boss they had to go refarm blood vials or w/e every… single…. time…..

    Is it blood Vials or Blood Echoes that you use as “HP pots”? If it’s blood vials…. being able to store 600, and being able to go pick up a few more and just go try a boss again…… I might just buy this now.

  • Please bring back Level Limits even for Password Co-Op, I was in a PVP match where my LV60 character was fighting a LV60 player who was Co-Oping with LV120 players. You are killing PVP with this Patch.

  • Nice patch, I can replay with my higher level character helping friends. But I think the game will be easier after that.

  • It is a shame that the Makeshift Altar is completely broken. Besides that, having to do a chalice dungeon layer twice in co-op to keep pace with a friend is ridiculous.

  • @ DragonIrons

    Blood Vials are used for “HP pots”. Normally you can only carry 20 on you. There is a storage container in a safe zone, where you can now store 600.

    Blood Echos = “currency” to level up with, and buy items with. You can buy Blood Vials. But that can be expensive.

  • Thanks Volt, I just read in some amazon review that it’ actually the currency (Echoes) which is all you lose when you die, and you have to go back and pick em up or kill the same mob that killed you. Is that true? And can I store currency as well so I dont’ lose it all if I can’t get to it?

  • Why are people getting pissed about the change to the password?! I mean it’s a great addition for ppl who wants to co-op and if your argument is the same as “DollowRiance” well thats just stupid since YOU are the one invading number of players nor their level should matter.

  • Patch Trivializes this game to cake walk mode.

    Pvp is now a trollvest if you like to randomly invade people, be prepared to face max level characters even if your level 40.

    Many adjustments are very nice pve wise. .

    New changes to weapons and buffs to Arcanes are nice. Arcane changes fall short of what was needed but anything is better then nothing. New insight change to shop is good early game, and to new players. New cap to potions and bullets should have been bullets only. (The danger of running out of potions no longer exist removing difficulty, not in favor of this)
    Final Verdict

    This patch will dampen random co-op even more (who will want to summon random low levels when they can go to red forums for max level password summoning) and promote cheesing to a whole new level. Bloodborne is the new Dark Souls 2 pvp wise. (Soul memory linking you up with max level Havel users anyone?)

    I give this patch 5/10 stars. The major blow to pvp and its trolling side effects really does warrant 5 stars removed. Not to mention how cheesy this game will become with people’s friends 1 shotting everything for them.

  • Because Gusten, it removes any difficulty thats in this game period. Not only that but people can summon max levels via password and then take network off password and troll invaders all day. How would you like invading someone at 40 only to find out you have to fight 2 500+ level players?

    This game was about difficulty, new changes removes the whole point of this game entirely.

  • my friend bought this game to play co op with me but no matter what we tried we still cannot connect by using same password, even we have made a port forwarding on our routers. Is there anyone could solve this problem for me? Is it really regardless of level difference??

  • We both have paid for PSN plus already

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