Invizimals: The Resistance Hits PS Vita Today

28 11
Invizimals: The Resistance Hits PS Vita Today

Hello once again, PlayStation Nation! I’m happy to bring you good news today regarding the U.S. launch of one of our longest-running portable franchises. Invizimals: The Resistance hits PS Vita digitally today for $19.99!

As fans of the series are well aware, Invizimals are the invisible creatures found throughout our world that require special devices to see and capture. Hunters across the globe have been using their PSP and more recently PS Vita to track down these playful, adventurous creatures throughout the years, and we’re excited to bring the latest PS Vita exclusive entry to North America.

The evil Maximillian Black has taken over the Invizimal Alliance, and it’s up to you to take it back! Use your PS Vita to capture more than 150 creatures, (including 24 new Invizimals and 21 Xtractor robots) and show the world the strength of the Invizimals.

Invizimals: The ResistanceInvizimals: The Resistance

A brand new story, 20 unique capture mechanics, and a handful of game modes (including four-player offline and online multiplayer battles) await all Invizimal hunters willing to take the challenge, so get ready to embark on a full-featured adventure today. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more updates on the Invizimals series.

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11 Author Replies

  • Holy crap, Invizimals are back!

    This should make Greg Miller so happy (perhaps on Colin & Greg Live ;-)

  • I haven’t played the series, is it PS TV compatible for 1v1?

    • So there’s a huge emphasis on touch screen and other very specific VITA-hardware features (such as tilt and back touch) so it’s unfortunately not PS TV compatible. Sorry about that!

  • Does the game has any DLC?

  • Looks like “custom robo.” does it play like that?

    • Can’t say I’m too familiar with Custom Robo’s gameplay, but if it’s sweet 3rd person battles you’re looking for, you’re in the right place!

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  • Hey, Nick’s back! :)
    Wow, this is a huge surprise. Definitely gonna pick this one up soon.
    Thanks for always keeping us informed, Nick!

    • Thanks Zidane – how’s life?

      Thanks for the support – I really appreciate it! My pleasure to bring you the latest and greatest!

  • @punkmusic2009

    Um, what?! This isn’t the place for advertising Nintendo sales…

  • First you tell me to transcend the hunt, now you tell me to join the hunt? Can’t say I’m not getting mixed messages here, haha! Either way, I’m giving this a swing! You gonna’ be at PAX Prime again this year, Nick?

    • Why not both? (.gif)

      I love it – thanks for the support liammill!

      No idea about PAX Prime yet, but hopefully!

  • “one of our longest-running portable franchises”

    At this point isn’t it Sony’s only portable franchise? LocoRoco, Pursuit Force, Patapon, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars are all either dead or preparing PS4-only debuts. I guess that’s just the state of Sony handhelds today. : (

    Resistance looks like a good step up from the prior games. One of my complaints about the earlier Invizimals games was that outside of capturing and battling, there wasn’t much to do.

  • I played one of the earlier titles on the PSP (with that little camera attachment) and enjoyed it quite a bit. I may pick this one up and see how the series has evolved.

    • I think you’ll be in for quite the awesome surprise BlueBl1zzard! Let me know what you think once you get your hands on it!

      And thank you!

  • Life is good, Nick, thanks for asking. How about you?
    Will you be at E3 next month showing off an awesome new title for PS Vita or maybe even PS4?

  • Played a ton of Alliance and got Platinum. Any chance I can transfer data?

  • Thanks for all the great efforts Nick!

    Also yeah.. all the portable franchises from SCE have left…

  • This reminds me of Spectrobes. Given the way that series went, this could definitely interest me, but I’ll need to see more. If each monster has a unique playstyle, then I could see myself enjoying this quite a bit.

    However, that earlier comment brings up a very valid question: Why is there still no Patapon game for the Vita? A new entry would’ve been great. I can understand Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush switching platforms (The former case really disappoints me, as that game was made for the Vita and is awesome on it, especially in lieu of Monster Hunter), but for such a popular game, it’s a bit odd that they never even released one new entry.

    …I really hope that the inevitable Freedom Wars Ultimate is like Toukiden, and releases on the Vita, too. I find Soul Sacrifice 2 to be much less likely, but that would be amazing as well, or even if they still released versions for portable experiences as the franchise continues. I personally find SSD to be much preferable to MH, and would like to see it expand into a larger role.

    • Sorry there Shibby – Invizimals: The Alliance is a digital only release for SCEA! (I think that’s an old listing!)

      If anything changes, I’ll be sure to let you know!

  • It’s an absolute shame how poorly treated Invizimals is in North America. I imported all of them ages ago from Europe, and got the platinums in them all. Still hoping there’s at least one more game coming. The ending of this game… why u do that to us?

    When the NA versions pop down below $10, and if I haven’t spent too much I’ll buy them again and platinum again. So long as the trophy lists are not universal like Tearaway.

    I love these games. I wish they were released retail here, and I wish they didn’t take forever to come out in NA. And I wish Sony put some level of effort into supporting the franchise here. I’d love to buy that Tiger Shark plush I saw tweeted about by the producer [I believe], but I can’t even find a place to import it.

    Don’t get me started on the show.

    I do thank you for finally releasing all the games on PSP via PSN though. Especially the third game which we never got. Got them all for my Vita.

  • In the trailer, there are animated cutscenes not in the game… did the live action get replaced for the NA release or something? Or is that trailer not actually anything about this game, because it also showed the drum minigame from Alliance, which isn’t actually in Resistance.

  • Yay! I love the concept behind Invizimals and am glad to see another official release for North America. I think the $20 price point is pretty much perfect, assuming some of the issues with previous games are fixed. I’ll check out the reviews and buy on day one if there’s no major problems reported by reviewers.

    From the trailer, it looks like there are a few rendering improvements. it definitely looks like the characters are self-shadowing now, but it also looks like the number of environmental light sources is still extremely low (even for Vita). Still, native resolution and higher-poly models is a definite improvement — assuming the trailer is accurate and I’m not hallucinating.

    I was super happy that the PSP games got added to PSN, but was very disappointed at how low the framerates were. They were obviously recompiled from source to add support for the Vita’s AR cards, but not making them use the higher resolution/framerate of the Vita camera was very disappointing and made the game more frustrating than it needed to be. (I can understand not wanting to open a can of worms by changing internal render resolution, but not upscaling+AA to Vita native res was also not great.)

  • PS: Please put more AR games on PS4. I’d love to have Start the Party “Deluxe”, EyePet, Book of Potions, and Invizimals in 1080p/60fps/stereo 3D. PS4 Camera and DS4/Move has amazing AR possibilities that are almost totally unused so far.

  • @17: The game is way better than Alliance on the whole. Tons of improvements.

    I’d say the graphics look worse honestly. The shadows are ugly and jaggy, the character models are dull and look like soft rubber or something [and I personally dislike that compared to Alliance], and it didn’t include all of Alliance’s Invizimals which sucked.

    But game wise, it’s a lot better structured. The combat is better, although it’s harder to farm sparks since you can’t move after battle at all now. The controls are better, the AR is better [not just because they’re card free either].

    Unless they manage to create some new glitch in some way during the localization process, I can’t see why it wouldn’t remain the same for NA. If you like the first game, you’ll love this one.

  • First game on Vita I mean.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    3rd posts a charm. will it get deleted like the previous ones?

    when will invizimals: the alliance physical vers receive its release date?

    your mods are doing a real bang up job NICK.
    this is my 3rd post asking this.
    first 2 got deleted before they even were allowed into the comment field.

    if you care about your fan base, you might try and explain to the mods that questions like mine are to AID invizimals sales!!!

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  • Wow…a new game release for Sony’s legacy platform….

  • Do I have to have those white & black PS Vita cards in order to play & enjoy this? Is it a must to use the camera? Coz I like to play in the dark before I go to bed.

  • ^No, watch the darn trailer.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    thank you nick for replying.

    oh well… guess im importing.
    at least i never have to wish for an eventual placeholder update to that listing anymore

    something is definitely up with the posting/moderation on here.

    my post #22 was originally where #15 was right under the guy mentioning spectrobes.
    after the fact was my 1st post then resubmitted and broke the timeline somehow?
    so in essense, sorry for the double (triple?) post.

    but seriously…
    how on earth is that spam by poster hollyabbott @23 & #24 overlooked?

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