This Week in PlayStation: House Party

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This Week in PlayStation: House Party

Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion is out in the wild, and folks seem to like it! I’ve been having a blast in the Prison of Elders, and the Trials of Osiris have been some of the most fun I’ve had in a game since first cracking open the Vault of Glass. Whether you’re a new Destiny player or a seasoned vet who’s looking to get back into the game, House of Wolves is a worthy update.

If you want to watch our E3 Press Conference in a movie theater, you’re in luck! The E3 Experience is indeed a thing again this year — tickets go on sale Wednesday.

I donated to help relief efforts in Nepal, did you?

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  • Decent week. Was disappointed by the very small amount Exclusive content in Destiny though

  • I have been enjoying the witcher this week, fun game. Donated 20 to the nepal relief efforts, glad i could help in some way even its not much.

  • (
    I was wondering are we going to have the E3 app again ?) So we can watch in our living room because im disabled going out of town any great distance’s is out of the question or to the theater for an hour or two about all i do is sit here an play game’s thank’s sony it helps keep my mind off other things and ( will the app be any better ?

  • Help!!! I accidentally bought an add on for ps4 I clicked on the PS3 version the website lagged and ended up purchasing the ps4 version!!!! Could I just switch the add on for PS3??!?!?! Please help play station!?!?!

  • Next months PS+ better be good. This was a pathetic month, releasing three broken Unity games, Hohokum is boring, and Guacamelee which is actually decent.

  • Was Ether One finally fixed this week? It was pretty interesting from what I played of it, but you no… I couldn’t play very far before I came across an inescapable bug.

  • Well House of Wolves was the last straw. It’s one thing to have the option to join a crew but to right-out have to is a load of crap. Some of us are a wee bit older than most and a friend’s list becomes a little creepy at 50. Oh well , was going to delete it eventually, thanks for the excuse.

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