Need for Speed Returns to PS4 This Fall

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Need for Speed Returns to PS4 This Fall

It’s great to be back here on PlayStation.Blog to talk to you about Need for Speed — and in just a few weeks’ time at E3 you’ll get to witness the full unveiling, but until then we just want to touch base on a few things, so let’s clear the air.

Need for Speed

While we’ve been busy making the game we’ve also been reading, watching, and listening to you, our NFS Community. The feedback you’ve provided across every medium possible has urged us forward, and directed us towards our goals.

To know that there’s such a passionate set of gamers out there is one of the best feelings you can have as a developer, so thank you for that.

Need for SpeedNeed for Speed

Every day someone proudly proclaims that we simply must have customization in the next Need for Speed game, so that’s exactly what you’ll have. When Need for Speed launches later this year you’ll be able to fully customize a car, in the process turning it into a truly unique resident of your garage.

We’ve been working really closely with Speedhunters, our very own community who have helped us deliver a Need for Speed that is grounded in authentic car culture by diving into the world of past, present, and emergent trends of the urban car scene. Need for Speed will unleash a passion for cars and speed when it launches this fall!

Need for Speed

With more than 20 years of history in its rear view mirror, we’re bringing Need for Speed back with a reboot that delivers on what Need for Speed stands for — rich customization, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that drives your Need for Speed experience.

We can’t wait to see you at E3, where among other things you’ll also be able to see customization in action for the first time. You won’t want to miss it!

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  • What a teaseeeeee!

  • Man.. would have loved a video teaser , but still excited to see this return to form hopefully …

    P.S . Shout out to Colin and Greg Live! KINDA-

  • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    Couldn’t care less for this.

    Bring back Burnout and EA will have my money again.

  • Can’t wait

  • Hi:
    Well, we DON’T need more “Propaganda” garbage. We need to see REAL Pictures or nothing. This “Teasers” are becoming even worse every time. Of course, that Madden for PLAYSTATION 3 is the Top of the Top, no doubt.
    Red 5.

  • Amazing TEASE.
    Here’s my idea for the ultimate winning combo for NFS UNDERGROUND 3!

    1)Fully Customizable CARS with terrific Punk Rock music
    2) Full CGI Cutscenes like the original MOST WANTED or something like Midnight Club.

    Do u guys agree with me?

  • Great! :D

  • NFSU3, neat!

  • FUNNY! #C&GLive

  • you forgot to put the pre-order link in the article!

  • I remember playing Most Wanted (2012) and that has become one of my favorite arcade racers ever. I’ve beat it on PS3 and got all those gates, billboards and none of it felt like a chore because of the fun jumps and crashes.

    Just improve on that!

  • Better be able to earn a car instead of finding it.

  • Oh god, I hope it’s not another “realistic” NFS…. we have enough sims, stick to arcade FUN. That is what makes NFS great…..

  • It might be nice
    But I’m still waiting for the PS1 NFS on PSN

  • I am BURNEDOUT!!! Of Need For Speed. If only there was another franchise that would spark my interest. Hmmmm….

    Still getting this but just a hint to show my longing.

  • “an immersive narrative that drives your Need for Speed experience.”

    go on.

  • I hope this turns out as solid as it’s coming off as. I haven’t enjoyed a Need for Speed since the Underground’s and Most Wanted. [The very first Most Wanted] I’ve been dying for another racing game to bring me in like those did. I hope this is the one, as we finally get that wonderful customization back.

  • Reminds me of the NFS Underground games from PS2. I’m interested in learning more about this one…

  • Really cant wait to see what this game offers. NFS is the true street car racing game and the last nfs was great but lacked a lot of features. i.e. True multiplayer races, extended dlc, car customization

  • Knowing EA and NFS I can never say if I’m going to like their games. Every single game has completely different driving physics.
    I remember games where as long as you drift you can take 90 degree turns at 150mph and others where if you do a very slight bend the car jumps into driftmode. I’m not asking for physics like Gran Turismo, Forza, DriveClub or something, but atleast keep it driveable.

  • Please bring back James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 From Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012

  • Was hoping you guys would take a lil more than an 1 year brake with NFS…as much as I love the series we all know NFS was in a real need of a brake after so many yearly releases.Been playing NFS since the PS1 so I got quite some fond memories with it and I was very disappointed to not see customization in the last ones,looks like the 1 year brake was great for the series and a time well used cuz I’m really glad we’ll finally get customization back.Can’t wait to see some gameplay.

    But I gotta say what I would really…like REALLY love to see…is a new Burnout!!

  • Hey, EA employee, if you’re reading this could you send word there is demand for EA to work with whatever remains of Criterion and get all the old Burnout games remastered for Vita/PS3/PS4? I notice EA doesn’t really do the remastered thing like other companies are doing and I think you should start with the Burnout franchise.

  • why is this yet another EA reboot ? we wanted Underground 3 or at the very least reboot it as NFS: Underground. if this was Underground 3 it would have been a day 1 purchase but now i’m not buying it at all. theres a reason why Underground 1 and 2 are two of the best selling NFS games yet you keep thinking you know better than gamers. stop giving us what you think we should like and just give us what we actually want which is Underground 3.

  • For a video teaser, see here…

  • hey you know what guys at least they are bringing back NFS thats all that matters because the last time i checked they weren’t going to make a new one ever so just be happy that that are going to bring one back to the new systems that just means better graphics for us so it dosen’t matter if they make a new underground 3 or not i like NFS since it fisrt came out a long time ago and i dont care if it is a reboot or not ill still play it ill still buy it because im into that game and ill never stop playing or buying NFS becausew all the games that they had came out with was the best

  • Finally. Underground 2 was amazing.

  • Ghost Games is developing this…they had no wheel support in Rivals. I buy driving games that I can use with a wheel, not a controller. We’ll see if they include it or not…

  • Ok, I do not want to start a debate but what is wrong with NFS? Why are people complaining about it? Ok, I came into NFS very late. I played one of the PS1 version (I do not remember which one) and then I came into it with the PS3 and X360. I played all NFS since Carbon. I loved them all the same. It seems most people like the Underworld and Hot Pursuit versions.

    Also, please release all NFS games digitally on PSN. Thanks.

  • Also I know this isn’t really the right post for this, but I too would like to toss in my vote for another Burnout. Paradise was the first game I got for my PS3 (7 years ago this coming Sunday!) and I played it to death.

  • Morpheus support and I may consider

  • I’m interested, but only because Rockstar is done with Midnight Club. :(

  • add me on ps4 ~ ty1109 :3

  • THIS might be the game, to make me get a PS4… Best franchise, ever….

  • NFSU2 was my favorite racer as a kid. My dad and I would play for hours. So excited for what looks like a possible return to this form. Classic american muscle cars? Yes? Please?

  • I want drag racing and custom gear ratio and race for pinks

  • I have never really gotten into the NFS series yet, but I do like racing games in general. I definitely like what I see here. I wonder how in depth the customization features will be.

  • I haven’t been very into the Need For Speed series for the past few years now. I’ve gotten very bored of it. But I can actually say that this game looks pretty good! The graphics look nice, and they’re bringing back customization! That’s one of the key features I’ve missed about the game. Good job!

  • So another crappy game? honestly PS2 NFS are better.

  • I sincerely hope they mean that It’s been a long time since I parted with cash for a new NFS title cause I just wanted back the feel of the first titles if it’s. I will buy it.

  • the best need for speed games are the hot pursuit ones when you can play as officers and have to preform take downs (which everyone does in video racing games that are supposed to be non contact) it just adds so much depth to a traditionally one dimensional racing game.

  • Kinda cool news to hear. But I’m gonna keep on the ‘100’…….if you all aren’t bothering to make this as ‘Underground’ version of NFS (which you all have been seeming to make every other sub-series version of NFS, *BUT* that one in over 10+ yrs) don’t bother hyping to us…..

    But I’ll see what you got going at E3 though…..we’ll put to the test by then how much you guys and gals at EA listened. Oh and speaking of ‘gals’, I hope you also consider the option of players being able to ‘customize’ the actual driver that they use (in story/career mode as well), as well. Being a female gamer that often loves car series like NFS, GT, and such it usually grind my gears (no pun, promise, lol) you devs tend to forget that dudes aren’t the only ones like to drive fast in kick-ass cars. And even more insult to injury is when you can have female NPC drivers that your character races against but never be given the choice to actually play as one.

    It’s 2015…..I’d like to think that you all’s developer/programming skills have improved enough to make this doable, just sayin.

    (okay, steppin down off the mini fem-rant now, lol…..I do it much, hell this has been some time in the making, yo!)

  • Nice! NFS Underground customization+open world from NFS Most Wanted+good story, Im sold!

  • My only request. Please let us turn off the police siren sound. I like being a cop, but can’t stand the sound so I have to play on mute which ruins the experience. Which is why I’m stuck playing as a bad guy.

  • experiment62six

    I really hope this one gets back to the roots. I would like to see an actual storyline that engages me beyond just driving a vehicle and have characters I actually care about. I enjoy arcade style racers over pure simulation, but get me back to just worrying about driving the car and customizing them. Tired of all this added stuff like EMP’s and stuff that Rivals had. If I wanted to play a racing game with these “power-up’s” I’d play mario kart. I played the crap out of Most Wanted (2005)…bring me back to something more like that!

  • I’ll have some of that, just include wheel support!!!

  • Oh EA, Oh, EA…

    Once again you have release a game with a Campaign that is glitched. I still cannot get past Episode 8 at the Hangar where many, many others are encountering the same thing. I am playing on Veteran and have captured every criminal including found every piece of evidence. I was on a roll but becuase of this I have not touched it in about 1 month. I go back to verify if perhaps it may have been patched and of course…NADA!!!

    How can this possibly be? I’m aware that Battlfield is mostly aimed at Online experiences but jeez…come on. Killing me here and many others who BUY your game which you market as being the next “big thing”.

    PLEASE HEAR THE COMPLAINTS AND FIX IT!!!! I play Campaigns you know then I dwell into the Mulitplayer but forget it. Last time I buy anything EA related. Madded, FIFA, Battlelifed, etc…

    Seriously. I’m not one to complain usually or comment on these forums but good gosh. Please get it right at least once. Very disappointed. A billion dollar company STILL cant get it right and wont fix it…STILL.

    Unbelievable. SMH.

  • The only way I will even consider buying this game is if it is current-gen only. The title of this post indicates that it will be, which I am quite impressed by, since EA is a notoriously-greedy publisher. I look forward to seeing more.

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