Live-action Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Celebrates Everyday Heroes

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Live-action Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Celebrates Everyday Heroes

Throughout the development of Batman: Arkham Knight, our goal has been to create the ultimate Batman experience and give players the chance to be the Batman like never before.

Live-action Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Celebrates Everyday Heroes

For us that has meant building out all of Gotham City, showing Batman at the peak of his powers, and putting him in control of a brand new, unstoppable Batmobile. But it’s not just about the power fantasy of being the savior and protector of Gotham: Batman will be tested like never before by a united force of super-villains that are hell-bent on taking him down.

It’s the moments when we are all tested that we explore in our new live-action trailer: times of trial, and how we can rise above them. Selflessness, determination, and courage are all traits that we share with the Dark Knight, and so in many ways we can all be the Batman every day.

For those who take up the cape and cowl on June 23rd, you’ll need all of these traits and more to truly be the Batman, and take on the greatest threat Gotham City has ever seen.

What does it mean to be the Batman? Let us know moments when you’ve channelled the Dark Knight in the comments below.

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  • a couple things.

    First thing I am excited for the game, I cannot wait. It is been a long time since the Batman fill.

    However, i have issues with this trailer/commercial. I get what you guys are trying to do and advertise, but people might take this the wrong way and put themselves in harm in real life as a result. Hopefully another version or another trailer/commercial can come out?

  • Yes, society should have more Phoenix Jones in the world

  • I love live action trailers. This game can’t come soon enough. Thanks rock steady!

  • @1 Right, I’m sure it’s like how everyone does what they see on TV.

    The trailer is well directed and honestly pretty cool but it doesn’t really feel like it relates to Batman or the game when he suddenly cuts in. But what do I know!

  • Metal_Mgs, imagine a world where 1% of people actively help stop crimes. Rather than coiling away they stand up, for everyone not only thier loved ones. In the US, 1% is about 3 million. That’s 3 million for when police aren’t close. 3 million telling criminals they will be stopped. 3 million telling bullies they won’t be tolerated. 3 million inspiring others.

    There needs to be limits, but police can’t be omnipresent. They should be the failsafe when ordinary citizens can’t handle their own defence, not the first port of call. We’re so used to outsourcing problems we’ve become too dependent. Police are overworked because they’re relied upon too heavily. Police shouldn’t have to deal with traffic violations, public urination, bullying etc. Not when there are violent crimes, carjackings at gun point and bad drug deals.

    I’d welcome Batman Inc in reality, with rules and powers presented for regular people to defend each other, treating people how they want to be treated, with dignity and respect. I’d be the first to sign up.

    This trailer makes me look forward to being Batman again. I love all the bat symbols in the footage, the various bat tattoos, the explosion for the firefighter etc. Subtle but cool.

  • Just stick to gameplay for your trailers.
    This is just pure cheese. Reminds me of the PS4 commercials. I want to see the games not some random people.
    As a huge Batman fan, I will be waiting to see how this game is for real before buying. Hopefully not too Batmobile focused and will I get the full experience without the DLC (which I wont buy).

    Good luck on your sales. I hope it does well, if deserved.

  • I believe this directly ties into Batman perfectly. Batman being a symbol of hope and justice, and yes with the help of money and advanced training he is able to stand up to all that is wrong in the world. But the general public shouldn’t cower in fear. I understand the situation in the alley, and on the train, maybe the firefighter…but the Basketball player? Unless I’m missing something. But this is a voice telling people to stand up for what is right, you might take a beating but no fight is a fair fight. Go all out.

  • Alert to all impressionable kids out there:

    Remember that Batman is an imaginary superhero. Completely fake.

    In real life, if you’re surprised in an alley by three thugs and try to fight them alone, no martial arts in the world are going to allow you to escape unharmed. That’s reality.

    So beware of alleys. That’s where Batman’s parents died.

    And beware of corporate trailers using debatable power trip messages to try and get you to buy their game.

  • Lookin’ good!

    (P.S. Hi Colin & Greg ;-)

  • DETEST live action game trailers!!

  • Music from Nine Inch Nails.

  • I can’ wait for the game and will be buying it.
    As far as this trailer goes never seen such a bad video for a video game in my life.
    PS how about new game footage of new game play instead of seeing people (actors) who think they are Batman

  • BrianMcGuinness

    Holy cow at these comments…what’s wrong with you people?


  • Holy crap, never thought I’d hear NIN’s The Wretched mashed up with Batman in any sort of official capacity :-)

    (I watched the trailer on mute the first time)

  • Trailer looks great… One question when u buy the season pass do u get the things that were associated with other preorders? So for example the GameStop red hood and harly queen story would that be with the season pass or do I have to get it from them? Just asking I want to download right to my ps4 but I don’t wanna miss out on that story pack…

    Ps. Can’t wait for this game. Forget the haters hating on the season pass.. All I’ve wanted since batman AC was for more story missions… This world is too big for u to just do one story

  • Thumbs up to Burmecian_Rat for his comment!!! These games are great but this trailer is hilarious with its message! LOL

  • So, there’s an an athlete who injured his hand and decides to go back out there. Isn’t that what most great athletes do? Then there’s a firefighter who sees someone in a burning building. I have great respect for people who put themselves in harm’s way, but that’s his job and he’s equipped. And there are people in a subway who decide to protect an old man. Maybe they’ll get stabbed, but hey…they are standing up.

    Finally, there’s a guy walking through an alley alone at night, about to get assaulted. No one deserves to get mugged, but that’s a stupid place to be. This won’t end well. But wait! Judging from the quick glance at a picture of his parents, we are supposed to assume that this is a young Bruce Wayne about to teach the criminals a lesson. Cool…except that 99% of us would get our asses kicked in the same situation, so again it isn’t really inspiring us to do something heroic.

    I loved the “To Michael” campaign back in the day, but unfortunately it seems to have influenced all subsequent trailers. Not all game commercials need to convince viewers that playing a videogame will make them an epic person in real life.

  • I think the trailer ROCKS! And not just because of NIN!
    Maybe a disclaimer, kids don’t try this at some people are concerned. lol I guess people missed the age portal at the beginning. It don’t remember it showing anyone actually fighting just standing up and letting the bullies know they were there and the victim was not alone. If more people would do that, the world would be a better place.
    But instead more and more people turn their backs because they don’t want to get involved. Not this girl. Even if my only weapon is my cell phone and 911.
    @ Rartemass – Batman Inc? I’m in!
    I have loved Batman since the TV show in the 70’s and he is still awesome. I can’t wait to see this game in action at E3! I just wish I would have been able to snag one of those Batmobile CEs. Missing out on that when I have the others is a bummer. I don’t suppose you could make more? Pretty please? :-)

  • add me if u plan on getting batman !!

  • No.

  • Bizarre trailer, but I do love me some Nine Inch Nails!

  • Hey, I love me some Rocksteady Batman, but this is a little pretentious. Videogames aren’t real life. And if the Batman existed in real life, people wouldn’t see him as a hero, they’d see him as one CRAY CRAY MF. And even the so-called “heroes” in this commercial were nuts. Fireman strutting into a fire by himself? One guy taking on a trio of muggers in an alley instead of running? And having a Batman tattoo on your shoulder suddenly makes you a badass basketall player? The subway thing I can see, but come on, the PR needs to get over itself here.

  • @18 I don’t think anyone is saying there aren’t real heroes or that you should not stand up to injustice (or just do SOMETHING), but this commercial is essentially equating playing a Batman videogame with actually being brave, courageous or a hero in real life, and honestly, I can’t think of how much further from that reality that this commercial could be. It’s not like they’re donating part of the profits of the game to a children’s charity or victims of violent crime, accidents or disasters. Being the Batman (or any superhero) is supposed to be a “fun” and “cool” fantasy, which is why people buy the game. Completely different than being a REAL LIFE ATHLETE or HERO, which takes real courage, perseverance, determination and hard work. This is probably one of the saddest commercials for a videogame I’ve seen, I wish I could unsee it.

  • 2 of my favorite things, NIN and Batman, together at last!

  • Just like 98% of the live-action trailers…this was CRAP!!!
    You devs and publishers never learn do you?…this ain’t the way to advertise your games.

  • Overpaid athletes over police and military makes this a fail.

  • @26, leave your agenda at the door. I believe the point was to show ordinary people who wouldn’t normally risk taking a stand against injustice, doing so.

    This is Batman, not Police/Army-man.

  • According to that ad the only people who can be selfless, determined, and brave are men. The only woman featured is the fire victim. There isn’t even one depiction of a woman standing up to be the hero in that commercial. Not one! It’s beyond gross that this treatment of women still goes on regularly. Doesn’t anybody in the game, comics, or advertising industries ever notice the tremendous amount of sexism in the products they are producing? We are half of your audience for pete’s sake.

  • yellowjacket486

    How about a demo to do us die hard fans over til June 23.

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