Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Out Today on PS Vita

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Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Out Today on PS Vita

Are you ready for some action? Today’s the day that Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed is… unleashed! As Neptunia’s very first hack ‘n’ slash (developed by Tamsoft, the fine folks behind the Senran Kagura games), you know this game will bring the action and the laughs to your PS Vita!

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

The setting is a peaceful Gamindustri, but the CPUs and the CPU Candidates tasked with protecting the land find all this peace a little dull. Enter esteemed journalists Famitsu and Dengekiko to give these Goddesses something to do! What is it they have them do? Why, fight in newsworthy brawls for fans to read about as a meta-commentary on the game industry, of course!

Pick from a roster of ten characters, including newcomer playable characters Famitsu (weapon: a giant shrimp) and Dengekiko. From combo-crazy to heavy damage-dealers to ranged attackers, each character is equipped with her own unique fighting style!

You can go solo or you can pair up two characters to fight in battle, freely tagging in the other with a tap of the D-pad. Strategically choose your characters based on their fighting styles and the requirements of the mission, or just pick them to hear the character-specific banter they’d have. The more times two characters fight in battle, the higher their Lily Rank will get, unlocking special bonuses like faster EXP gains!

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action UnleashedHyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

During battle, you’ll face down relentless hordes of enemies using a variety of light and heavy attack combinations both on the ground and in the air. As you attack, you can build up your SP gauge to unleash devastating special attacks you’ve learned. And this wouldn’t be a Hyperdimension Neptunia game if you couldn’t perform an HDD transformation — build up your EXE bar to assume your ultra-powerful Goddess form with new attack combos and her own special attacks that are heavy on the pain! Even Famitsu and Dengekiko get their own transformations. Don’t get too confident though, because if you take too much damage or spam too many high-level attacks, you’ll experience a “Costume Break,” dramatically lowering your defense but upping your attack.

For all of its flashy hack ‘n’ slashery, we’ve still gotta pay homage to our RPG roots. You’ll get to level up your characters and boost their stats in battle, while also collecting enemy medals to unlock powerful new weapons, stats, and equipment — including unbreakable outfits!

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

Like any good RPG, you’ll also receive a variety of missions that go beyond slaughtering enemies, including some special mystery missions! Even when you’ve finished the main story, you’ll have two extra challenging game modes, one of which pits you in a tournament against the other characters in a one-on-one test of strength and skill. Show ’em who the real Goddess is!

So grab your ridiculously oversized gun and blast your way into a hack ‘n’ slash experience with depth and humor, and let’s bring a little action up in this piece!

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  • Was really wanting to get this today as I really love the Neptunia series since it’s been on Vita. Just don’t have the funds atm.


    (even though my copy of the LE won’t be arriving until Thursday)

  • I’m looking forward to playing the game (also waiting for my LE to arrive).

    That being said, I’m really hoping that if a sequel is made you guys will use the extensive roster of game creators’ mascots (Nisa, Red, 5pb, Cave, Mages, Falcom, etc.) that have appeared along the different entries, not to mention the game mascots that were featured in Hyperdevotion Noire.

  • Im hyped as **** about this game!!! <3

  • Is it me or does this game seem rather inappropriate? Scantily clad females that look like they are teens. It seems just wrong. It seems like a lot of these type of games are hitting Vita lately. Can we have GTA instead? Maybe even San Andreas HD?

  • seems to be very similar to the Ys series in terms of gameplay which is awesome if true. I’ll have to watch some vids first to make sure.

  • Thanks for bringing this over. Im waiting on my LE should be here tomorrow.

  • Having fun playing it right now.

  • @5 Can we not complain? Or can you not accept the fact that this kind of stuff is pretty much the norm in Japan?

    Not every every game has to be a AAA game. In fact, most games that land on Vita, are made in Japan. So it’s pretty much the go-to device for those who like anime/JRPGs.

  • My copy of the LE shipped yesterday, so I’ll be getting it either at the end of this week or early next week.
    Gives me time to finish up Hyperdevotion Noire and Re;Birth 2.

  • Received my copy today and popped it in, I was kind of expecting it to be really not so great, but I’m actually really enjoying it! I like how fast the missions are, both in terms of pacing and overall length. The game just plays real nice! Hopefully they can improve the sound effects for the sequel though. I find hits don’t really have a ton of impact like in other action games.

  • I’m buying this game on game card then sense i’m going after the limited edition now. I wasn’t sure at first to pre-order it for awesome items but guess i’ll go the extra round. :)

    I love Series so much i can’t stop playing it. >.< I put over 200 hours into Rebirth 1, next Rebirth 2, Rebirth 3 but before that i'm going to put over 200 hours into Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart sense she is my favorite character from the series and i love watching Goddess having fun and 4th wall it.

  • dem nep action….

  • @dkarlowicz10 There is literally only one video game company in the entire world, and they are releasing games like this to spite you, specifically, because you are were a bad little boy this year! Absurdity is so much more fun than the reality, isn’t it?

    Seriously though, please get past that foolish belief that the release of Game A from Company One is somehow preventing the release of Game B from Company Two. Compile Heart, Rockstar and Sony have absolutely nothing to to with each other in this. Don’t blame one company for what the others are or are not doing. Cut it out with the “Can we have X instead?” There is no instead.

    AAA developers just don’t think it’s worth it to divert any of their resources to do Vita ports. If you believe otherwise, go and beg to the companies that make the games you want, because doing it here will have absolutely no effect.

  • I really want this game but i prob will buyed next month

  • Forget my AAA rant. Fact remains that young female characters that look under 18 wear next to nothing, and there is even the “costume break” which concentrates on near nudity. I wouldn’t complain if the characters looked over 18, but they don’t. It is acceptable in Japan; doesn’t mean it should here.

  • Why are you complaining at all? This isn’t a game you are going to buy, judging by multiple things you’ve said here. The content doesn’t impact you in the slightest.

  • @FortyPercent Exactly. If you disagree with the games you don’t like, just don’t play them! There’s no need to ruin it for those who are excited to play the game.

  • Since I still have trouble commenting in my main account, I’ll post this as my alt:

    Love hack and slash games, hope this game will play like Dynasty Warriors with Hyperdimension Neptunia characters.

    @dkarlowicz10 Go back to your pew-pew shooters like Call of Doodie then. Nobody wants to hear your whining.

    @Tjoeb123 Same. Anyone who’s does that and rate this post low for no reason are nothing but mere trolls.

  • Thanks for supporting the Vita!

  • I’m so excited about this game! I will be buying the physical copy shortly!

  • Well I’m still waiting for my physical copy to arrive but still I’m looking forward to playing this.

  • IFFY you’re dropping the ball HARD with your “liberal” “translations”, reaching a NisA-level of s****ty localization and decisions. Please, don’t go that way, it only ends on an abyss of regret.
    Seriously, PLEASE, you were doing great, you were saving us from that horrible and unprofessional sh***ty company, and now you’re doing the same?!
    I get you are ex-NisAs, but why would do that, why would you follow the worst possible path?…

    I guess we really can’t expect something good by now in those times. Good companies are dying, the alive ones are pure evil or becoming evil (coughnintecoughndo), indies**t satured the industry, and publishers… well, publishers are trying to destroy or taint what’s left good on the industry it seems. Of course there are exception, there is still a little hope left, and I thought you were part of that exception, I really wanted it to be that way…

  • dkarlowicz10, there’s this place you’d feel right at home in it’s called NeoGaf.

    Anyway, this game looks great. I got the LE for SK and while I liked it, the additions to this one like leveling up stats and a tourney-like mode seems like the kind of added depth SK would have benefited from. I’ll have to hear about the game from my friends.

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