Life is Strange Episode 3 Out Tomorrow

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Life is Strange Episode 3 Out Tomorrow

Hey, Luc from Dontnod here. The team have been working really hard on getting Life is Strange Episode 3 ready and we’re really excited that it will be released tomorrow, May 19th, for people to start playing.

In this next episode Max and Chloe’s investigation leads to them breaking into Blackwell Academy at night to search for clues regarding Rachel Amber’s disappearance.

Episode 2 has had a great response from the community, and as always we’ve loved receiving your comments, fan art and cosplays!

I’m happy to share with you all the brand new trailer for Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory. Check it out below.

Life is Strange Episode 3 Out Tomorrow

As you can see, Max and Chloe are close to uncovering some truths and will cross paths with the likes of Nathan and Frank once again.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts as well as the choices you make throughout episode 3. Be sure to finish episodes 1 & 2 before playing as your choices will carry over to episode 3.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and we hope you enjoy the next installment of Life is Strange.

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  • Awesome! Can’t wait to play!

  • Oh I can’t wait!!!!!

  • Really looking forward to the trouble Chloe gets Max in. lol

  • Great, I loved the previously episode, keep them coming!

  • I was pretty darn amazed at how much I enjoyed the first two episodes, and now I look forward to new episodes as much as almost any of my favorite games. Keep it up!

  • Definitely looking forward to see what happens next. Dontnod made one of my favorite games with Remember Me so I knew that Life is Strange would be awesome as well.

  • tonight the episode 3 will out ?

  • Easily my favorite game of 2015 so far. So glad I got the season pass.

  • @8 Same here! I don’t enjoy playing any other adventure game except this one. So far, I’ve played the first 2 episodes multiple times, trying to get everything, which I don’t normally do. This episode looks like it’s going to get really crazy, can’t wait.

  • This quite honestly the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played. I never expected this win my heart over the walking dead or tales from the borderlands but it has succeeded. Dontnod, this is such a great game and I hope to enjoy future releases just as much

  • I didn’t follow the game much before the first episode came out, but since playing it’s been one of my favorite games, and definitely the best I’ve played this year. I adore the characters and love the atmosphere of the city. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Yesssssssssssssssssssss!

  • Bringerofpizza2

    This is literally my favorite game of all time, so what time tomorow is it coming out?

  • Bringerofpizza2


  • GOD YES, thanks DontNod. To bad i have to pay PSN+ and Arkham Knight, but i will totally get Chaos Theory, the last two episodes were amazing, basically the best game of the year, ¡I will remember you guys soon!

  • This is one of those games I’ll remember years from now. Just saying “This game is incredible!” seems to meager. This games deals with real issues in realistic ways seldom seen in video games. This game truly is a rare gem.

  • this_girl_Rawr14

    What time? Still not on psn for me..

  • Ummm…Episode 3 isnt available for download, is there a specific time for it to show up? It says available for download at the bottom of the screen but its not in the store.

  • JeFF-teeh-KiLLeR

    Yeah its 12:09 est and i dont have the episode yet im really excited and need an answer

  • Episode 3 is still not available for us on playsation network. Somebody knows why?

  • JeFF-teeh-KiLLeR

    GOT IT!!! just had to serch for it specifically i cant wait for it to download me and my whole famil play it and agree on choices its a good bonding experience

  • JeFF-teeh-KiLLeR

    We did the same thing with walking dead and their choices

  • yesss so. ive downloaded it but when i go to the game it still says “coming soon” why is this?? ive been soooooo impatient about playing this game. for real

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