New Badland Trailer Revealed, GOTY Edition Out May 26th

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New Badland Trailer Revealed, GOTY Edition Out May 26th

Hello everyone! This is Teemu from Frogmind, back here on PlayStation.Blog to share the latest news about Badland: Game of the Year Edition. It will be out on PlayStation Store May 26th! Just two weeks from now. And it comes with lots of content, local multiplayer awesomeness, Trophies, and it’s cross buy and cross save between the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita versions. Bonus: there’s a launch sale!

For the uninitiated, Badland is a multi-award winning, stunningly atmospheric, physics-based, side-scrolling action adventure, originally released as a console-quality tablet game in 2013. You play as a flying creature called Clony and explore a beautiful forest filled with imaginative traps, puzzles and obstacles. You use a variety of power-ups, the coolest one being a cloning power-up where you end up controlling dozens of the creatures at the same time and usually need to sacrifice some of them for the rest to survive.

Badland: Game of the Year Edition builds on the original game’s strengths with completely redesigned controls, perfect for PlayStation. The redesigned gameplay expands the original one by offering full control over your character. All the levels have been rebuilt for the new controls of the PlayStation versions and have been visually enhanced. The new edition features over 15 hours and 100 levels of single-player story content, 100 co-op and 27 multiplayer deathmatch stages for up-to-four-person local multiplayer modes.

Badland on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaBadland on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

The game looks stunning in full HD and the multiplayer gameplay has been praised everywhere we have shown it. The co-op mode works well even for players of different skill levels: as long as one player survives, he’ll be able to resurrect the others at the next cloning power-up. We believe that the game delivers one of the best local multiplayer experiences on the platform.

With cross buy, you can get the game for all three platforms. And when playing online, your progress will be saved to the cloud. So when you break out your Vita on your morning commute, you can pick up right where you left off and continue on your PS4 or PS3 when you get back.

There’ll also be Leaderboards shared across all three platforms to compare stats and records with friends and foes alike. Check out the nature documentary trailer about the life of the Clones above and see if you can recognize the narrator’s voice…

Thanks so much for reading! We can’t wait for everyone to start saving those Clones on May 26th!

Badland on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Oh and one last thing, the PS versions have been made in a three-way co-operation with two other indie studios, Blitworks and Frozenbyte. We can’t thank them enough for the amazing job they have done with us! Everyone has been going the extra mile for shipping awesome quality only.

Happy to answer any questions in the comments below!

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  • I have this game on my Android and I love it. I can’t wait to get it on PS3. I am glad it is cross-buy. This should be the norm on PS for all purchases.

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Yeah, cross-buy is a nice concept and works well especially since we are also using cross-save between all 3 platforms. So play anywhere and pick it up from where you left on on any of the PS devices supported.

  • Teemu Mäki-Patola

    Glad to answer any questions you may have. By the way, do you recognise the narrator’s voice in the trailer? ;)

  • Looks legit never played it but if the price is right might have to get it while I’m waiting on ESO.

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Hope you do. Has a ton of content and MP is very much fun with friends as well. The base price will be $11.99 with a launch discount of 20% for PSPlus members (about $9.60 with the discount) and 10% of for everyone else (about $10.70).

  • Awesome news, really happy about cross-buy. I had Badland for my iPhone and loved it. Any word if it has a platinum trophy?

  • thats great

  • Ah gonna have to snag it during launch week then =) I had this when I had an iPhone. It’s fun although at times it can be rather challenging but fair. Love the cross-buy and cross-save options as this’d be great to have on my Vita.

  • @6, you know it’s an ace title when the Spammers crash the party! :D

    Also an Android buyer; great character design, unique levels, & coop is fantastic!

    Will be playing on the Vita mostly & running w/ friends via the PS3!

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Yeah, and with that weekly income BADLAND should be a no-brainer for him/her ;)

      Thanks for your kind words! The multiplayer is a blast on PS3 & PS4. It really benefits of the new controls (as well as of having separate controllers which is kind of obvious).

      I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

  • Game looks great. Will the Vita version be compatible with PlayStation TV?

  • No Vita delay? Vita content cut?

  • Is there ad-hoc/ multiplayer on vita?

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      You can play with up-tp-4 players with the touch screen on single device. Holding down you finger in your own screen quadrant and sliding left / right / up / down controls the flight the same as the joystick. Tends to get crowded with 4 on Vita. But totally fine with two. One player can also play from the buttons + stick and the rest from screen. Vita version supports also controllers on PlayStation TV.

  • Thank you very much for responding. One last question, though: Will the game support “up-to-four-person local multiplayer” on PlayStation TV (multiple controllers – one PSTV system) like PS4 and PS3? Please say yes. Thanks!

  • Never played it before and simply loved the trailer! I´m gonna try it, the game looks really great.
    And i´m really curious, who´s the narrator?

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Ah, thank you for asking! (Thank God somebody asked ;)
      The trailer was made in the spirit of David Attenborough, inspired by his “Life of Birds” among others. Growing up with his nature documentaries though it would be a fun tribute & reference. The narrator is an Attenborough imitator. A really good one in my opinion. Sounds almost exactly like the real Attenborough.

  • Sony, when are you going to fix the Vitas that you broke with the 3.5 firmware update?

  • Now *this* is how you do mobile ports to PlayStation — tons of value here, a total no-brainer purchase for anyone who owns any PlayStation platform.

    You mention the content is the same between the versions of the game, does that mean the encoding/bitrate for the audio assets is the same? I really prefer FLAC assets for music and explosions on PS4, as it sounds great coming through my home theater speakers and there’s less of a size worry. More importantly, some ports still have 128kbps MP3 assets, which is unacceptable — even on Vita. Can you detail the asset quality for each platform?

    How straightforward was it to port from iOS to Vita? Any advice for other developers bringing their fantastic mobile games to Vita? PS3/4?

    Does the local co-op work with SharePlay?

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Many thanks for your comment!
      Yeah, we definitely aimed at delivering value instead of doing the easiest. That’s why it took over a year to make these. But it was very much worth it. We are happy with the end result and believe that players will be too.

      Tough question about the bit rates. This time I have to say that I don’t actually know. Need to do some digging on that tomorrow. I know they are not 128kbps MP3 assets. Our source files have been wav all the way and we are sensitive about the quality of the sound. But yeah, let me get back to you about the bit rates and formats.

      It wasn’t straightforward at all. If we would have done Vita only, then maybe it would have been easier but since we went PS4 and PS3 as well we really needed to do a lot. And we knew we had to start from redesigning the one touch controls to something that fits the platforms better. Gameplay is king and the new one with full control was definitely the way to go. As an advice, don’t make a simple port but figure out what makes it the best it can be on the new platform.

      The local co-op should work with SharePlay, yes.

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Hi again, Plaztiksyke, not sure if you’ll get this anymore but here comes anyway since I promised to get back to this. Sorry for taking a few days to dig this out.

      It seems that our sounds are actually in uncompressed format in the memory when expanded from their lossless storage compression. Thus, the sound quality should be as good as possible as they have not been compressed into a form that would loose any of the data at any point. So they are basically .wavs.

  • I sense this being included next month for PS+.

  • Wow this game looks absolutely fantastic…loved the trailer and the song was great.And it looks stunning indeed,great job with the scenario.Thats how you announce a game,good description,pics and the most important…a gameplay video.

    All I need to decide now is whether to play on PS3 or Vita,seeing how I barely got time to play Vita may as well play it on PS3.Thank you for bringing it to the PS family.You guys got ma support.

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Thanks for you kind words and for your support, Welmosca! Was super nice to hear!

      Why not play on both, if you have both? It’s cross-buy after all. And as long as you are online, you can cross-save too. Easy to switch platform as you wish and continue with the same progress.

  • I’m not trying to be disrespectful or anything, but…why should I spend almost $11 on a game that I already have FOR FREE on my Android device? o.O

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Hi Orpheus, its a valid question however Android isn’t really free: The iOS price is 3,99 (game) + 0,99 + 0,99 (two DLCs) = $6. It’s the same price for Android if you do the full unlock and remove the ads. So although Android is free to start playing, you need to unlock the further content and it has video ads.

      The Steam and console versions are very good and the gameplay has been rebuild for full controls that let you go left/right/up/down and the levels been all adapted to match the new controls. It also looks great from a big tv and the multiplayer is a blast (and there’s lots of content for it) with separate controllers and the new control mechanics. With so much content (10-15 hour of single player levels as well), MP, cross-buy, cross-save etc. I honestly think its pretty good value.

  • I just bought it. Its fine, but i have a complaint: The game says its cross-play, but i can’t co-op PS4-Ps Vita. Its only PS4-PS4 or PSVita-PSVita. Im dissapointed.

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