PlayStation Store Update

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PlayStation Store Update

PlayStation Store Update

PS4 Games
PS3 Games
PS Vita Games
Platform Title Price
PS4 HELLDIVERS Reinforcements Pack 2 ( 3-Way Cross Buy) $5.99
PS4 HELLDIVERS Turning Up the Heat Edition (3-Way Cross Buy) $19.99
PS4 Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Bundle (Jason + Horror Skins Pack) $7.99
PS4 Rocksmith 2014 – All That Remains Song Pack $7.99
PS3 Anime Beauty Dynamic Theme Bundle $3.99
PS3 Avatar Bundle 009 $6.99
PS3 Blazing Rogues Dynamic Theme Bundle $3.99
PS3 HELLDIVERS Turning Up The Heat Edition (3-Way Cross Buy) $19.99
PS3 Nick Small Daze Dynamic Theme Bundle $3.99
PS3 Rocksmith 2014 – All That Remains Song Pack $7.99
PS Vita HELLDIVERS Turning Up The Heat Edition (3-Way Cross Buy) $19.99
May’s Free PlayStation Plus Lineup
PS4 PS3 PS Vita
Guacamelee STCE The Unfinished Swan Hohokum
Ether One Race the Sun Murasaki Baby

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Activision SalePS Store: Movie Mayhem sale

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Price Changes
Platform Title New Price Original Price
PS3 Madden NFL 15 $39.99 $59.99
PS3 Motorstorm RC Complete Edition $9.99 $11.99
PS Vita Motorstorm RC PS Vita $4.99 $9.99
PS Vita Motorstorm RC PS Vita Complete Edition $9.99 $11.99
PlayStation Now

New Ubisoft Games Now Available for Rental

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Assassin's Creed

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood

Call of Juarez Gunslinger

Call of Juarez The Cartel

Far Cry 3

From Dust

I Am Alive

Price of Persia The Two Thrones

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Rainbow Six Vegas

Splinter Cell Blacklist

New on PlayStation Video
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App Updates
Snoop Dogg: BUSH

Listen on:

  • Game of Thrones, New episode “Kill the Boy”, available today
  • Silicon Valley, New episode “TBD”, available today
  • Veep, New episode “Convention”, available today
  • A Million Ways To Die In The West, available today
Qello Concerts
  • Kenny Chesney – Live at Soundstage
  • Ricky Martin – Black and White Tour
  • Harry Connick Jr. – The New York Big Band Concert
  • VidZone Highlights
  • Artist Of The Week: Ciara – featuring the brand new video for ‘I Got You’
  • Featured Playlist: Sasquatch Festival 2015 – featuring videos from Kendrick Lamar, Modest Mouse, ScHoolboy Q & Lana Del Rey
  • Featured TV: Fueled By Ramen TV – featuring videos from Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots & FUN.
  • New Videos: Adam Lambert – Ghost Town (Pop Zone), Rae Sremmurd – This Could Be Us (Hip-Hop Zone), Deorro Ft. Chris Brown – Five More Hours (Dance Zone), Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color (Alternative Zone), Ciara – I Got You (RnB Zone), Little Big Town – Girl Crush (Country Zone), Ty Dolla $ign Ft. Charli XCX + Tinashe – Drop That Kitty (Party Zone)
PS4 Add-ons
AirMech Arena
  • AirMech Prime ($19.99)
  • Economy Diamond Bundle ($9.99)
  • Elite Diamond Bundle ($99.99)
  • Micro Diamond Bundle ($4.99)
  • Pro Diamond Bundle ($49.99)
  • Rare Capsule (2 Pack) ($4.99)
  • Standard Diamond Bundle ($19.99)
  • Ultimate Diamond Bundle ($149.99)
  • VIP Shop Ticket 3 Pack ($4.99)
  • VIP Shop Ticket 7 Pack ($7.99)
  • Prime Cube ($19.99)
  • Rare Capsule (5 Pack) ($9.99)
  • Starter Pack ($9.99)
    Content 3-Way Cross Buy

  • Demolitionist Pack ($2.99)
  • Hazard Ops Pack ($2.99)
  • Pilot Pack ($2.99)
  • Specialist Pack ($2.99)
LittleBigPlanet 3
  • Velocity 2X Costume ($1.99)
Mortal Kombat X
  • Horror Pack ($3.99)
  • Jason Voorhees ($4.99)
Project CARS
  • Free Car 1 (Lykan Hypersport) (Free)
  • Limited Edition Upgrade ($2.99)
  • Liveries Pack 1 (Free)
  • Modified Car Pack ($1.99)
Rocksmith 2014
  • Character Appreciation ($1.99)
  • All That Remains – Six ($2.99)
  • All That Remains – This Calling ($2.99)
  • All That Remains – Two Weeks ($2.99)
  • Countdown: Racing Theme
Toukiden: Kiwami
  • Mitami – Sugi Fumi ($0.99, Cross Buy with PS Vita)
TowerFall Ascension
  • Dark World Expansion ($9.99)
PS3 Add-ons
Ace Combat Infinity
  • Extra Contract & Special Supply Ticket Set E ($8.99)
  • Infinity Stocked Fuel & Special Supply Ticket Set M ($8.99)
  • Infinity Stocked Fuel & Special Supply Ticket N ($26.99)

    Infinity Stocked Fuel & Special Supply Ticket O ($44.99)

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd
    Content Cross Buy with PS Vita

  • Angel Module ($1.99)
  • Electric Angel ($2.99)
  • Style CG Module ($1.99)
  • Though My Song Has No Form ($2.99)
  • Tyrol Module ($1.99)
Real Steel
  • Penetrator ($1.99)
Rocksmith 2014
  • Character Appreciation ($1.99)
  • All That Remains – Six ($2.99)
  • All That Remains – This Calling ($2.99)
  • All That Remains – Two Weeks ($2.99)
PS Vita Add-ons
Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd
    Content Cross Buy with PS Vita

  • Angel Module ($1.99)
  • Electric Angel ($2.99)
  • Style CG Module ($1.99)
  • Though My Song Has No Form ($2.99)
  • Tyrol Module ($1.99)
Toukiden: Kiwami
  • Mitami – Sugi Fumi ($0.99, Cross Buy with PS4)
Platform Title Price
PS4 3D HQ Abstract Series: A Green Code $3.49
PS4 3D HQ Galaxy Series: Red Planet $3.49
PS4 FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD REMASTER – To Zanarkand Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS3 A Dancing Skeleton Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS3 A Moon And Clouds Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS3 A Skull In Fire 2 Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS Vita Paris Theme $2.99
PS Vita Wild Animals Theme $2.99

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  • Disgaea2salePlz

    Good sales this week buying the paris theme

  • Well, a fair assortment of content this week it seems! X3

  • Where are the PS3 PS Now Subs?

  • Still can’t pre-order the CE of FFXIV Heavensward digitally… :(

  • Where’s the PS3 PS Now app?

  • TheHerbinator75

    Why so many new releases only on PS4 and Vita this week? Will those titles eventually be ported to the PS3?

  • Awesome week!!!


    Vita is getting a ton of love. I will be picking up Breach and Clear and Color Guardians. Then that list of UBisoft games on PS Now are a huge invotation for the Vita to have a gaming binge.

    All we need is some PlayStation Music and WWE Network on Vita, and a 4G version, and it will be the perfect mobile platform.

  • When will I be able to preorder ultra Street fighter 4 for the PlayStation 4 ????

  • Please don’t abandon listing the deals in these update posts.

  • Can we please get the FFXIV theme on PS4? Other regions have had it for months :(

  • WaveLightning777

    Okay, not listing the sales and instead just linking to the PS Store itself about it? Kinda bad move, since the whole reason I come to the blog posts is so I can read the sales in their little tables they’re usually in, without having to wait for the PS Store to load up for me. While that doesn’t take long in and of itself, having the sales be in a button that links to the store completely defeats the purpose of the blog, I think.

  • SlyCooperFan100

    A Velocity 2X costume for LittleBigPlanet 3? I didn’t hear about this one at all! Totally getting it, thank you!

  • Yay. We are the only region to PAY for the modified car pack in Project CARS! Thanks for the slap in the face.

  • SlyCooperFan100

    Scratch that, doesn’t seem to be available yet.

  • Can we get NFL teams themes? That would be awesome, Go Bears!

  • Debating on if I should pick up FFX/X-2 again or not. I already have it on PS3/Vita, but being able to change the OST is pretty tempting.

  • Awesome week. Lots of Variety. I’ll just be picking up Double Dragon though. I need a bigger hard drive for Project Cars. So that will come soon enough. Great job, by the way!

  • Can you list the sales in this post like you used to? It’s impossible to see how good a sale is on the PS Store because it doesn’t say what the old price was.

    I can’t even tell if something’s actually been reduced or if it’s just in the wrong section.

  • Why is Akiba’s Trip in the deals page on the store? You just dropped the prices last week to $29.99 regular, and that’s what it is showing on the deals page. What’s the deal?

  • Dear Commenters, my questions are for Sony and NOT you. I do not care how many times you respond to me or message me insulting me. When Sony acknowledge my request, I will stop.

  • Just had to pop back in to say the new PS4 Store layout is way, way better. Thanks for all of the hard work going on to make all of this possible. Hopefully the PS Vita and PS TV will see their stores revamped to unify the PS Store experience across platforms.

  • nothing good

  • This week they didn’t give a listing of the weekly deals, just links to the PlayStation Store. That was the main reason why I read the blog, to see the deals. But on the other hand, somehow every week the blog had mistakes with the deals even though all they have to do is simply copy and paste from the store.

  • Sooooo last of us is diplayed as 9.99 but when i sign in, its says 14.99? Am i to believe that Canada has to pay an extra 50 percent for this?? Last time i checked the american dollar wasnt worth that much more. Thats not even a deal, thats still regular price. Wheres the discount?? Its the only reason i wanted it, come on Sony u want my ten dollars or not? Cuz i aint paying 15 bleh

  • dang it man we need a street fighter 4 preload i’m eager to give you all my monies why aren’t you all trying to make options for me to give it though like what the heck sony/capcom!?

  • @ #22 They still screwed up, or expected people not to remember that they just did a price drop on certain games LAST WEEK. Akiba’s Trip is listed in this weeks deals on the store for $39.99 for the PS4, $29.99 for both PS3 and Vita. They just dropped the regular price LAST WEEK to those numbers.

  • As others have said, there’s no way to currently tell what is actually at sale price and by how much without listing of the sales or showing their percent off in the store page. Not everyone, but many people including myself need to know all those details before we can make purchases.

  • Like many others main reason I read the blog was to look at sales prices. Please don’t tell me you will no longer list prices any more. I liked seeing old price vs sale price.

  • ok my apologies, u have my ten dollars sony, face palm, 14.99 is for ps4, guess i should look first :s
    i still blame sonys layout though :p

  • Any News on the expansion of Playstation Vue? Hopefully there will be an announcement sooner then later, on the roll out to more cities.

  • Solid update, I’ll look into the FFX Dynamic theme…. will check it out on YouTube first hopefully.

    Also, I’ll chime in with the rest…

    Bring the sales details back to the post. It’s a pain to load the store, and you can’t see the original prices, not to mention it’s much cleaner to see in sections for each console right here in the post.

  • After having checked out the Activision sale, all I can say is that the selection there is awfully underwhelming. Not to mention, discounts on some titles are near highway robbery. Here’s to hoping that next time’s weekly deals are an actual improvement, though.

  • rabidninjamonky

    Nice PS Now games! Im looking forward to playing all those Prince of Persia games and Splinter Cell Blacklist on my vita.

  • Wow. Just the links now? Is everyone really that busy? Don’t you have an intern that could do it?

    Tell you what, I’ll do it for free. Give me access and the info and I will have it up and posted by noon.

    Even easier, just give me the access. I’ll do what the PS blog does and wait for the store to update and work off of that. I will still have it done within an hour of it posting.

  • Did PS Now Subs get pushed backed or delayed?

    When is PS+ going to get some real deals back also. For the last 6 months the free games have not been nearly as good as the 2012-13 years.


  • Great, a chen update, don’t even bother asking any questions people.

  • So where is the PS Now sub for PS3? I hate when announce a release date for something, and don’t mention it in the update for whatever reason and refuse to respond to people in the comments asking about why it isn’t there. That crap is annoying.

  • so glad to see the zanarkand theme make it over.

  • I like how you can now click the game tiles in the update to be taken directly to the store, but not being able to see the sales plainly listed on the blog update is frustrating. The update is harder to read now, and makes getting the same information as the past, more difficult. Please go back to the old style!

  • Makes me sad how exciting the weekly psn update used to be. Other than the .99 flash sale we had several weeks ago there hasn’t been anything that gets my attention. You can add the igc to that too.

  • I would also prefer the old style of listing sales. The main reason I visit the blog is to view the weekly sales in a chart, so I am aware of how much I am saving by getting it on sale, which isn’t shown on the storefront itself. Please return to the chart. Thank you.

  • Where is the digital release of Disney Infinity 2.0 for the Vita?

    Vita owners were promised that all retail releases would would see a digital release as well – Day One.

  • I have to agree with many previous posters. It is lazy and non-consumer friendly to just link a post rather than giving us the sale details all in one place with everything else for the week. Especially since the online store is not very user friendly.

    This is kind of like how banks are trying to force traffic through the ATM’s to try to reduce the in house business and see less people face to face. In this case, you are trying to force traffic to your online store.

    When people feel forced to do things, they tend to no longer do those things so it’s a double edged sword.

  • I’m not really a big fan of how the Sale listings were handled this week. I honestly very much prefer the tabled listings we were usually getting, made it very easy to see what was on sale and saved people the trip to the PS Store if nothing was worth of interest.

    No worthwhile sales for me this week, I’ll probably grab the To Zanarkand Theme.

  • Seriously? You’re not going to list the sales prices here anymore? That’s just lazy. No point in visiting the blog then

  • Wow, what a lazy way to build the blog this week. Want to see what is on sale? Here is a link to the store. Really? Of course, it could have been worthwhile if anything worth buying was actually on sale.

    I’m guessing that in the future, the weekly update will develop into “What’s new this week on PSN? Come to the store and find out!” Will they be surprised when people start declining that option as well?

    So save your bandwidth and time and keep hoping for a flash sale…

  • anyone else noticing project cars does not download always claiming to check system storage and clear 134.5 MB???? I have 86 GB free

  • xFlibbityJibbetx

    You have the Prototype Franchise pack listed here for $59.99, but on the store it’s $29.99. I’m guessing the store’s price is the correct one, since you can get the pair for way cheaper than $60. Just wanted to point out.

  • They probably just don’t want people posting about how crummy this weeks sales are. They should have just left the NBA 2k add ons up this week.

  • Amazing new games for PS Now!!

    Put out more big games like that from top publishers!

    Scalable bandwidth for ps now as digital foundry mentioned in their hands on article?

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