Breach & Clear Infiltrates PS Vita Tomorrow

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Breach & Clear Infiltrates PS Vita Tomorrow

Hello everyone! Ben Strauss here with Gun Media here to tell you guys that we have some awesome news! Breach & Clear is coming to PS Vita tomorrow, May 12th!

Breach & Clear has been a labor of love with Gun and developer Mighty Rabbit. Across more than two years, we’ve taken this title from its humble beginnings to a powerhouse with 1.3 million users across multiple platforms. Today we’re happy to finally marry the completed version of the game to our original touch-control design to the awesome PS Vita. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to announce that you’ll finally get to check out this awesome hybrid tactical strategy title on the PlayStation Store!

Breach & Clear on PS Vita

Breach & Clear allows you to control a wide variety of special operations teams from around the world, outfitting them with a huge variety of guns, attachments and gear to your exact specification. Each and every situation you’ll run into is different as you traverse the globe, taking on bad guys in locations like Russia, Mexico, Germany and several other locations.

We’ve had a blast working on this game, and we’re stoked to bring it to PS Vita! For $14.99, you’ll get:

  • Seven locations with five missions each and five difficulty settings to challenge you at every turn
  • Three unique game modes: Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defusal and Escape Plan
  • Seven special operations teams from around the world with six different classes, all with their own perks and abilities
  • 24 weapons with 26 attachments to give you the edge
  • 56 clothing and armor customization options to make each operator your own
  • Four game-altering consumables to give you an edge against increasingly tough enemies

Breach & Clear on PS Vita

Breach & Clear started as a small mobile title with less than half the content on this PS Vita release, and we’ve worked our butts off to make this as good a game as we can make it. The fans around this game have been stellar, and we can’t wait to hear from everyone in the Vita community! This is definitely a long time coming for the best control possible. Get ready to Own. Every. Angle!

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