Breach & Clear Infiltrates PS Vita Tomorrow

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Breach & Clear Infiltrates PS Vita Tomorrow

Hello everyone! Ben Strauss here with Gun Media here to tell you guys that we have some awesome news! Breach & Clear is coming to PS Vita tomorrow, May 12th!

Breach & Clear has been a labor of love with Gun and developer Mighty Rabbit. Across more than two years, we’ve taken this title from its humble beginnings to a powerhouse with 1.3 million users across multiple platforms. Today we’re happy to finally marry the completed version of the game to our original touch-control design to the awesome PS Vita. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to announce that you’ll finally get to check out this awesome hybrid tactical strategy title on the PlayStation Store!

Breach & Clear on PS Vita

Breach & Clear allows you to control a wide variety of special operations teams from around the world, outfitting them with a huge variety of guns, attachments and gear to your exact specification. Each and every situation you’ll run into is different as you traverse the globe, taking on bad guys in locations like Russia, Mexico, Germany and several other locations.

We’ve had a blast working on this game, and we’re stoked to bring it to PS Vita! For $14.99, you’ll get:

  • Seven locations with five missions each and five difficulty settings to challenge you at every turn
  • Three unique game modes: Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defusal and Escape Plan
  • Seven special operations teams from around the world with six different classes, all with their own perks and abilities
  • 24 weapons with 26 attachments to give you the edge
  • 56 clothing and armor customization options to make each operator your own
  • Four game-altering consumables to give you an edge against increasingly tough enemies

Breach & Clear on PS Vita

Breach & Clear started as a small mobile title with less than half the content on this PS Vita release, and we’ve worked our butts off to make this as good a game as we can make it. The fans around this game have been stellar, and we can’t wait to hear from everyone in the Vita community! This is definitely a long time coming for the best control possible. Get ready to Own. Every. Angle!

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  • Can you please confirm PSTV support?

  • Will this include the content from Deadline or are we just getting everything from the original release? Just curious.

    • This is only for Breach & Clear. You will get all content released as part of the game (over $20.00 via Mobile) on Vita aside from the Frozen Synapse bundle.

      DEADline is currently only on Steam in Early Access.


  • is there any footage of the game running on vita?

  • PSTV Support Confirmed

    *throws wallet at monitor*

    Thank you! It’s much appreciated!

    • Your monitor didn’t deserve that abuse. It’s only trying to help and make you happy, yet you threw stuff at it. Shame.

  • death_nation100

    It’s a 4 man squadron so they must be The SEALS.

  • Ben, I love your responses to the people. That’s enough to make me want to buy this game even though I don’t usually buy digital. Disney Infinity launched on the Vita over the weekend and not a peep from them. Thanks and good luck on the sales!

  • Good sense of humour man. I love the style of the game, and I think that May is an underwhelming month overall which makes it a good time for these indy games to come out.

    I don’t think the wallet will permit me to buy this one right away, but it is certainly on the list and I hope to be able to review it for my website at some point soon.

    I am kind of getting a bit tired of how little time a lot of games are getting between first reveal and release… as this is actually the first I’ve heard of this game at all…. it’s hard to plan finances around things you don’t know about. I already had to adjust my plans around Toren this month, which wasn’t easy lol

  • So, is this compatible with PSTV?

  • Wow, thank you so much. That is really cool of you. That’s crazy. haha

  • The game is 100% compatible with PSTV.

    Also, to jump in before anyone asks about the price – the Vita version is a direct port of the Steam edition. The mobile version is significantly cheaper BUT it has over $20 of additional paid content on top of the initial price. The Vita version has NO MICROTRANSACTIONS, NO DLC, and NO BS. All content is unlocked with the original purchase. The Vita version also has perma-death which is not in the mobile one. Plus, silver and experience gain is much higher in the Vita version. There is no nickel and diming here. One purchase for the whole game – the way it should be.

  • Is there going to be a plus discount? Please say yes :D I am already over my gaming budget ha!

  • Love this on iOS can’t wait to put it on my vita! I was wondering if you will offer similar in game purchases to the iOS version because I really appreciated the way that my IAP supported the wounded warrior program! Great game and good luck on Sony platforms.

  • Heard about this through CAG Cheap vita thread(Doomstink).
    Since it’s PSTV compatible and it looks pretty cool, I’ll definitely pick it up eventually.

  • I love you……My Vita Loves You!

  • 1. Is this turn-based?
    2. Is JTF2 one of the special ops teams?

    • 1. Hybrid. You’ll get tactical pauses every 5 seconds that allow you to plan what you want to do next. The action happens in real-time though.

      2. You betcha, eh.

  • This game looks fantastic! wish I could get thou

  • When is the European Version getting released? Will it be possible to play WITHOUT the use of TOUCH SCREEN? Is there an option in game to use the sticks and buttons instead of touch?

    • We’ll have a date pretty soon; doing some changes to account for the text size and a few other things on the backend that need to be worked out.

      You can play without touch screen input, the controller is fully supported!

  • I like the way it looks, reminds me of a PC game called Jagged Alliance. I hope we see more games like this and sold as a full package. I hate waiting for a Game of the Year edition just to have a “FULL GAME”…

  • Tnx Ben for the swift responce, i’m very interested since the ONLY similar game I have on the PS ViTA is Frozen Synapse Prime. I wonder if you guys ever considered making a game similar to the Original Fallout which was Isometric or maybe ask 2K if you could please Port X-Com to the PS ViTA because the style and type of game you have created is very similar. If you guys could bring something like X-Com to the PS ViTA it would sell like hot cakes ;)

  • Hey, Ben! Played the Android version and enjoyed it very much. Saw you guys on the Playstation Lifestyle review and I’m enjoying the developer interaction with gamers. Day one purchase for me as well. Vita controller/touchscreen support. PS TV support. 10% Plus discount. Definitely a purchase!

    How big will thr the download be? Thank you in advance!

    • 700ish MB at most for the download.

      We take pride in this game, and every and all comments and concerns are definitely taken into account. We won’t shy away from criticism, it only helps improve things. You should have seen the original launch of the iOS version compared to what the game is today!

      Hope you enjoy!

  • I’m interested after just hearing about this game a couple days ago. Please post a video showing Vita playback. Cheers.

  • Sony, when are you going to fix the Vitas that you broke with the 3.5 firmware update?

  • Just for the amazing responses I will buy this game!!! Love my Vita!!!!

  • @nomadDz777 look up space hulk, coming to vita and very similar to xcom. I can’t wait for it and hoping it doesn’t get cancelled.

  • How do you justify charging $15 when can get it 15x cheaper on a phone

    • Well, this version has everything unlocked. We removed the IAP.

      With Breach & Clear on mobile, you will be paying just north of $20USD for all the content. With Vita, you will pay less than that and get faster unlocking through silver/XP accumulation.

      The game was never designed to be IAP heavy at all, you literally don’t have to buy anything to enjoy the game, but we did offer DLC and customization options that went over well. Now you get those upfront with the Vita.

  • @Endrant tnx will do and i LUV Warhammer 40K – For The Emperor! United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

    • I’m all about the Angry Marines, honestly.

      Down with the Smurfs and heresy everywhere, yada yada.

  • @Gitty $15 cause we get the FULL COMPLET VERSION! We dont have micro transactions cause WE get the full version of the game And part of it also goes to our Valorous War Vets which laided their lives on the line for democracy which in turn also allows for games like this to get published. Have a nice day

  • I live like 2 miles from Gun. Been hoping this would come to consoles. Any chance of a PS4 release? Nom Nom Galaxy is getting my money today. Only got $24 on psn so I doubt I’ll be able to get both.

    • We’re hoping for a fully remastered version, but right now a lot of work is being done on DEADline, which is currently on Steam.

      I’m totally down to play this on PS4. We’ll see!

  • Ben Strauss is officially the best replier ever on PS Blog.



    Game looks amazing guys, will definitely be picking it up when my funds are replenished!

  • How come the 10% off PS+ discount is not showing up?

  • This is pleasant surprise !

  • Online Multiplayer?

  • This looks really nice. I loved SOCOM Tactical Strike on PSP, and this looks like the closest thing we’ll get to that anytime soon.

    I’ll put it on my list.

  • Sold. Your responses to this blog entry have won my cautious wallet. Thank your team for the Vita release on behalf of Vita owners, for me.

  • Also the 10% PS+ discount still hasn’t applied to the item on the PS Store.

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