Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is Coming to PS4

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is Coming to PS4

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

After a year of work, I am excited to announce my next game — Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Fans have asked us for a new exploration-heavy, Igavania-type game, and that’s the game we’re excited to make.

I have interest from investors who can provide most of the funds necessary to make the game I envision, but they have requested proof that there is demand for this type of game before they will commit. With that in mind, I am turning to Kickstarter to call upon my fans’ support. You can pledge to the campaign at

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Miriam, the protagonist, is an 18-year-old orphan whose skin is slowly crystallizing in stained-glass patterns, a curse inflicted on her by a corrupt guild of alchemists. The alchemists’ curse is transforming her into the conduit for a demonic invasion — the guild’s punishment for a world that has begun to lose faith in them.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Her friend Johannes, a rogue alchemist who is studying the curse, has learned to slow the spread of the crystallization by drawing runes around the infection sites. With his help, Miriam will explore a massive, demon-filled castle in search of Gebel, her friend and fellow curse bearer who destroyed the alchemists and summoned the castle when he realized the curse had made him something other than human.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightBloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The cursed crystals in Miriam and Gebel’s skin are linked to demonic magical powers. With that in mind, I intend to equip this game with many classic gameplay elements as well as a slew of new ones, including a crafting system that will allow players to infuse weapons with magical abilities and a unique skill/parameter system.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night — “We Did It”

I’m glad for the opportunity to make this game, and I thank all the fans who will help us do that. I look forward to leading you in my army of the night!

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  • And it’s funded! Congrats on hitting $500k. Now how high can it go?! :-)

  • Would’ve been cool to have this on Vita, but lol Unreal Engine 4.

    Project Phoenix runs on UE4 and has a Vita version announced, though I have the suspicion they’ll cancel that version.

  • Already made my pledge, good luck to you!

  • Justin Massongill

    As a long-time fan of the genre that Igarashi-san helped realize, I have backed this project with full force. Can’t wait!

  • Is there any chance we might see a Vita version added as a stretch goal?

  • I was going to make a joke that this man eats, breathes, and sleeps Castlevania, but then I did research and realized that he’s to Castlevania as Keiji Inafune is to Mega Man. He’s getting my money.

  • So happy this got funded.

    I know for a fact Konami isn’t gonna do **** with Castlevania, Silent Hills or Metal Gear anymore. So why even bother.

  • So happy this got funded.
    I know for a fact Konami isn’t gonna do sh** with Castlevania, Silent Hills or Metal Gear anymore. So why even bother.

  • Looking good. I definitely will be pledging!

  • So hyped. Gonna play through all the old CVs until it comes out. LOL

  • This actually looks pretty interesting. I’ve been playing a lot of these indies and kickstarter games lately, and they’re usually a lot better than most AAA stuff nowadays. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

  • Holy moley! This is a dream come true! I am fraught with anticipation. :D

  • no vita

  • Look is good but we need more,let’s go SONY!

  • Stretch goal for an additional male protagonist please.

  • Another $28 added to the Kickstarter.

  • Will definitely buy it! Retail Collector’s Edition please :)

  • Um… can I “Back” it for 60 now and then add 90 later? I wanna get in the credits and get the bonus stuff D: Or does it have to be all one back donation?

  • Pledged $28…. my first official Kickstarter backing. Make a Vita version as a stretch goal and I may up my pledge!

  • It looks so beautiful.

    I can’t wait!

  • When 75% of all games made are JRPGs, at some point all gamers are gonna have to learn Japanese and learn to appreciate JRPGs.

  • death_nation100

    I never heard of this until now maybe you see some cameos from castlevania enemies like everyone favorite medusa .lol ,favorite .

  • @22 I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of legal issues for something like that.

  • Medusa and Dracula are public domain.

    Also, 75% of all games aren’t JRPGs. This isn’t a JRPG either …

  • @19 It’s doubtful the Vita could handle it. They aren’t making it for PS3, heck they aren’t even making it for the Wii U, which is a moderate chunk more powerful than the PS3, because they don’t want to compromise.

    Maybe they’ll have a stretch goal, and have lower res textures and sprites, but don’t expect it. The PSP came out 10 years ago, the Vita came out 3 years ago. If not this year, they are probably going to announce the next handheld next year’s E3, and maybe bring it out that year, or the next.

    The PSP had 7 years of success before they brought out a new version, the 3DS had 3-4 (depending on the territory) the Vita and it’s not quite success, will probably hit the 5 year mark and see a successor. That one will most likely be powerful enough to take a port of most PS4 games and make development for the Vita drastically easier.

    That’s my guess.

    Love the Vita, but, it’s always been borderline powerful enough. Some games run and look great, other games need like 10% better optimization or more horsepower.

  • Sony will never make another dedicated handheld games console. There won’t be a PSP3.

  • I’ll wait for the Vita or Playstation 3 version. Congrats on reaching the funding on Kickstarer on the first day. Continue to make more games Igarashi-san!

  • I am interested in this game. Please, use shaders for a Guilty Gear effect. We don’t want a Mighty 9 graphically, please.

  • I’m interested,but the female lead looks pretty dam bad. I wish you could go back to the drawing board with her or at least offer another character to use off the bat.

  • Awesome news, game looks beautiful and I can’t to play it. Been wanting Konami to make a good 2D Castlevania, but it looks like this be alot better then what Konami could make.

  • So stoked! SotN is probably my favorite game of all time. The atmosphere, theme, music, etc…all blend together to make a FANTASTIC experience. I hope this comes close the the epicness that is SotN.

  • @30
    They have good 2d castlevania games. All on gba and ds.

  • @24 The article did not specify the game’s genre and the graphics look like manga so I made an assumption due to lack of information. What genre is it anyway?

  • @32
    I mean Konami hasn’t made a good sense then, which is a long time. Still like Castlevania SotN the most.

  • I’ve never usted Kickstarter, how does it work?

  • I can back this game. Hopefully I will have a PS4 by the time it is released.

  • Congrats Iga!! Very excited and cannot wait to play this on my PS4

  • Sony, when are you going to fix the Vitas that you broke with the 3.5 firmware update?

  • And now…retail copy!!

  • AWESOME! I backed this project and having been hoping it would reach the goal XD This looks amazing not to mention I loved Koji’s Castlevania titles :) I can not wait to play this.

  • This game will be siiiick. Hopefully the kickstarter gets to a million by the end of the day, today. I enjoyed the following interview:
    Thought you all might like to check that out.

  • Interesting game. I might as well keep an eye out on it.

  • This game will be sweet. Hopefully the kickstarter gets to a million $ by the end of the day, today.

  • Til when is the Kickstarter up for? I wanna pledge but broke at the moment.

  • there will be a version of vita?

  • I’ve waited too long for this. Welcome back IGA!

  • Please Iga, make a PS Vita Version for this wonderful game!!


    Above link is a two-hour look at the sotn development with the man of the hour. Good to see that the classics are being remembered and getting spiritual successors!

  • Yes, hopefully this comes to Vita some day soon. :)

  • Backed in the first hour. You have my whip, Iga-san.

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