TowerFall Dark World Expansion Coming May 12

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TowerFall Dark World Expansion Coming May 12

Today we can finally announce that Dark World, our expansion for 2014’s critically-acclaimed TowerFall Ascension, will launch May 12 on PS4! This huge DLC pack will sell for $9.99. We’re still working on the PS Vita version of TowerFall too — we’ll have more news about that soon!

TowerFall Dark World

When we set out to create an update for TowerFall, we didn’t expect to take it this far. What started as a single new level set with a new archer ballooned into 4 level sets, 10 archers, procedurally generated levels, a new co-­op mode, boss battles, new powerups, and more. The result is DLC that pushes every aspect of the game further in surprising and meaningful ways. No matter what you love about TowerFall Ascension, we want to give you more in Dark World.

One of my favorite additions are the new Trigger Arrows, a powerup that makes your projectiles behave like remote-­detonated mines. Plant them in walls or ceilings, wait for an unsuspecting enemy to run by, and send her to a fiery grave.

TowerFall Dark WorldTowerFall Dark World

If you play TowerFall you can probably already imagine how this opens doors to all kinds of tricks and tactics to outsmart your opponents. You can detonate trigger arrows mid­flight, or plant multiple around the stage to weave a precarious web of destruction. If your friends are clever, they might try to dodge through your well-­laid traps to defuse them and use them against you.

Versus mode remains the heart and soul of TowerFall, but it was important to us to continue exploring new ways to play. The new 4four-player Dark World mode feels very different from the old two-­player Quest mode from Ascension. You can revive your fallen teammates as you fight through the many stages of each Dark World portal, and every set is capped off with a unique boss battle.

The joy of taking down these hideous boss monsters with your friends is a satisfying counterpoint to the manic competition of Versus mode. You can also play this new campaign solo, or with any amount of players up to four.

I have to thank TowerFall players for your patience and support while developing this expansion. It took a bit longer than we were expecting but we’re thrilled with the result, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. Creating anything in the TowerFall universe has become a feedback loop where your ideas and reactions directly influence our creative process, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  • Another game that’s had its Vita version cancelled?

  • yeah i would like to know about the vita version and the price of this DLC

  • yeah, what’s the price?

  • Vita release?
    And why is there still no online? While new content is great, that wasn’t the reason why this game never got all the attention it deserved. Players don’t care if there’s a tiny bit of lag–They just want people to play with.

  • I took a look at the Towerfall blog ( and it looks like the extension is $9.99.

    The trailer does have the PS Vita logo, and the trailer was just compiled a few days ago (saw a tweet from the creator), so it’s likely either the PS Vita version will either be delayed a while and given a special launch, or released quietly (possibly on accident) the same day.

  • Hello Matt, I have a few questions:

    1- Will the Vita version launch before or on May 12th?

    2- if not, would this mean that the Vita version will include the Dark World expansion at launch?

  • @1 No, not cancelled, one of the first things they said was that they are still working on it, and more news on that soon! Not just “More news soon” but “soon!” the exclamation is usually not used, when giving bad news.

    I’m hoping the delay for Vita is so that the Vita TV will support Multi Player through Multiple Controllers. I would love to be able to grab a Vita T.V. and take it to someone’s house to play Towerfall. Would make me feel sad for people who bought the

    4 player co-op…

    I’ll probably be playing it 2 player, because 4 players means that many more “CRAP! You shot me!” moments XD then again reviving people… might be nice.

    Why does this game not have online? Probably because it’s made by (I think) just 1 person. Which is why Share Play exists. Give it a try please.

    He may or may not be working with Sony to get full online added, but that’s rather difficult to do right, and they are probably better off adding it in a post launch patch than at release, because if they do it at release and it doesn’t work well, they will probably get pegged more points off for the review than if they added it as a bonus feature free of charge later.

    Perception complicates things.

  • I meant to say that I felt sorry for people who bought an Ouya to play the game, if it supports Vita T.V. functions properly. Just cause I think Vita TV has better games.

    Unless you listen to the general public… Then it has no games, and every game that was going to come out has been cancelled, and Sony hates the Vita and is trying to drown it…

    If people spent half the time talking about how great the Vita is, rather than how everything is crashing and burning, I think the Vita would be in a much better place. People aren’t going to buy the Vita if all people are saying is negative things…

    If you want more games for Vita, and the Vita to be treated better, you have to be a positive voice in the Vita community, get more people excited about it, get them to want to buy it, get the Vita numbers up, so more people buy games, and then more devs will spend more time getting more games to the Vita and faster…

    But it’s not going to happen if every single blog post ends up with “Oh the Vita is getting shafted AGAIN” or “Oh ANOTHER game cancelled for the Vita” or “Oh we’re second class citizens the Vita is delayed AGAIN!”

    Gotta be supportive, not depressed over every little thing.

  • Sony, when are you going to fix the Vitas that you broke with the 3.5 firmware update?

  • PRICE – $9.99

    C’mon guys, it says the price right in the second sentence. Reading the article is a good way to answer your own question.

  • Will there be any type of discount for PS+ members??? I’ve got 6.51 left on my wallet …missing the 3.48 left for 9.99 :(

  • $10? Just lost interest.

    I was expecting $5, because that seemed a little much for what’s basically less than the “Ascension” expansion, but I doubted that it’d be free. I understand that you need money, Matt, but please do so through taking more fan’s complaints into consideration than bundling 10 new skins, 4 new areas, and a mode featuring only a fourth of the maps.

    I’m sad to say that I’m going to have to wait for the Dark World mode to either be expanded to include the rest of the levels, or for some kind of differentiating factor to be added to the characters. I didn’t find the original TowerFall to be worth $15, so I waited for Ascension to make the price fair. I’m a little disappointed that I’ll be doing that again.

  • Where’s the UFC Fight Pass on PS4?

  • Sadly the game is tainted by the Anita Sarkeesian character, adding this professional victim and blatant liar totally killed my enthusiasm for this new version of the game, sorry.

  • @14 did not know they were adding an archer loosely based on her until I actually did the research
    the game would draw so many more fans if you added an online experience. just saying

  • @12 Towerfall ascension is one of the few games that are worth their weight in gold, so to speak. The high quality, intense and precise gameplay, the retro feel, incredible multiplayer and challenging co-op could make this game worth easily $60. but it’s not, cheapskate, you should really support these kind of developers.

    The expansion is pretty much a bloated sequel, so much has been upgraded, expanded and improved, so $10 is an INCREDIBLE deal.

    This game has NOTHING to do with the bull**** indie games PS+ shoves down our throat month in month out

    PS. DAY ONE for me… and this is my first post ever on this blog :)

  • Oh man Anita Sarkeesian, Nope Nope Noooope, Staying Away I will not Support that person at all. MMG Inc I really hope you know what you are doing cause adding Anita Sarkeesian to the Game is not going to go well with the gamers she pissed off. Shame on You.

  • If you’re going to ding this game for Anita you are no better than Anita.

    You’re just going to add more fuel to that echo chamber of -OMG everyone hates us for no reason- that they are so fond of. If you hate Anita that much, just don’t play as the character.

    There are plenty of reasons to not like Anita.

    1. Get mad at her for playing on Xbox (where more people have more mics and more mics means more hateful individuals taking their pain out on you) and then complaining about how much hate she gets when she plays.

    2. Get mad at her for possibly not actually being a gamer, and even if she is a gamer, misrepresenting games (like hitman) by saying a game encourages you to beat up strippers, when it actually deducts points for that, and other lies.

    3. Get mad at her for posting criticism videos that she never does an update to (things like True Blood Season 2 criticisms but never comes back to talk about changes afterwards) which kinda makes her job pointless as a critic if she doesn’t revisit her criticisms.

    4. Get mad at her for profiting off of how much people hate her, and being a professional troll to an extent.

    But don’t take that anger out on a 1 man dev team for trying to be inclusive to EVERYONE

  • @15 they have an online experience built into the PS4 it’s called Play Share.

    However 1 man making an online engine that functions in a way you want it to, might not work.

    If you have someone with a bad connection the game can significantly slow down, get bogged down, glitch, have shivering characters…

    I wish people would say if they at least TRIED shareplay before complaining about no Online. Just so we can know if you ever actually tried the work around, or if you’re just complaining because you can, and you still wouldn’t buy or play the game even if it was added.

    Also you can Share Play with people who don’t even own the game…. so… try and it and report back!

  • I tried SharePlay the day it came out with TowerFall, was immensely disappointed by how horrible it worked, and then tried again after speeding my internet up by over ten times.

    Even if there wasn’t a 1-person limit, the other player still lacked a suitably good connection and had no desire to play with me.

    SharePlay is a fine demo tool, but it’s hardly fitting to argue that the game doesn’t need online because of it. I play the game more often than most probably do because my friends live relatively close, but adding more content instead of what most people were asking for just isn’t going to improve anything too much.

  • Thank-you Matt Thorson! This game is so epic with friends, it’s become our go-to competitive game and this expansion looks amazing!!!!

  • Hello, Matt. Please make TowerFall PSTV-compatible and supportive of ad-hoc local co-op multiplayer (multiple controllers and 1 PSTV system) whenever the Vita version is released. Thank you.

  • Awesome! We have a weekly group that comes over to play many different board games and video games, and we’ve played TowerFall probably about every other week since August! It’s just constant laughing and yelling; the best, so thank you!

  • I would love to play this, but will have to wait for a discount/sale.

  • @19 I wasn’t arguing that the game doesn’t need online because of share play. I was asking if it worked, how well it worked.

    Online is incredibly difficult to do. Especially in a combat game, especially in a frantic game like this. Until the community can build an online Mod, how do you expect Matt to make online by himself that people won’t be upset with? Online is incredibly difficult, and 3D rendered game usually have multiple methods that let them cheat. It’s hard to cheat on a game like this, without making people feel completely cheated.

  • I am super hyped for this but only because I have a consistent group of friends that come over every week to game and we play TowerFall a lot. With out online multiplayer though I think they are alienating this expansion at that price point. TowerFall as a whole just doesn’t stand out as a single player experience.

    Not complaining though I’m loving my PS4 right now for couch co-op HellDivers, TowerFall, Guacamelee, Borderlands, and soon Magicka 2. Keep those coming there is never enough.

  • Hell yes!!!!!!! I’ll be inviting a bunch of people over for an epic towerfall tournament!

  • So no pre-order discounts since this is not in the store yet? I will wait for a sale.

  • @20: Worked well when I used it. Not ideal, but you can get used to the latency in it. I did anyway, since I was the one playing with SharePlay, rather than natively.

    To me, it just proves that it would be workable online. If I can play fine with Share Play, there’s really no reason it shouldn’t have online.

    Regardless, not buying this expansion. Won’t support someone who supports a con artist.

  • I very rarely purchase DLC, but this seems like so much more! I can’t wait to load this game up and shoot some friends! Please keep us updated on the Vita version as well! I’d love to play such a great game on that console!

  • A date for Europe, please !!!

  • will the PS Vita version have Online Multiplayer?
    it better have =p

  • When is this comming to Euro stores? WTF??

  • @33

    Yea I too am pretty pissed at Matt saying “a few days later” and then after a WEEK we still haven’t got it, not even a release date. :(

  • Where is the Europe release date???

  • When is this released in the UK guys?! I thought it was a few days after the 12th! We are all itching to play it over here haha!

  • Kate_Likes_Seals

    Where’s release for UK? Not available to download on mine…

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