Arkham Insider Explores Design of Batman: Arkham Knight

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Arkham Insider Explores Design of Batman: Arkham Knight

We’re less than 46 days away from the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight — a number that all of us at Rocksteady are excitedly counting down as much as we hope all Batman fans are across the world.

We’ve been hard at work since the completion of Batman: Arkham City, conceiving and creating a game that raises the bar and delivers the next-gen Batman experience that our fans deserve.

Today, we’re here to share the announcement of a new weekly community show called “Arkham Insider.” We’ve been cape stunned by calls from across the Arkham community to know more about the finer details of Batman: Arkham Knight and to learn more about Rocksteady Studios, so we’ve created this new show in order to bring our fans what they’ve been asking for — more details, new gameplay, and a window into the world of Rocksteady Studios.

Arkham Insider Explores Design of Batman: Arkham Knight

In the first episode of Arkham Insider, we’re diving deep into our latest trailer “All Who Follow You”, with new details on the Dual Play system, how it feels to wear skin-tight spandex suits, and insights on the key narrative points in the trailer from Rocksteady’s Martin Lancaster (Lead Scriptwriter) and Adam Vincent (Senior Animator). You’ll also get a peek inside the studio kitchen during our milestone feast breakfast, a key point in development every month to review our progress on the game (and an opportunity to enjoy copious amounts of bacon and pastries!).

Over the course of the series, we’ll be showing you a whole lot more. You’ll hear directly from talented developers across the studio and more about the features they’ve been working on and how they come together to deliver the ultimate “Be The Batman” experience.

You can stay connected to the Arkham Insider series by subscribing to our official Batman Arkham YouTube channel, or following us on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know if you have any questions you’d like answered in the comments below!

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  • Sony, when are you going to fix the Vitas that you broke with the 3.5 firmware update?

  • that video look awesome. can’t wait to play Arkham Knight next month. i am glad that i already pre-order this from PSN Store

  • Psychoalphadisco

    Can’t wait to get the Arkham Knight ps4 bundle.

  • Pre-order culture must die.

  • Hopefully more people can get a PS4 because your options are slim to none. Not every next Gen game is coming to PS3.

  • @Sponge-worthy It will stop when you stop playing video games. And your just complaining because you don’t like it don’t get it problem solved.

  • @tusunami: That makes no sense. Playing video games is in no way the same as pre-ordering video games. Moreover, video games, as both a market and as a hobby, have been around much, much longer than the comparatively recent onset of the decidedly anti-consumer practice of pre-orders.

  • Get this you & everybody else that complain has there been a change? I thought so good luck with that.

  • I want the game but I am very patient person. If I wait a few weeks or even a month or two if I have to, then I can get a game much cheaper. I do it every year with Assassins Creed. They come out before the holidays. So if I wait till Black Friday, someone is going to put it on sale. I have been doing that and getting $60 games for about half price. With Arkham, I will wait a few weeks or a month and see if a local or online retailer puts it on sale to drum up more business. I can usually get a game like that and purchase all the DLC’s for the same if not less than the game cost pre-ordered.

  • Is it possible for two players to have a split screen where they are having their own missions at the same time? For example, one player is doing a mission while the other is on a different location doing another mission.

  • Thats pretty cool and all I love to see the Behind the Scenes of games.But for the love of decency have shame in your faces Rocksteady and low the price of that shameful robbery you guys are calling “season pass”.
    I used to support you guys because you are hands down the best multiplat devs and you always deliver top-notch quality in your Batman games also always a SP experience…I was willing to support you guys again getting the game on launch but this season pass is a complete disrespect with your fans.
    And dont come at me with “just dont buy it”…I always buy SP focused DLC.What a shame…I won’t support these practices cuz I know this will result in more devs doing it,I know this is viral…if they see that people buy then they’ll do it too.

    Got no choice but to wait for the GOTY edition…thanks for not letting me play the game on launch.

  • @ 8 tusunami – Wow way to be ignorant hu…its because of people like you that we get overpriced DLCs,content locked away from the game before release to be sold after as DLC and all the anti-consumer practices that we have nowadays.Good luck on being robbed of your cash…oh ma bad you don’t need luck.


    Wow The Witcher 3 this month then Batman Arkham Knight and E3 next month! Too much awesome in too little time!!!

  • SlaughteredNinja

    Will there be Batman avatars for PSN?

  • I just hope the Batman Arkham Knight season pass has $40s worth of content.

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