Toren Ventures Onto PS4 May 12th

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Toren Ventures Onto PS4 May 12th

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers! Along with developer Swordtales, we’re proud to announce that Toren will be heading to PS4 on May 12th! We’re also extremely happy to announce that we’re doing a special 10% discount for all PS Plus members for the first week of our launch.

Toren is the first adventure game from Brazilian indie developer Swordtales. You are Moonchild, destined to climb the tower (known as Toren) on a hauntingly solitary adventure to find your purpose. Over the course of our journey to debut on PS4, we have learned a ton about game development and we’d like to discuss the importance of growth and inspiration to both the game’s content as well as to its development.

In Toren, growth is an especially powerful idea, since you start the game as a small child and you have to learn how to walk, as well as how to interact with the world. As you progress through the game, Moonchild will age and grow up, learning new powers and abilities which, in turn, let you interact with the world in increasingly different ways.

By the same token, with the help of PlayStation and its support for indie games, we have also grown from being a group of starry-eyed hopefuls into full-fledged game developers — an incredible journey for the studio that has made everyone a little older and a little wiser (And a lot more sleep-deprived!).


Toren is also a game that came about as the result of inspiration. You’ll no doubt mark the similarities between our game and the classic PS2 adventure game Ico. Like that game, Toren features a beautiful, silent world to explore lacking an obvious narrator. The Swordtales team felt that this style of narrative and explanation fit our vision of what we wanted the game to be, while also infusing the game with a uniquely colorful look and feel that draws on the traditional artwork and mythology of Brazil.

And in the same way, we pushed through all those late-night coding and testing sessions by drawing great inspiration from both the input of fans — whose thoughtful feedback really spurred the team to move forwards — as well as from the opportunity to join the eclectic PS4 indie games library. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with fantastic indie developers like Klei Entertainment, Doublefine, and many more has been a great source of inspiration that has led us to constantly challenge ourselves to do better.


We’re very proud to be working with PlayStation and helping grow the video game culture of Brazil, as well as helping contribute to the PlayStation indie game culture. The PlayStation team’s indie-friendly approach and ability to work with us (even all the way down in South America) truly made this effort worthwhile, and we cannot express enough thanks to them. This is our first game and one of the few to come out of Brazil, but this will surely not be the last!

We encourage all of you to not only check out the game, but please get a conversation going with us! We truly enjoy your feedback (as it makes us better developers).

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  • Sounds exciting! I love indie games and I also love Brazilian culture. Sounds like a match made in heaven for me!

  • Looks quite nice. I’ll more than likely get it next week, depending on final price. Beautifully done art style!

  • Looks very good, and glad to hear about the 10% discount but ¿Whats the price going tobe?

    • We’re going to be at $9.99 full price – so the 10% discount during launch week would make it $8.99

  • Day 1 purchase. Been fascinated since i saw the first trailer a year ago. Looks like it will be a compelling story. Congrats to the devs for finishing. Looking forward to the inevitable next project.

  • Looks great! Can’t wait to play it.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Hey, Papo & Yo gave a little exposure to Brazil (even though it wasn’t developed there). There are some developers in South America, but very little to speak of in Brazil. Looks and sounds interesting is it a 3rd person game heavily dependent on narrative, I’m assuming combat is infrequent, anymore details on minute to minute gameplay?

  • Day-1 buy. As a Brazilian, I’ll surely support our local developers!!!

  • Think I”ll be checking this game out. Reminds me a bit of Child of Light which was my 2014 game of the year in my opinion.

  • wow looks really good. Very excited to play it.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Sony is the king of indies and diversity in games, I’m simply amazed at the work Adam Boyes and the entire team does with developer relations.

  • Happy to support you on day one. (sou mineiro de Belo Horizonte, afinal…)

  • Ooh yeah. Reminds me of Ico.

  • Love to hear such passion about working on a game. We hear a lot of PR-speak, corporate taglines, etc. in the games industry, so it’s very refreshing to hear from a team that is genuinely excited about a project, challenging themselves to always strive for more. Not that there aren’t other passionate devs out there, but you guys really show a lot of energy, potential, and also appreciation. It’s always good to remind myself that things are awesome.

    • Thanks – and we are truly excited. The Swordtales team along with publisher Versus Evil are both excited for a myriad of reasons as stated in the blog above!

  • Brazilian here. Congrats to the devs. Almost bought it on steam, will get it on ps4 now.

  • Saw it on Steam but i’m glad i waited! i’ll get this also :D

  • I really like the character growth concept. Welcome to the indie world wish you guys a ton of success.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Looks very interesting, but considering I have almost no idea what type of game this is it’s hard to commit. Love the idea of growing from a baby to a capable young adventurer, but other than it being like ICO idk what to expect. If it were on Vita I’d blindly buy day1.

    • It’s very inspired from Ico, but at it’s core – it’s an adventure game wrapped up with puzzles, some fighting, exploration, and learning about the world/story.

  • Holy cow. I love when games like this come practically out of nowhere and are out the very next week. And geez, 9 dollars? I’ll take three.

  • Cool they used the Dutch word for Tower as the title for the game :-)

  • Mas bah, tchê!

    I’m so proud to see more and more brazilian developers debuting on PlayStation. I gotta confess I was a little skeptical when I first saw Toren back in 2011. It’s great to see the game has matured and I can’t wait to play it. It’s also great to see Lei Rouanet being put to good use :)

    Great work, guys!

  • What kind of gameplay are we looking at for the combat? I can’t really tell if it is like Hack n’ Slash or something slower.
    Looks incredible and I’m excited to experience this story!

  • Any chance of a playable demo? it looks interesting and at that price point its almost a guaranteed purchase, but a Demo would truly rock my world.

  • Ico was one of my favorite titles back in the day, so I’m looking forward to this. Much love to South America! I can’t wait to further explore more countries on my next vacation.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    It’s so nice to see game development spreading throughout the entire world, it’s no longer only the west and Japan developing all the worth while games. Seeing how strong Europe has become outside of the UK has been tremendous, with newcomer Machine Games (Sweden) and amazing companies in Ukraine (4a), Poland (cdpr), Germany (deck13), Spain (Merc Steam, Tequila Works). With developers in Brazil and Chile these are very exciting times for game development. It really diversifies the field and no longer is it limited to fps and jrpg.

    • Indeed – along those same lines – it’s great to see talented people (throughout the world) get their chance to shine!

  • Looks really good! $9.99 seems to be a steal!

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Will there be a platinum trophy? Approximately how long is an average play through?

    • There isn’t a platinum trophy – the average playthrough is between 3-5 hours depending on what you do and how you play adventure games. (also depends how quickly you can solve certain puzzles)

  • Looks excellent Lance & the starting price makes this a DEFINITE day 1 for me. Looking forward to it.

  • Why haven’t I heard of this game before today? Thank you for giving me something to play this month besides Omega Quintet(which came out last month but takes ages to finish lol)

    This game sounds like a great experience and i look forward to reviewing and hopefully streaming it.

  • Brazilian here…

    Very nice graphics game, btw the inspiration in such a master piece like Ico leaves a very good first impression.

    Pre-ordering ………..

    Greetings to all the team.


  • As an argentinian I shouldn´t buy this, but I´m gonna betray my country and get it anyway :p

    I really dug the trailer and that is one sweet a$$ price, even more with the 10% discount.

    • Thanks :) The team has worked incredibly hard on Toren and we think Gamers are in for a great surprise!

  • Who needs the last guardian. This game looks awesome, can’t wait!

  • A decade from now when you guys become the world renouned devs you are destined to be I’ll be able to say I was there at the beginning. I’ll be getting Toren Day-1.

  • Damn I’m perplexed…a game comin outta brazil?…thats some huge news.I think I’ve heard of this game before and it looks great…the concept and all looks pretty good,I will give it a try but it would be nice to have a demo.Anyway I won’t get it at launch but definitely getting it later.Also the game looks neat…good job.

    Mt loko.

  • This game looks excellent, day one buy for sure. I work at gamestop so I’m gonna push this game all week! Thank you for working so hard to bring us a quality indie. Thank you for remembering the fans and making it $10. Thank you Sony for knowing how to find the diamonds of the world.

    • Thank you for the kind words – just remember that while Sony was a huge help in making this happen, it’s also our publisher – Versus Evil – that helped too!

  • This looks positively spectacular! I am very excited for this game’s release. Great work Swordtales!

  • Can’t wait to play this one! It’d be cool if you guys could make a spinoff game or something like that for Vita. It doesn’t often get many big 3D titles.

    That said, I don’t want to take away from this release! Congratulations, guys!

  • I was at the Brazil Game Show and I think I recall seeing something of Toren over there. I tried to talk to as many local developers as I could, but I don’t think I was able to actually talk to the guys from Swordtales. I regret that even more now! :-)

    I’m very happy to see this coming to PS4, and it will be a Day-1 purchase for me as well! Good luck!

    • Indeed – we were at BGS. Sad we couldn’t chat – but hopefully this is the start of something bigger and better for Swordtales!

  • This looks really cool. Plus, we have a female main character (aren’t enough of them, IMO). Also, supporting upcoming countries of game development and it will be only $9 for PS+ members?! Yeah, I’ll buy this day one.

  • Looks really cool. This is definitely the year for adventure games on PlayStation! (Grim Fandango, Broken Age, Day of the Tentacle, King’s Quest, …)

    I think the investment Sony has made in South American devs is really fantastic, and most of the games that have come out of that program have been great.

    PS: Speaking of Papo y Yo, is a PS4 version coming?

  • Looks good, too bad it’s digital only. Will play on PC.

  • Wow this looks incredible!! Day one for me!!

  • This looks incredible! And the fact that this game is going to cost only $10 is even more incredible! Guys, I’m excited!!!!

  • I loved the trailer! Day1 for me, not because Im a brazilian, but cause it looks my kind of game! Great art style, I dont know why, but some vistas remind me of Journey!

  • thesamuraiman_PS

    This looks amazing. Seriously. I would love to buy it day one, but money is a bit tight at the moment. I’ll be picking this up as soon as I can though! I’ve had my eye on this game for a few months now.

  • I caught the trailer for this on IGN over the weekend, saw the PS4 logo and the May 12th release date and was like “wha?”
    Now that you’re here on the Blog and it’s all official, I’m really excited. This game looks amazing. Will definitely be buying this Day One.

  • SedilesAstaroth

    Does it have platinum trophy?

  • @40 its not on PC im glad its not way you saying makes me think you just going to pirate get for free so HAHAHAH on you

  • im going to buy just cant use my money in case theres motherday flash sale

  • What the average play through time? This game looks great! I’m excited to get it!

  • ^Never mind I found it in the above comments, must have missed it

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