Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Shows Off on PlayStation Underground

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Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Shows Off on PlayStation Underground

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our online show about video games! Today, we go underground with Skullgirls: 2nd Encore, a spectacular fighting game with a ton of personality that’s coming to PS4, and PS Vita soon after.

I crash on the couch with Lab Zero Games Designer Earl Gertwagen, who decimates me with the newest characters coming to the Skullgirls roster. These up-and-coming fighters include a wrestler inspired by Old English epic poetry, and a robotic cat girl. Truly, few fighting game lineups have quite this much flavor.

Join Earl and I as we play just about 20 minutes of 2nd Encore on PS4, discussing everything from game balance to developer easter eggs. What does a fighting game built by fighting game fans really look like? Watch below!

Let me know what you think in the comments, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show.

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  • Does anyone know if we buy it for the PS4 will it also unlock all the DLC for the PS3?

  • @1

    No, it doesn’t. Devs have confirmed a couple of times that this is in no way a cross buy title.

  • Hey Ryan,

    If I’m not mistaken, this is also coming out on the PS3 also. That was according to the Developers post a couple weeks ago. That may have changed since then though.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Again, no Vita tag. I get that you want to push PS4, but the amount of times Vita just gets ignored by Sony is ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another company so apathetic towards it’s own thing. It’s really disheartening as a fan of the platform.

  • madmanwithabox12

    “coming to PS4, and PS Vita soon after.”

    This again? New N Tasty, Bastion, Mighty Number 9, Axiom Verge, Skullgirls. This is getting tiresome, especially considering there will probably be minimal to no advertisement or coverage when the Vita versions of these games actually come out. =/

  • @madmanwithabox12 I had the same feeling when I read “Vita soon after”. I still enjoy my Vita, but it is becoming quite common and slightly annoying to see Vita projects getting delayed releases (and this is on top of a system firmware update that has rendered some games unplayable).

  • @madmanwithabox12 Screw Sony. They didnt even bother with unlocking all ps one classic for Vita. I regret buying Freedom Wars and Tearaway day one, its not like they’re making any new Vita games anyway.

  • To everyone who wonder why Vita releases get delayed:

    Do you rather want a Polished Version of the game or do you want a rushed, bugged and unoptimized version of the game?

    pick one.

  • I once had respect for Skullgirls and its devs but now they’re recyling the game for PS4…how many versions do they plan to release?…..this is shameful.

  • madmanwithabox12

    @al2009man: So these Vita versions shouldn’t be announced until the devs are actually confident they can deliver the product and at a high standard of quality. What happened with MN9 was ridiculous, how could they ONLY JUST have realised they’d have trouble with making a Vita version when they announced it over a year ago?

  • @madman2009man They are delivering a high quality product, it’s just not coming out simultaneously. Why complain anyway, it’s crossbuy so you’ll get the Vita version eventually. And chalk that up to MN9’s inept team, not all devs.

    So is this game crossplay between Vita-PS3 or Vita-PS4?

  • As long as the vita version is well polished, etc. I don’t mind a little bit of an extra wait. I’m just thankful Lab Zero is bringing it to Vita at all.

    Also @Ryan does this mean we’ll be seeing Playstation Underground episodes on a weekly basis?

  • Did i miss the release date? All I heard was June. I want the exact date please.

  • I’ve always thought Skullgirls looked like a cool series. Not really into fighting games but who knows, this might pull me into the genre the same way “Gran Turismo 5” did with racers. ;)

    PS., Since PlayStation Underground is back now, does that mean we can expect Maggie to return as well? Enjoyed her personality from the PS1 to early PS2 era. She was like another official, unofficial PlayStation mascot. :)

  • @9 Welmosca

    I don’t understand your issue with the releases.

    The first version was pulled because Konami is having some sort of mid life crisis.

    The second version had like 8 characters or so, and they released DLC characters for free at first, and then charged if you weren’t interested enough in the series to grab them while they were free. You also got the second game FOR FREE if you bought the first version, to make up for the trouble Konami caused.

    Then they created 2 games on PC architecture for PS4 and Vita, with all the DLC there, and cross-buy with each other, and gave it the number 2, in order to try and keep confusion down to a minimum. I mean devs have to eat, and doing SOME cross-buy and full cross-play is way better than other games where they just expect you to pay $40-60 per game.

    So what exactly do you have an issue with?

  • @10 madmanwithabox12

    @ 11 Shadowbhiemes

    I have to assume you guys have NO IDEA what’s going on, because I’d hate to assume you’re too stupid to understand. So I’ll explain it so you don’t make the mistake again.

    They did Kickstarter funding. The Vita version was a STRETCH goal. People were actively working towards donating in order to GET the Vita version, so it’s absolutely silly to sit there and call the devs inept, and say that they shouldn’t have announced ahead of time… when it was a reward… that… people donated… for…

    You understand right? You kinda have to announce a version of an in progress game if you ask for enough donations to get enough money to put in extra development for that extra version… Unless you think that devs shouldn’t even bother setting up goals Vita… Which sounds a bit overboard.

  • @16 I’m calling the MN9 inept because the gameplay/art style looks terrible and so it wouldn’t surprise me if they asked for less than they ended up needing. Please, devs like Molyneux get their budgeting wrong all the time, they’re not immune to it.

    If you’re talking about Skullgirls, I was in no way criticizing it and just saying that people shouldn’t complain about a Vita port being later since it will hopefully be optimized well and they’re getting it for free with cross buy anyway.

  • Don’t be so condescending by the way. We’re just people posting on a blog entitled to our opinions.

  • I’d have to agreed with @MakaiOokami

    especially with 2014 being one of the worst years of gaming. people would be happy to see game’s get delayed in order to get a polished game. or else you’ll be getting a Assassins Creed: Unity/Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

    it was a perfect time to mention AC: Unity. why? because Xbone/XBO version runs great while PS4 version runs poorly. imagine if Skullgirls runs great on PS4 but poorly on PS Vita?

    it’s easy. they didn’t have time to optimize it.

  • Hey Ryan just wanted to let you know that this video is the reason I immediately went to the PS store and bought Skull Girls Encore while it was on sale for Golden Week. I instantly fell in love with the art style and you two made it look like loads of fun. Thank you so much and keep Playstation Underground alive!!!!!!

  • @20 DinoCap666 – And be sure to grab the Beowulf DLC character while it’s still free (he’s free for three months total, as likely will be Robo-Fortune, if it’s not just added to everyone’s).

  • @ Shadowbhiemes

    I had to be condescending because of

    “So these Vita versions shouldn’t be announced until the devs are actually confident they can deliver the product and at a high standard of quality. What happened with MN9 was ridiculous, how could they ONLY JUST have realised they’d have trouble with making a Vita version when they announced it over a year ago?”

    They announced that version because… They said they’d make it if they raised X amount of money, and they raised far over X amount of money. So of course they had to develop it so of course they had to announce it early. They can’t do anything else.

    Your criticisms of Mighty No. 9 and how it looks. I can’t really argue with you on that. Not because I agree with you in any way shape or form but because art is subjective. People want the spiritual successor to Megaman by the game’s creator. I’m not sure what you want.

  • ImAPirateSoSueMe

    How about a release date?

  • Release date?

  • I have this game for PS3 why not sell us some new DLC please?

    As for the PS4 version, the game looks vanilla 2D. I would have loved to see a 3D effect much like what Guilty Gear X accomplished for next gen.

  • @25 – they’re not selling new DLC for the PS3 – they’re GIVING IT AWAY. Seriously, what are you complaining about on that front? Beowulf just came out a couple weeks ago, for free, and it looks like “robotic cat girl” will be heading our way as well (and that’s after Big Band and whatever the others were came out after the initial release, all for free). Sure, they could churn out 100 characters and environments (and charge for each one), but not with the same quality.

    I’m not a fan of fighters, generally, but I find myself going back and playing this (on some of the easier difficulties) to play through all the character stories. No, they’re not deep, engaging, fully-developed stories – they’re cutscene narrations in a fighting game – but they’re well done and surprisingly entertaining. The gameplay is great (for a novice, at least – I’ll let the truly competitive fight fans evaluate that more completely). The art style is incredible, the narration and other audio is fun, the game just has a lot of character. I’ve had a lot of fun with this title even though it’s not generally my thing.

  • @FeistFan Not to hate on you, but all of the characters and DLC were free for a limited time. Which was still pretty awesome, especially since I did not pay for 2nd Encore since I already had bought the original day one. I will buy the PS4 version as well.

    The main issue here is time and money. These guys had to depend on Kickstarter to fund the original release and then worked with Konami to bring out the game originally. A second company later helped and they used Kickstarter again to help bring new content to the game as well.

    I feel they are capable of releasing a triple A title. It is just a matter of getting the right funds and having the time needed to do so.

  • It takes some time to make a full 1080p console game for a standard definition portable console. They also have to reduce the game’s size to fit on the Vita’s memory card.

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