Ultratron Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita on May 12th

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Ultratron Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita on May 12th

Hi. It’s Simon Byron from Curve Digital, and I’m here to tell you that Ultratron is coming to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita on May 12th. Also, I’m here to tell you what it’s like to be the oldest person alive.

I was born in the 70s, which is a decade that no one really remembers because it was pretty grim. Genuinely, I struggle to think of anything good that happened during that time — it was broadly rendered in black and white, and the weather had the default setting of miserable.


Things improved dramatically in the following decade. Color was discovered, for example. It was the decade of shoulder pads, big hair, linen trousers, and soft rock. It’s tempting to look back and laugh at People From The 80s, but many things we enjoy now can be traced back to that period.

Particularly video games. The 1980s were the years that the video game arcades rose to prominence. Initially popping up on seaside towns, these imposing machines were worshiped by teenagers, drawn towards them with pockets full of change.

Compared to now, these arcade cabinets were technically limited, meaning designers learned to innovate, creating stunning games within basic hardware confines. A modern-day doorbell probably has more oomph than some of the games back then.

But what they lacked in visuals, they more than made up for in gameplay. We all have our favorites — but surely one game which has the ability to transport anyone of — ahem — a certain age back in time is Robotron 2084.


Looking at screenshots of Robotron 2084 these days, it’s impossible to appreciate the sense of terror created by that particular cabinet. It popularized the twin-stick control scheme now used widely across a range of games and genres. Those who managed to digitally carve their initials into the high score tables were truly gods among teenagers.

I could not tell you how much I spent on Robotron. But every single coin was worth it. Ultratron — which is out globally on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita (cross buy) on May 12th — is what happens when you take the spirit of Robotron but update it for the PlayStation generation.

The last human has been slain by evil killer robots. You are the one remaining humanoid battle droid. Your mission: avenge the human race. Boost your battledroid with power-ups, buy cute but deadly pets in the shop. Blast your way through 40-plus glowing neon levels, avoiding Chasers, Turrets, Spawners, Minelayers, bombs, and bullets, and take on the four giant boss ‘bots of the Apocalypse:” Leiunitas, Bellum, Lues, and Letum.


Whilst the core old-school gameplay remains, Puppygames has brought the genre bang up to date, with a host of unlocks and upgrades designed to keep players challenged way into the night. The visuals are hypnotic — modern, with a retro twist. There’s even a simulated CRT screen curve designed to mimic the displays of the era, which were the opposite of high definition.

Ultratron will be available on all PlayStation formats on May 12th. We hope you enjoy being transported back in time — without the risk of accidentally splitting your parents up.

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  • Looks like a cool game. I love twin-stick shooters so Ill definitely be trying this one out.

  • Can you please confirm if this is PlayStation TV Compatible? Thanks.

  • Those looks really cool. Shooters were the things that got me into a video games to begin with and to have a game that brings me back is a welcome change. It’s funny I was just watching Tron Legacy a few days ago so it really reminded me of that. Will there be a soundtrack to unlock?

    Plus since its cross buy I definitely play it on my commute during finals week on Vita. Nice job Curve Digital.

  • Read that as Ultron

  • It’s good to know there’s SOMETHING coming out next month to be interested in. It’s such a dry month overall.

  • Simon, I was born in 1975 and I still remember playing Pong on a 13 in. black and white tv with my older brother. We cut a lot of yards back in the day and we got to experience most of the consoles from the Atari 2600 to present. I wish you the best of luck on this game. Looks like something I will be playing on my Vita (at work, shhhhhh).

  • looks like Titan Attacks inside a Stealth Inc boss battle stage. Awesome.

  • Classic… A subway ride in NY just got that much more bearable…

  • It’s nice to see some developers still supporting the PS3. There’s still more PS3 gamers than PS4 and if you can make a game on the PS4 and Vita you can also make it on the PS3.

  • Im with you, man. Along with millions of other PS3 users.
    Suddenly we are completely forgotten.
    Cant believe they skip PS3 with all them smaller games, cant be that hard to port those to PS3 if know how good AAA games we had. Now is the perfect time to make many smaller games for PS3.

    Looking forward to Ultratron. Nothing beats old-school.

    Btw, Simon Byron, you arent that old, plenty of gamers in 40s here, trust me. We know how to appreciate good game better then youngsters today.
    Keep it up, man.

  • Didn’t Ultratron come out in 2005? So is this a remake? Reboot? Remaster?

  • Buy it now for $1 on xbox 360…

    Hope you guys price match for our sakes on PSN May 12th.

  • OMG! This is Fantastic. I’ve been gaming since the collecvision and atari generation and If this is anything like Robotron 2084 or Robotron X (PS One – 1996)…*hint!, *hint!…, I will be ecstatic. Now that is a game this generation needs on the PS Store prontoI I have longed to play those games in years, but utilizing today’s tech. I’m sure the outcome will be grand! Can’t wait!

  • As soon as I saw the first screen shot, I hoped this was a spiritual successor to Robotron 2084.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one!

  • Ha!

    Just did a little more research, you guys also did work on Titan Attacks, Revenge of the Titans, and Droid Assault. Loved all of ’em!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Been waiting for this one.

    Yes, the 80s were indeed the best.

  • younginflavor18

    I am considering to give this game a shot since I watched a gameplay video of it on YouTube.

    I think it looks very interesting because of the 8-bit/16-bit design and old-school gaming vibe.

  • Yes I remember the 80’s well. The game back then were simple yet fun. Games back in the 80’s have everything to do with the controller. Graphically it aint much, but the controllers were ingenious. One that endure to this day is the twin stick shooter. Who remembers super smash TV? I love it. I love super stardust and other games like it today. Robotron was one of my favorite back then. But in todays world we live in the HD era, where if it aint 1080p 60f then we’re not impress. Although I love the twin stick shooter, it doesn’t have to be retro for me to love it. And if not done right, I would really hate it. I mean I am so sick of “retro” as an excuse, a crutch for indies to go on. This game better be awesome or I’ll hate it.

    Well I just went ahead and check out the youtube video on this game. I must say that it’s not my type of game. Visually, it’s hard to see, very unfriendly to people who have eye troubles and color problems. Second, even though I love the simulated vector graphics….I find the enemies very basic and “ascii” character like. I mean we used to play LCD games that moved like that and to make my 400 dollar game machine do such basic graphics is…well, insulting the PS4.

  • Another thing, games that can’t stand on it’s own tend to play with our nostalgia. Many times I think back and I want to convert my old 400 dollar old computer to a mame arcade machine, then I actually play the games and I thought, man, what the hell was I thinking. Few games would make me want to build a machine. They may be good back then, but they pale in comparison to todays games. For every game you loved then, there’s a game available now that are better. So why even try to emulate something that old? Use todays technology to make today’s game. Inspiration…good, copy, bad.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    NxP3 on May 4th, 2015 at 10:08 pm said: “to make my 400 dollar game machine do such basic graphics is…well, insulting the PS4.”

    There’s no insult. Just because the horsepower is there doesn’t mean it absolutely must be used every time. The game is meant to be a homage to Robotron. What do you expect it to look/play like? I watched those videos too and it looks just fine. And fun. For a few bucks, it’s a nice little time-killer.

    “But in todays world we live in the HD era, where if it aint 1080p 60f then we’re not impress”

    Personally, 60fps/1080p means nothing to me. When it comes to gaming, FUN is what makes me tick.

    “They may be good back then, but they pale in comparison to todays games. For every game you loved then, there’s a game available now that are better.”

    Nah. The classics never die. The new games are just different, not necessarily “better”.

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