The Escapists Launches on PS4 June 2nd

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The Escapists Launches on PS4 June 2nd

Hello again, PlayStation.Blog readers! Along with independent developer Mouldy Toof, we’re thrilled to let you know that The Escapists will be heading to PS4 on June 2nd!

The award-winning, sandbox, prison-escape game features 6 uniquely themed prisons to escape from. Escaping won’t be easy, though. You’ll have to work around the strict prison schedule and avoid the unwanted attention of guards!

The Escapists

You’ll need some cash to put your plan into action. Get a prison job or perform favor requests for your fellow inmates to earn those vital funds. You can then use them to barter with traders for tools and crafting supplies. Just make sure you find a good hiding place for your stash and pay attention during roll call to avoid cell shakedown — you wouldn’t want to lose that coveted shovel you’ve worked so hard to gather and craft!

Once you’ve tried your hand at all 6 prisons, you can even try to escape from one of the most famous prisons in the world with the Alcatraz DLC prison! Many have tried to escape, many have failed. Now is your chance to add your name to this list of “famous”‘ escape attempts as you try and escape from one of America’s strongest prisons.

The EscapistsThe Escapists -- Alcatraz DLC

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary has been rebuilt in The Escapists. Master the daily routine, plan your strategy, and execute your very own Alcatraz escape!

The Escapists will be available to download on PS4 on June 2nd for $19.99 The Alcatraz DLC prison will be available for just $2.99.

Thanks as ever for reading! We can’t wait to hear your glorious tales of escape!

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  • Yay!! Been waiting for this ! Thanks obama!

  • Looks like a great game. Any plans for a Vita version? Don’t have a PS4 yet, and this looks like a perfect game for a handheld.

  • This will be a PS Plus game…so I am looking forward to it.

  • I own a PS4, but would rather play this on the Vita. Please port it to the Vita (Cross Buy, Cross Save) and I will buy it.

  • Thats a good news.

  • Do the guards put you in varies execution rooms if caught?

    • Michael Shillingford

      Haha! Appropriate username there death_nation100!

      Without the intention of disappointing you, there is nothing as grim as death or executions in The Escapists. A bit of comedy cartoon violence! When caught doing something naughty, the guards will liberally apply a baton to your face.

      Get caught doing something REALLY naughty and they’ll send you to solitary.

      …after liberally applying a baton to your face of course.


  • This game looks awesome (what a neat concept)! I’m looking forward to checking this out.

  • Orange is the New Black expansion pack?

  • Price is ridiculous. Day one DLC is asinine when there are only six stages.
    I have a feeling it will be on plus day one. Which will also suck because i dont want to play it.

  • Perfect right on my birthday i should get a free Dynamic theme for my purchase if its available for preload

  • I know that there’s no plan for Vita, but please consider make a Vita version in the future! This game would looks great (and play great) on Vita!

  • The Concept looks very interesting. But i would love to test this one out through a Demo. Too bad Demo’s aren’t really a thing anymore.

  • Way Overpriced If you indie devs want sales you’re going to have to start lowering your prices.

  • I would as well also like to say please consider bringing The Escapists to the PlayStation Vita. It does look like it would be perfect to play on the Vita. :)

  • Please do kindly consider a ps vita port for this awesome game! We will surely buy it!

  • Eh no Vita support? Darn, not sure if I’ll get it anymore. Indies play great on the Vita.

  • This looks freaking awesome. It’s an rpg prison simulator I guess? SICK!
    So…first Tuesday in June. Free for psplus perhaps hmmm? Would be amazing! :D

  • I will also pledge for a Vita version :D

  • @yowzagabowza (@9)

    Although I’d usually agree with you about the stupidity of DLC being available on the launch date, I have a slightly different opinion of it because this is a port. On PC, the game is packaged exactly the same way, and, at least as far as I can tell, released the game first, then added DLC after release.

    Also, for all those criticizing the price, how do you determine what something is worth? I understand it maybe costs more than the average indie, but many of the reviewers on Steam have logged 30+ hours on this game, with one reviewer I saw having played 73 hours! I can’t help but feel that’s worth $20, and it’s certainly a better dollar-per-hour rate than most $60 AAA titles.

  • I’d be tempted if it was on Vita. Not on PS4. If I’m going to bother turning on my PS4, I’ll play Bloodborne, DriveClub, or The Witcher 3–not a pixelated indie game.

    Given the release date, there’s a chance it’ll be PS+, in which case I would like the devs to know I downloaded it in the off-chance it comes to Vita in the future and is cross-buy, so count that as a Vita sale, not PS4. Gotta let devs know games sell on Vita, too…

  • I agree with Blaine. Having all 3 currently supported Playstation consoles, I would be interested in this only if it launched on Vita. This is not a PS4 caliber title graphically… & I am not even the kind of person who really cares too much about graphics. When it is a 16-Bit looking game though… that just seems like a waste of my PS4.

  • After seeing Jacksepticeye play this I’ve been dying to give it a shot myself so this is awesome news :) I agree with above posters that a vita version would be awesome especially with cross save but a good game is a good game and Ill happily play it on my PS4 ^^

  • Can you guys make stranded deep for ps3 and ps4. Plz

  • Also mouldy roof can you make this game ( the escapists ) for ps3 because everyone forgot about us

  • I mean mouldy toof. Sorry

  • younginflavor18

    Sounds like an interesting game worth playing after its release date.

  • What will this game be rated? E or T?

  • I’ll just echo what a lot of other people are saying… VITA.

  • R3NEGADE_DaVe101

    this game is a 7+ or to you yanks, an “E” rating…

    haha that’s it, teaching little 7 year olds to make a sock mace with a bar of soap and a sock lol

    In all honesty I really don’t think I would let a 7 year old kid play a game where the sole purpose is to escape from a prison by any means necessary. Sure its pretty light hearted but its also a game for adults… should be AT LEAST a 12+

  • I’m here ’cause of jacksepticeye, so what I’m saying, bring subnautica to PS4!!!!!!!

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