PlayStation Blogcast 163: The Rohde to Battlefront

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PlayStation Blogcast 163: The Rohde to Battlefront

Hello and welcome to a genuine megashow! Today, we talk with the Senior Producer on Star Wars Battlefront, chat with our good friend (and Sound Shapes buff) Scott Rohde, and we even discuss a few movies for good measure. There’s almost too much content for one episode, but we did it anyway! Tune in, and enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Scott Rohde’s Shirt
  • Sound Shapes
  • Shovel Knight
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Under the Skin
  • Bounce Castles

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The Cast

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  • Enjoy the show!

  • Not to make you or the others jealous or anything, Ryan, but I just got the platinum for Shovel Knight last night. :D Such a fun game.

    • Justin Massongill

      You got the Platinum?! That’s INSANE. So you beat the game without dying, and you beat the game in less than 1:30:00. Absolute madness. Congrats!

  • Thanks for another great show guys! Glad to have Scott Rhode back on again. I’ve been waiting years for a new Battlefront so super excited about that coming out!

  • verrrrrry, verrrry good show.

  • Sadly Sound Shapes is one game that I have never tried. Maybe after listening to the Blogcast I will check it out. I do have one question but it probably won’t get answered. Will we ever see Grand Theft Auto San Andreas HD with trophies on the PS3? That other console got so I was hoping to see it on the PSN.

  • Oh that’s what those bouncy-housey-things were <– Boy, From Nobi Nobi Boy

  • No longer interested in Battlefront, I’d prefer to play Star Wars 1313 as apposed to a Star Wars multiplayer. Mp only games can get mindless and redundant, I’d prefer to experience an fps with incredible storytelling such as Wolfenstein the New Order, Metro 2033, or even the Darkness series.

  • Nick should sing more Eddie Money. (I need more cowbell)

  • pretty dissapointed there was no mention of KUF: 2 closed beta articles this month, missed out on that, but it only lasted a few days so no biggie, soo I’ll be waiting for The Division, and PS4’s The Wild news ;)

  • Nice, another episode with Scott Rohde. Can’t wait to give it a listen!

  • Hopefully PS Music will be getting an RSS feed for PS4 and Vita Soon.

    Otherwise, great topic, I am am very excited to hear this episode.

  • Great talk with Scott and very cool episode overall.

  • Gratz on the XIV static, Justin! I’m still stuck on T5.. DF just can’t cut it and don’t have enough friends on to form our own :(

    • Justin Massongill

      Thank you! We had an insane inaugural run: we warmed up with T1-5 Wednesday, then last night we did T6-7 followed by all the Extreme primals except Garuda and Ifrit. Very happy with the group I’m running with — we’ll see if we start to get frustrated with each other now that we’re at the really hard stuff. @_@

  • See, KBG29 might be referring to the RSS feed under Network on PSP. It’s how I usually listen to this show. I think he wants it on PS4 and/or Vita.

    Btw, great show as usual fellas :)

    I don’t have any unique feedback this week, too pumped about Ultron to put effort into anything else. lol. No offense, of course.

  • You guys are killing it with these guests!

    Oh, and Rohde blogcasts = Best blogcasts

  • israelpacheco89

    “I adore all of it”…”I’ve never played any of his games” hahaha Sid had me dying when he said that about Tim Schafer…great show guys! Always great to hear Rohde on the show…looking forward to checking out Battlefront in November :)

  • ohhh my gosh plz come out for ps3 dont skip us i remember playin battlefront 1 and 2 on the ps2 plz dont skip us

  • No offense to the four of you, but you need to convince Rhode to become a regular as well. He is so good at explaining how/why games are fun. A lost art in games journalism now a days.

  • Also, why am I the only one who is concerned about battlefront? I love me some star wars, and am totally stoked for the return of (hopefully) good movies, but Battlefield 4 was a disaster, and was never really fixed. Also, no single player mode feels incomplete. Finally, it’s never a good thing when a game deadline has to line up with a movie launch. It’ll be a must buy if it delivers on day one, but my expectations are bottom of the sarlac pit low.

  • augusto_recordon

    Another great show! I was so looking forward for this game. After the trailer was release along with some more information, I’m sure I won’t waste my money on a reskin of Battlefield 4. I think EA and DICE really dropped the ball here.

  • augusto_recordon

    Btw, why everybody avoids talking about Project Cars? It’s one of the big games and it’s being released next week. XBox made it available like 10 days ago, however nobody is getting concrete information about PS4 and if we’ll be able to pre-order. The lack of information is very discouraging and insulting.

  • bruh the ps store is down for so long whats happening when im on it it says under maintainece is it hacked!

  • Just wanted to say, to the listener who asked that question about songs associated with games – Running Up That Hill is an incredible song. Good taste!

  • Great show as usual guys!
    This big set of recent interviews has been great!
    Ryan teased a little something about The Dark Tower and then it never came to fruition. I’d LOVE to hear more about your thoughts of the books and possible film adaptation.

  • Hey guys!
    Since Neil Gaiman is one of my absolute favourite authors, I felt I should chime in with the correct pronunciation. It’s “Gaym’n”.
    Here’s a link to his website where he clears it up for anyone confused….like that friend of Sid’s. ;)
    Great show as always! Thanks for the endless entertainment!

  • PS…. my name “DeliriumsFrogs” is a Sandman reference (Neil Gaiman). Remember that panel where Delirium gets bored and decides to create frogs of various colours? I think it might be from “Brief Lives” Chapter 3…… :D

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