LittleBigPlanet 3: Adventure Time Level Kit Out This Week

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LittleBigPlanet 3: Adventure Time Level Kit Out This Week

The ever-adventurous Sackboy embarks on an adventure like no other this week when he finds himself transported to the Land of Ooo in the Adventure Time Level Kit.

You will encounter many other characters from the Cartoon Network animated series — and will even be able to find all sorts of goodies to pick up and add to your ever-expanding collection of creative goodies in your Popit.

The Adventure Time Level Kit features a playable Gallery Level containing:

  • 16 Materials, 4 Objects, 25 Decorations, 81 Stickers to design with!
  • 2 Original Music tracks (“A Blip and a Bubble”, “Manlorette Party”), 1 Interactive Music track (“Zombie Loop”) and 3 Cinematic Stingers (“Tragedy of Jake”, “Level 1” and “Distortion Dirge”) by original Adventure Time composer, Tim Kiefer.
  • Land of Ooo Level Background
  • A Bonus Fionna Costume

All of these items are just waiting to be found by your Sackboy or Sackgirl to bring back to LittleBigPlanet!

Your Adventure Time experience just wouldn’t be complete without being able to pick up some brand new costumes and our latest costume pack will fill your Popit with five new costumes for Sackboy, OddSock, Toggle, and Swoop featuring some of your favourite Adventure Time characters.

LittleBigPlanet: Adventure TimeLittleBigPlanet: Adventure Time

Finn, Jake, Ice King, Gunter, and The Cosmic Owl are all featured in the Adventure Time Costume Pack which can be picked up for $5.99 or purchased individually for $1.99 each, whilst the Adventure Time Level Kit can be purchased for $4.99.

We’re really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures with Jake and Finn and hope you will all bring a piece of the Land of Ooo back to your LittleBigPlanet creations! We can’t wait to see what you create with these new goodies!

LittleBigPlanet 3: Adventure Time Avatars

Add a bit of LittleBigPlanet and Adventure Time to your PSN profile with our range of new avatars featuring Sackboy and all his friends dressed up in their favorite new costumes!

You can pick up these fab avatars for free following the steps below:

  • Save the avatar image from the blog post to your device with the PlayStation app installed.
  • Upload the avatar image via the app for use as your PSN profile image, which would show on PS4.

So pick up the brand new Adventure Time Level Kit and these free avatars to have a grand old time with Sackboy, Finn, Jake and all of their friends.

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5 Author Replies

  • Hello Steven the links to the avatars display a “not found” error, can you fix them?

  • It’s amazing to see the continued support from the community for this game.

    • We couldn’t agree more! Our community is amazing and we can’t wait to see what they create with this new content

  • Yeah I bought it but and it took my money but when I go to it it says No content found.

    • We’re aware that there’s an issue with the PS3 entitlements in the SCEA region.

      Many apologies for the inconvenience, we are currently working with the SCEA PS Store team to address this!

  • I would also like a pack that changes the game like past packs that brought water, paint guns, capes, ect…maybe actual full story lvls

    • We released our Adventure Time Level Kit last month that allowed you to visit the Land of Ooo.

      And we definitely have some fun ideas up our sleeves for some future LittleBigPlanet 3 content releases… ;)

    • Ignore comment. Opened the wrong blog post. XD

      Except for the fact that we still have fun stuff on the way though… ;)

  • Well I got this pack and the costume pack when I went to try and check out toggles costume it will not let me change to him ???? Bad bug here I just stay as sackboy in create mode and in pod did not try any levels and I would like to check in on the dlc issues I still cannot download the monster kit or mass effect pack or the rain ha de bacteria costume I call Sony but they said it was an issue with the game and could not do anything for me but to contact the makers I have been a loyal lbp fan and would love to continue to be one but there is always a bad with the good in lbp3 I hope that changes really soon

  • Update if you play a level as toggle it starts to work no idea why it wouldn’t work till after a toggle level

  • When will Double Bubbles work for Run Sackboy Run?

  • Put a sale on the DLC or no dice. Not buying a single thing for this game until you have decent prices for once. People paid 60 bucks for what amounted to a broken demo of a game and a whole host of create features for people that liked that side of it.

    People also bought special editions with story packs added in that don’t even count in LBP3. If you think a bunch of people are going to pay 6 and 7 dollars for one level you are wrong.

  • Steven, How about some Mobile Suit Gundam levels/Mini packs? Will gladly give media molecule my money! :)

  • Steven i don’t know how to put my avatar as the image and I don’t get the way to get it for free

  • Steven, in the near future, would it be possible to release a Regular Show costume pack for LBP3. Because I’m not an Adventure Time fan and more of a Regular Show fan. Second, I want to see Sackboy dress up as Mordecai the blue jay from that show, and maybe Benson the gumball machine also from that show.

  • where’s the lumpy space princess

  • No Peppermint Butler costume?


  • To this day, patches and everything, I still can’t go beyond the first world in the campaign. I’m not spending a dime on this game besides the $60 I wasted on it.

  • Still waiting to be able to use all of my purchased content from before, but I will pick up these costumes and the mini-level. The only thing for me is I do not know if I should tell my wife or not. Hide it as a surprise for her as she loves Adventure Time.

  • Please fix add on problems for Run Sackboy Run!

  • Guess that’s it for the Vita….No new teampicks in ages…and now no new dlc either. :(

  • @16 +1!

    I assume Run Sackboy Run purchasable “forever” boosts are still not “forever.” Without knowing for certain, I’m reluctant to buy one only to find out that Sony won’t refund me for an advertised “forever” boost that only lasted a few hours, as has happened to many others.

    Once the problem is fixed, I suggest an announcement in the blog or a sale on in-game microtransactions as a good faith gesture.

    I was, however, finally able to redeem the LBP3 costumes I unlocked in RSR. So thanks for fixing that!

  • The lack of tree trunks and BMO is kinda depressing.

  • So… how much in total is it for all the adventure time stuff for the game? My kid wants it and I need to get him a psn voucher

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