Star Wars on PlayStation Store: New PS2 Classics, Free Theme, More

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Star Wars on PlayStation Store: New PS2 Classics, Free Theme, More

Star Wars Day is nearly upon us! What better way to celebrate than with PlayStation? We’ve got some amazing things for you Star Wars fans this week as we gear up for May the 4th.

May the 4th logo

To celebrate, we are releasing four classic Star Wars games for the first time on PSN for PS3: Star Wars Starfighter, Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Star Wars: Racer Revenge. Each of these titles will be 25% off for this week only.

Star Wars StarfighterStar Wars Bounty HunterStar Wars E3 Revenge of the SithStar Wars Racer Revenge

Head over to the @HeyPlaystation Twitter and get a chance to win an epic Star Wars package that includes all four Star Wars classic games, a limited edition custom box for your PS4, a voucher code for the digital deluxe version of Star Wars Battlefront, all six Star Wars movies, and a PS4 system! Follow @HeyPlayStation on Twitter to learn how to enter.

Star Wars Battlefront custom PS4 box

Still hungry for more Star Wars this May 4th? Download our free Millennium Falcon theme (“She’s the fastest ship in the fleet!”), available for PS4 and PS3 this week only. Go check out our May the 4th promotion on PlayStation Store, pre-order Star Wars Battlefront on PS4, or get the full movie bundle at a special price. And don’t forget to crank our Star Wars playlist with Spotify on PlayStation Music during the festivities.

Free Millennium Falcon PS4 theme

May the 4th be with you!

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  • chieh pls
    that star wars psp game bundle is rough
    pretty much none of them work on vita directly
    and you can get them cheaper individually

  • so this gets a separate post with actual pics of theme. you did not even post pictures in the other post

  • Really wish I could play these on my PS4…

  • Is it entirely wrong that I was honestly hoping for the two PS1 episode 1 games? (re: the super challenging movie tie in, and Jedi Power Battles) This is still cool though; definitely gonna be grabbing that theme.

  • when everything is broke, you ignore it

  • This could have been a great chance to include some PS2 or PSP game as an extra for the Battlefront pre-orders, something for the Deluxe a t least. Because I know I’m not paying 10 extra bucks for 3 unlockables and 2 emotes.

  • +1 for Jedi Power Battles. I have been waiting for it to hit the store for years. If it didn’t make the cut to go out with these releases I fear it may never make the cut.

  • I can think of some AMAZING Star Wars ‘Dynamic’ Themes you could do :P PLEASE do some for the PS4 :P

  • Despite online reviews, I’ve personally enjoyed Star Wars Episode 3 on the PS2. I am glad to see it here.

  • Next, let’s see ALL the PS2 SOCOM GAMES plz.

  • Jedi Power Battles was literally the first thing I looked for! Thanks though! :)

  • Really it´s free ? I like the themes and more,but these is very ****

  • that theme is really bad… its a stretched out bad image and nothing else

  • I was so hoping for Jedi Power Battles, Phantom Menace, and Battlefront 1/2 games as classics, but great start!

    Here’s to Jedi Starfighter and The Clones Wars as well! Great games!


  • I’m pigging out on everything Star Wars, including all the updates on Steam and GOG. The Playstation shop on PS3 is crashing when trying to load this stuff, so thank goodness for the web shop. I’m looking forward to revisiting the ps2 games since my launch PS3 no longer works.

  • Do you think you could add an option for me to download Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my Vita without a PS3 AND without having to buy the bundle? A separate option would be nice. I bought it once from PSN on the computer, excited to play it on my Vita from a sale, but it ended up not being able to download without a PS3, which is a BIG bummer. I’d pay a full 20 dollars just to have it on my Vita, but certainly not 40 dollars from a bundle full of other games I am not that interested in (apart from the other Battlefront installments though, but not enough to adjust the price).

    Thanks for this, regardless!

  • Can we see some Star Wars PSN avatars next?

  • Would’ve loved, LOVED to see Battlefront 1 and 2 as PS2 Classics. I bought Renegade Squadron to temper any disappointment, but later saw that it’s not Vita compatible… good thing I kept my old (1001 original) PSP. Still, the SW hyyyyype traaaaain has leeeeeeeft the staaaaatioooooon!!! Choo choo mofos!!

  • #StarWarsTheCloneWarsPS2onPSstore

  • Any chance to see battlefront 2 for ps3/ps4?

  • Is there any chance of any of these Star Wars games coming to PS4? I feel like we are really missing out by having the next-fen.

  • On the bundle for the psp and vita star wars game it has psp next to all of them except for battlefront 2 battlefront renegade squadron and some othere one, so I thought that battlefront 2 and renegade squadron would be compatible with vita but renegade squadron isn’t why don’t you let us know which ones are compatible and not So we don’t waste our money?

  • Can’t access the link for the theme and in the ps4 I can’t find it nowhere, anyone already downloaded the theme?

  • Am I understanding some of the comments correctly – the PSP/Vita bundle games do NOT all work on the Vita? Am I also missing something with the bundle pricing being so much more than the individual games?

  • How about Masters of Teras Kasi and Rebel Assault 2 as PSone classics?

  • It would be awesome to see SW Battlefront 2 for Ps2 on PSN. I’ll buy it for sure…

  • Terrible PS4 theme even for a free one, and for the games I’ll pass, I’m happy with my Star Wars Humble Bundle thank you very much. Not Sure If I should Pre-order Battlefront or wait for a Complete Edition…

  • really? they put in Bounty hunter, podracing, revenge of the sith and starfighter, but not battlefront 1 & 2 to promote the upcoming battlefront

  • Awesome guys! While you guys are on the Star Wars trip make all the Star Wars PSP games able to purchase and download directly to the PSVita without having to use a PS3.

    Make Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron compatible with the PSVita!

    Add the following games to the PlayStation Store and make them PSVita compatible:

    – Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace
    – Star Wars Episode I – Jedi Power Battles
    – Star Wars Rebel Assault II – The Hidden Empire
    – Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi
    – Star Wars: Demolition
    – Star Wars: Lethal Alliance


  • That Star Wars theme couldnt have put any less effort into it. Take a simple background, stretch it, and call it a theme.

    Well what do you expect. The Star Wars theme seems to be the same as all these other $3 or $4 themes now a days. Take a simple background, stretch it, call it a theme and charge a high mark up on something that should be $.25 cents at the most for just a background.

  • Nice to see new classics added,I played some of those back in the day.Hard to believe though that you guys did not added Jedi Power Battles…that game is easily the best Star Wars game on PS1…had so much fun with it.

    Anyway that theme is a shame,downloaded yesterday kinda expecting something…but what a terrible and bad-made theme.

  • Wow PS4 getting the shaft. Again. Nothing new. No Driveclub and no decent PSN monthly games.

  • speaking of free wheres our preview of mays games, i heard need for speed and oddly enough the new shovel knight game (god i hope not sick of “retro” aka bad graphic’s games being shoveled down our throats) sick of this trend of retro graphic’s ive been playing video games for over 30 years last thing i wanted to see was things go full circle

  • Darth Maul from Episode 1 has the double donger of light sabers. I’ll say it right to his Face.
    Always Believe OWN!!!

  • Hey where’s Battlefront II?

  • I consider myself a Star Wars fan, but TBH the theme is pretty lousy. Just a low-quality wallpaper. How about a proper, dynamic theme with music and possibly sounds when scrolling through the menu? It wouldn’t kill ya to give us an awesome dynamic theme for free from time to time. I have purchased a good number of themes, and the only freebies I see are just some cheap, Sony/PlayStation advertisement. Throw us a bone once in a while.

  • does not let me download it :/

  • Same as other people, why have a release date saying “Download ‘such and such’ theme free for this week only” and not let anyone download the bloody thing? This is just silly. Not only that but according to those that for what ever reason have been allowed to download it, it’s not worth the effort for a poor quality crappy stretched out on-dynamic unimpressive background image anyway. Poor show I say, and with a new movie coming up too? Hah, you should be ashamed, put some effort into it at least.

  • Why is the star wars pack not available to Australians? Cater to your fans down under!!!!!!

    Was so gutted when I could only find Star Wars Episdoe 3 the game…. I want Bounty Hunter!!!!!

  • Cool more content for that last gen console. So glad I bought the ps4…..

  • If you purchased The Star Wars Mega Bundle for PSP/VITA or any of the titles within this package, here’s some intel.

    First off, would someone at Disney or PS flick the switch, and get the titles fully compatible, on the store for ease of access for PS Vita owners. This is a frustrating situation for everyone. I’m not sure why ALL PSP TITLES CAN’T WORK ON VITA when publishers can make some extra cash on the side when the VITA can perfectly play PSP games.

    To fully enjoy the titles in the bundle, you will need a PS3, PSP and a VITA. I would recommend everyone to download all these titles on their PS3 and transfer them to their respected portable platform of choice.

    So, all of these games are compatible on your PSP. The Vita is different. All the games are compatible, except for Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

    So please, would someone at Disney or PS or whoever, FLICK THE SWITCH TO GET THESE TITLES ON THE PS VITA STORE and GET RENEGADE SQUADRON COMPATIBLE FOR VITA. For what it’s worth, DARK FORCES PS1 CLASSIC IS NOT COMPATIBLE ON VITA, again for some strange reason. ARGH.

  • Anyone know if any of the PSP titles are compatible with Playstation TV? Force Unleashed, Battlefront games, etc…

  • All Battlefronts BUT 3 and 1 are on Vita! Thanks Sony!

  • I can’t download the theme! Why not?

  • The Millennium Falcon theme is no longer available :(

  • Damn it:-(

  • I just noticed the force unleashed 1 DLC isn’t on sale, is this on purpose? or was it overlooked?

  • Was really hoping that with the advent of the new Battlefront game, they’d give us Battlefront 2 as a PS2 classic. It would be great to play while we wait. I guess it’s time to dust off the old PS2.

  • I am a Vita owner as well, and am frustrated by the fact that Sony still hasn’t allowed us to download all psp games directly on our Vitas. I also find it interesting, (and this is on every post I have read on here) that Sony is quick to leave a reply when someone says they like something, or ask the price of a game, but they completely ignore everyone that asks about the problems with anything. They company wants to pretend they care about their customers, but can’t take 2 minutes to drop a reason (even if a bunch of bs) to at least explain why we can’t download all the games from the battlefront bundle on our Vitas.

  • The PSP games are working on Vita and PSTV now, at least in the USA, which is nice. I have a feeling someone just had to stop blocking them. I would love to see Jedi Starfighter and the ps1 games others have been asking about, but it makes sense to give the best first and space out the others.

    SWBF2 would be nice to have, especially with online support since the XBOX version doesn’t play online anymore, but I can see how it would be confusing with a new game with the same name coming out in 200 days. I’m tempted to hook up my ps2 just for that game. ;-)

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