Omega Quintet Out Today on PS4

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Omega Quintet Out Today on PS4

You there! How’d you like to be an idol music star? On second thought, you look more like the behind-the-scenes type. How’d you like to make someone else an idol music star? Yes, I mean it! Well, today’s your chance. Did I mention you’ll need to save the world while you’re at it? So hurry up kid, and let’s take a glimpse behind the music.

Omega Quintet is the first ever hybrid RPG/idol simulation game to hit PS4! You’ll play the manager of the idol group Omega Quintet, who is tasked to save the world from the dark forces known as Beep. The game is first and foremost an RPG, and I’ve already covered how you’ll take part in turn-based RPG battles with a set of interchangeable weapons, strategizing turn orders and attacks to gain the upper hand, and combining skills to unleash ultra-flashy, ultra-deadly Harmonic Chain combinations on the enemy. But now it’s time to take a look at what your idol group does when it’s taking a break from saving the world.

In PVS Mode, you’ll lay your weapons down and turn the music up! Once you select from a variety of original songs in the Omega Quintet repertoire to perform, you can customize every bit of the performance. You’ve got the say in whether the whole group performs or just a few of them, but my favorite part is the choreography.

Omega QuintetOmega Quintet

On top of that, you can choose who’s singing for each moment of the song and even where the camera goes! The right performance is all about knowing who should get the solo and close-ups, but I’d definitely try to make every idol feel like a star — you don’t want jealous idols on your hands.

Finally, did I mention you can join your idols onstage? Using the PlayStation 4 Camera, you can put yourself on the big screen behind the performers, dancing along to every move. Throw in the PlayStation Move controller and you’ll really make sparks fly with added special effects! Or you can use the regular controller to disrupt the main performance with items like bombs, which will temporarily fling the idols offstage. Believe me, it is consistently hilarious.

Omega Quintet

Now, I’m no mathologist, but with up to five different characters, nearly a hundred different dance moves, and complete control of how the video is created, you can create literally KRILLIONS of unique performances. All this depth in the optional game mode just goes to show how much work has been put into all of Omega Quintet.

So let your idol imagination run wild and create a PVS worthy of the stage — or blow your audience away with a completely off-the-wall visual cacophony of weird choreography. The choice is yours — and it’s sure to entertain!

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