Mighty No. 9 Launches September 15th

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Mighty No. 9 Launches September 15th

Hello PlayStation fans!

At long last am I able to share new and exciting details about Mighty No. 9, as Deep Silver announces a partnership with comcept and legendary designer Keiji Inafune to increase the reach and scope of this incredible, beloved title. Deep Silver will bring the title to retail this fall, with even more content for new and established fans around the world.

Mighty No. 9 is truly a transformative experience for the 2D side-scrolling action genre, with deep roots in gaming spanning generations of gamers. Taking into account decades of design experience as well as tens of thousands of pieces of feedback from the Kickstarter backers (thank you!), comcept and Inti Creates have put together all of the best elements of 8 and 16-bit classics that you love, and infused them with fresh mechanics to reinvigorate the genre.

With today’s announcement, we’re pleased to tell you that the game will release physically on PlayStation 4 as well as digitally on all three PlayStation platforms: PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will launch simultaneously on September 15, 2015, with the PS Vita version coming shortly after.

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9Mighty No. 9

Comcept is continuing their hard work making Mighty No. 9 the best game possible. We’re excited for everyone to get their hands on the game, but in the meantime we’ve listed a couple of the specific features you can look forward to when the game launches on September 15th.

Mighty No. 9
  • Play through 12 Unique and Challenging Stages in a single player campaign.
  • Unlock the New Game+ to add an additional two extra difficulty levels including a punishing Turbo mode.
  • The Single Player Challenge mode with dozens of mini missions for the hardest of challenges.
  • Boss Rush Mode: Play through each of the game‘s bosses, back to back, with a clock ticking to keep track of your best time.
  • Show the world how Mighty you are in the 2 Player Online Race Battle where you compete online, racing through each stage together in a head to head battle – adding an all new twist on versus mode play that will give Mighty No. 9 life well beyond the single-player campaign.
  • 2 Player Online Co-Op Challenge Mode: take on over a dozen missions online with a friend, playing as Beck and his partner, Call! Use Beck and Call’s different powers together in order to defeat these special challenges.
  • Toggle between regular and 8-bit music: this game is a veritable who’s who of veteran game composers – Manami Matsumae, Takeshi Tateishi, Ippo Yamada. As such, Mighty No. 9 features an optional chiptune version of the entire game soundtrack which you can toggle on and off.
  • Brand new Ray DLC which features a new stage with its own unique boss as well as a brand new unlockable playable character.

Look for us as we showcase Mighty No. 9 at various events this summer!

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  • Backer here. Looking forward to it.

    When you confirm the Vita release date, please confirm if this game will be compatible with PlayStation TV. Thanks.

    • Hi guys! I’m going to be answering everything I can in the comments section, so feel free to ask away!

      We regret not having a Vita release date at the time of announce, but we promise to get a date to you as soon as possible. As far as PS TV goes, that’s a Vita feature, so we’ll be able to confirm all details surrounding that version when we formally announce the release date.

  • Don’t make us wait for Vita version for too long, guys!

  • Will the game be Cross-buy, have Cross-save, shared trophies, and will there be any PSN+ discount at launch

    • We have goodies to announce later. Some of those goodies may or may not be the questions you just asked :)

  • Will we get multiple characters for the backers?

    • All backers will get everything they were promised by comcept plus additional content that was made possible by this partnership. For Kickstarter specific queries, please talk to comcept directly on the backer forums :)

  • Oh for goodness’ sake.

    “PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will launch simultaneously on 18th September 2015, with the PS Vita version coming shortly after.”

    This REALLY needs to stop happening. The Vita’s getting shafted constantly. <__<

    • We really do apologize for the delay. We’re committed to servicing the Vita fanbase, especially since this game works so well on handhelds!

  • But I want Azure Striker Gunvolt more than this thing. M#9 characters look so childish. ASG should be the multi-platform one and M#9 should be exclusive to that childish handheld.

  • Thanks for the awesome news!!! will support this game, day -1 does not matter if crossbuy is available, will buy for vita and ps4 just because I love Megaman, and this is the spiritual sequel

  • Can you confirm whether or not the Vita version is releasing in 2015? I’m really bothered by this news, as the Kickstarter didn’t mention Vita getting the game late (not that it said anything about release date parity either, but you’d think every backer would be even on this).

  • Will Canada be getting the physical? and how much will it cost in Canadian?

    • PS4 version will be coming to Canada as well. Unfortunately we’re only able to confirm the USD price at this moment.

  • Woo finally!!
    Can’t wait, but I have two concerns.. Will it have a platinum trophy?
    If it does please no online requirement to obtain it :(

  • @6 How does that one phrase go again? Oh yeah: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

  • I love the idea of this game and I love deep silver, but I’m very disappointed you are pulling the same “PS4 & PS3 with Vita coming later”. I am an owner of all Sony systems but I am anticipating solely for Vita BC it looks tailor made for the handheld. I was so excited for Axiom Verge until Vita went from the system it was being developed for to an afterthought.

    • Delays are never an easy thing, so I appreciate you understanding in the matter. I do promise that we’re not leaving handhelds as an afterthought, and that we are working to make sure that Vita fans doesn’t felt left out with this slight delay.

  • Can we get going with Dead island 2 , I need that game in my life as I’m a huge Yager fan, a huge Deep silver fan, and a huge Dead island fan. Don’t make Dead island 2 too goofy.

  • @Ryan Avery: Surely you realise that it kills interest in the Vita version? People can buy it on every other platform under the sun and most probably will, rather than waiting on something that’s coming “later”.

    With the Vita and 3DS versions being delayed, I’m beginning to worry that it’s going to be nerfed to hell on handhelds, when there’s nothing about MN9 that says it shouldn’t work on Vita as is.

    This has been happening a lot lately and it’s really frustrating, because it genuinely kills interest in the Vita versions of games like Bastion, Axiom Verge, Oddworld: New N Tasty and now Mighty No. 9, when the Vita version is suddenly delayed indefinitely. =/

  • Hmmm, I don’t recall ever hearing of this title, but it does look pretty cool (I’m digging the Megaman vibe). I’ll have to keep an eye out for this.

  • Kinda disappointed of this news. Not only its not coming this month or next month but also the Vita version wont come anytime soon. Oh well, glad I bought MMX4 & 5.

    Will hold on till the vita version release. Unless its cross-buy which I doubt.

  • Monterossa sounds like a 10 year old obsessed with being “grown up”.

  • There will be Platinum Trophy?

  • Collin Moriarty is solo excited, but so am I…..for the VITA version.

  • Second question, Will the physical be a retailer exclusive and only in small amounts? or can we expect to walk into a store months after launch and see beable to find it.

    • No, that’s really one of the perks of our partner relationship — widespread physical distribution. Copies will be continue to be available and manufactured after launch.

  • Cross Save with Vita?

    This crazy backer likes to take his PS4 on the go where Remote Play isn’t always an option.

    • I never mentioned remote play, because we know that’s not even close to full game compatibility on Vita. I promise that when we have details to share regarding release date and other incentives you’ll be happy.

  • Glad I am not the only one upset about the Vita delay. Hope the team take a note and try to finish the Vita version along with PS3/PS4 not after them. Seriously, very disappointing.

  • @22: Unfortunately they won’t change a thing. And as ever we’ll have another dev wondering why they got no sales on Vita after releasing half hearted versions of a game that’s already out on everything else. It’s ridiculous. <__<

  • I am reminded with every update from Kickstarter why I backed this project, M#9 looks even more amazing than I anticipated! I am a backer because of the Vita version but the temptation to just go with PS4 so I can play earlier is strong!

    I hope you make this cross-buy for us faithful Vita backers on Kickstarter!

    Whatever Comcept decides, thank you for this amazing game!

  • “we are working to make sure that Vita fans doesn’t felt left out with this slight delay.”

    Sorry if I seem cynical, but what exactly are you doing then? I don’t want to be unreasonable here, but how are you working to make sure that Vita fans don’t feel left out?

  • @5 go back and read the official Vita announcements from a couple of years ago. Sony started designing it back before phones could keep up with the PSP, so they got all arrogant in the design phase and built a machine that was only marginally better than the PSP but cost big bucks. Fast-forward to when it was released and even they knew they screwed the pooch. All signs point to the Vita being nothing more than a PS4 “second screen” by next year.

    And I was really looking forward to it, too. Such a waste.

  • If you guys can justify releasing Tadeo Jones at retail in Spain, MIghty No. 9 deserves a Vita retail version too. If the costs are simply too high for a traditional print run, do the Retro City Rampage DX pre-order campaign.

    I’m obviously bummed out that the Vita version is getting delayed, but it’s understandable. As the game runs on Unreal Engine 3, Abstraction (who’s doing the Vita/3DS port – behind Kick & Fennick, Duke Nukem 3D Megaton and others on Vita) seems to be having a hard time getting the game running well on mobile hardware. Based on the official site, it looks like Abstraction are going to be “remaking” (I doubt the assets will be any different) the game on better optimized hardware for the handhelds.

  • @25 Unless they make it cross-buy. Or released it September. I wont be satisfied.

  • Vita version for me, when it comes out

  • Can we please have a physical retail for Vita? Not some download code either. An actual cart.

  • @28: I’m thinking they’ve got to be working on trying to put together a physical version or something. Otherwise this is just another blow to the Vita that it could do without.

  • To Deep Silver, please continue to support the Metro franchise and the amazing guys at 4a Games. With proper financial backing and standard working conditions these guys will create magic. From having to smuggle ps4 Dev kits into war torn Ukraine to publishers going bankrupt in the middle of development on your biggest game.

  • How com it isn’t Mega Man and Roll did Keiji left capcom?

  • To Deep Silver, what is happening with Homefront 2? I was very excited when Crytek announced the open world shooter. Who is developing the game now? Is it still in development? I actually enjoyed the first game a saw a ton of untapped potential in the franchise.

  • Game is looking great. I second what mighty commenter # 10 said. Please have a platinum trophy and please no online trophies. Also thanks for responding to people’s questions. A lot of companies just announce their games here then never bother answering anything which is fracking frustrating.

    • Thanks for your support, Hayades! It’s important to address gamers’ concerns, so that’s why we’re here :)

  • PSVita version *-*

  • Will backers choose what console they want it for?

  • @26 Feb – Vita is still quite powerful despite what u say and the advantage it will always have over iOS is dual analog sticks (as well as a bundle of great features). Have you ever played Killzone Mercenary? Mercenary is literally ps3 quality and could not be replicated on any other handheld ect. Golden Abyss looks comparable to Drake’s Fortune on ps3, it is stunning looking and feels great and it was a launch title. They literally put a ps3 AAA open world fps on Vita in BL2, with only a few comprises like deceased bodies not staying on screen and 2player coop. Look at the 3ds in comparison if you think the Vita is underpowered.

  • Finally been waiting for this info for awhile.For those complaining as usual about why the PS Vita version comes out later sounds like it’s time for you guys to use your imagination to get off your Heineken & get a job Lol.

  • Have you talked with Inti Creates about bringing Azure Striker Gunvolt to Playstation consoles? Personally I would love to be able to play it on my PS Vita!

    The 3DS version is digital only, so there shouldn’t be complains about releasing it digitally only on the PS Vita as well.

  • @26 – If you think the Vita is only a companion for the PS4 (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) there is an impressive catalog of exclusive games that say otherwise. Look at all the huge games which recently released or will release including Hotline2, Helldivers, Severed, Oreshika, RE Revelations 2, Olliollie2, Freedom Wars, Forgotten Memories, Toukiden (Kiwami), ect ect. Everyone said Vita was dead and then a metric ton of greatness dropped.

  • Let’s be honest here. I am a huge fan of Mega Man X and I have played and own every single from Mega Man X to Mega Man X Command Mission. That being said I have bought these games multiple times just to be able to play them. I have bought them on the PlaysStation, the PlayStation 2, The PlayStation 3 (when it could play PS2 titles), The PlayStation Vita, and I guarantee you that if there is an HD remake I will buy that in a heartbeat. I find this to be a marketing strategy that they release the Vita version of games later, and I truly don’t care for it. I will buy the game on the PlayStation 4 when it comes out and again later when the PlayStation Vita, yes I will own both copies. I understand not everything goes according to plan, but all we can do is wait and support and not complain. All of you complaining probably don’t understand the strain that comes with making video games. Programming is tough and time consuming. I love delays because it means the developer is not going to release a broken game that will be patched later.

  • Mighty No. 9 has promise and I am truly excited that this game is coming out and I love that I finally get to play a new Mega Man game after all these years. Here’s to hoping an HD remake of all the Mega Man X titles

  • I was a Kickstarter backer from the very beginning, to show my appreciation to Inafune-san for Soul Sacrifice. Nice to hear it will be here soon, after such a long wait.

  • This is epic news! Please tell me will there be a physical release for the PS4 version? Gosh I hope so!

  • Update: I got too excited and commented before reading anything, you do mention it’s releasing physically for ps4 >//.//< gonna pre-order that baby asap!

  • I’ve brought up some PS Vita Edition related questions:

    First things, first, thanks for asking some more time to release it on the handheld. The more we wait, the better the game will be. I just know it. :-P

    Secondly, are you guys going to port it over using a proprietary engine or Unity?
    -> please do not forget to make use of that extra 30% memory which is now available on the Vita after firmware update 3.50.

    What is multiplayer going to be like on the handheld? Follow someone’s shadow or live competitive gameplay? If the latter, is it going to be over Internet only or ad-hoc enabled as well?

    Is this going to be a series or a single title?

    How much is it going to cost (USD)?

    As for the release, depending on how it plays out, would you guys be considering to make physical release happen?

    Let me be crystal clear with you, this game could either be a great success or a huge fiasco. Extra contents could help others get interested in buying it. With that in mind, have you guys discussed what could be PS Vita Edition’s exclusive content (featured)?

    That’s it. So far. I wish you (and this game) the best.

    • The game will be the exact same regardless of platform. The handheld delay has stemmed from the original intention of simply porting the console version to handhelds. This later proved to not be possible, and in turn the game has to be built from the ground up for Vita. While the result is definitely a delay, we truly believe that the end product of having a game built from the ground up for Vita will be much better for gamers than a simple port.

      Hope this answers some of your questions.

  • The game will be the exact same regardless of platform. The handheld delay has stemmed from the original intention of simply porting the console version to handhelds. This later proved to not be possible, and in turn the game has to be built from the ground up for Vita. While the result is definitely a delay, we truly believe that the end product of having a game built from the ground up for Vita will be much better for gamers than a simple port.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.

  • Hey guys! Thanks for all the great news! Really looking forward to this. Though I certainly would really like to see not only an online co-op, but an offline one as well. Well high hopes hehe.
    Thanks for all the hard work!!

  • Hi Pete

    Thanks for the PS Vita Version, are there any chance for a retail release for the ps vita?

    In need to collect it :)

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