Broken Age Out Today on PS4, PS Vita

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Broken Age Out Today on PS4, PS Vita

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! We’re very happy to announce that our latest game Broken Age is out today on PS4 and PS Vita!

Broken Age is a beautiful, hand-animated adventure game brought to you from the creators of Grim Fandango, Costume Quest, and Brutal Legend, with an all-star vocal cast including Elijah Wood, Jack Black, and Jennifer Hale.

Through PS4, Broken Age delivers a very cinematic, animated-movie like experience that can be shared with friends or family from the comfort of your couch. And on PS Vita, through the power of cross buy and cross save, the game becomes much more of a personal story-book-like experience that’s easy to curl up with.

You can pick up Broken Age today for a special launch 30% discount price of $17.49 for PS Plus subscribers, before it returns to a normal price of $24.99 next week. We very much hope you enjoy our game!

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  • Glad to hear there’s a launch discount! I was going to wait for it to drop to like $10, but I think I might just have to get it today instead!

  • Hi James, Thanks for the info!
    I had a couple of friends who played the game, and I hear only praise.
    One question: I have a gilfriend who struggles with english, are other languages available on the game bought through the american PSN, where I have my account? More specifically portuguese.

    • Hi there, We have text translations for French, Spanish, German and Italian, and localized voice in German, sadly no Portuguese sorry! We’d love to add more translations one day though.

  • Wow, didn’t see that 30% off coming. I was going to pay the full price but this helps my wallet lol. Hopefully you have a deal in place with psplus so that you make the full 25$. I want your company to get as much money as possible so that you can keep making these great adventure games.

  • This game is PlayStation TV Compatible. Why aren’t you mentioning it on the blog? This is important information.

    Source: Response to comment 10 (

  • Why can’t I find it on the PlayStation store yet????

  • @4 Because you don’t know how things work!!!!

    Btw, definitely getting this today. Looks very cool.

  • To those interested, this game is PlayStation TV Compatible. It was confirmed in a blog post on March 25th. They should have mentioned this in today’s Blog post. It’s important information for PSTV owners.

  • as ColonelWEKurtz said, why can’t I ind it on the store yet ? I”m counting every minute of my day to play this!

  • Spaff! I didn’t know you went to Double Fine, that’s awesome! Thanks for the post, looking forward to this. Is there a demo by any chance, so I can check out how it plays compared to the PC version? I already own Part 1 on PC, but if I dig how it plays on PS4 then I’d rather pick it up on there :D

    • If you have it on PC you can demo how it will work by connecting a controller to your pc – the controller mode will be enabled, and it’s pretty much identical to that :)

  • Game looks great and I can’t wait. Thanks for your time and work Double Fine.

  • Good good, the discount is exactly what I wanted to hear.

  • Kinda pricey, but I’m excited to hear the fantastic score in glorious HD audio on my home theater system!

    Just to make sure: the audio assets on PS4 are HD/lossless, right? It’s not the low-quality audio assets like the iPad version?

  • @plaztiksyke you said kinda pricey aye what you need to do is either (1 stop buying games & get another hobby & (2 get off your Heineken & get a job Lol.

  • isn’t this kinda expensive?

  • Anyone else not seeing the discount applied when you put it in your shopping cart? Maybe i need to wait a little bit for sony to apply the discount?

  • Yea, It showed up in the store just after lunch, and it’s not showing any discount yet. I wish PSN would do it’s updates at midnight, when I’m too unconscious to bother freaking out about releases…

  • Great decision to offer the discount, especially when I already have the Steam version. Will double dip because PSN Trophies are better than Steam Achievements (you don’t even get a ding sound!).

    As for those complaining its too expensive… really? Season Passes for games like Batman are now FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS. And you’ll get at best one story expansion and a bunch of useless maps and skins.

    So no… I’d say even at $25 this is reasonable.

  • People are actually saying that this is a pricey game? This industry is filled with a bunch of worthless games that won’t stick in your mind for a week that cost $60 bucks and have a sequel year after year. People pay 5 to 10 bucks for characters, dresses, hats and easier fatality moves and suddenly a game that was born out of the love of the people that backed it with one of best studios in videogame history is pricey at a discounted price of $17.79 USD? Broken Age will spark conversations with your family and friends and I assure you it will stay in your thoughts for years. Even at $25 this game is worth every penny. Common people, get your mind straight!

  • People expect a disproportionately low price out of indie games, but all it should come down to is the game itself.
    Mainstream games in the days of the NES were made by teams of like 5-10 people and so many of those are considered timeless masterpieces.
    The only question should be: “Is the experience I’ll get from Broken Age enjoyable enough to be worth $25?” and the answer to that, in my opinion, is a definite yes.

  • Can we get Costume Quest 2 on the PS3 for PlayStation Plus? It would be cool if you could bring back Stacking and Costume Quest to PS Plus again for those who missed it like me.

  • I won’t be buying it on PSN. The iPad version is only $9.99! Even with the discount, the PSN versions are around double that!

  • ok 17,49$ is like 11,4 pounds….as here in uk it’s 13,99

    might even buy it….but time to play it?

  • Very happy about this news, and even happier to learn that the game is cross-buy/cross-save (no PS3 version though?)! I’ll definitely be picking this game up on the weekend to take advantage of the launch sale, though I am going to wait until Friday evening just in case the Store pulls some Flash Sale/Spend $60 get $10 shenanigans. It’s happened before.

    When are we going to get news on The Banner Saga?

  • As for the price, yes, $25 seems a bit steep for a game that’s much cheaper and has been available for longer on PC, but at the Plus sale price and an intended audience that does not do the majority of their gaming on PC, $17.49 CAD with no tax is a great price for me. The convenience and hassle-free nature of gaming on a console comes at a premium. If the price is too high for you, wait for another inevitable sale.

  • Is cross save automatic? I’ve been playing on PS4, but my save game isn’t showing on VIta

  • $25.00 wooow you guys are trippin….badly.

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