The Simpsons Come to Minecraft on PlayStation This Week

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The Simpsons Come to Minecraft on PlayStation This Week

Hi, I have two announcements for all skin fans on PlayStation.

First, meet Alex!


When most players begin their Minecraft adventure on consoles, there aren’t many skins to choose from. In fact, there’s just Steve and a few variants of him. We like Steve as much as the next crafter, but he doesn’t really represent the diversity of our player base.

That’s why we’ve introduced Alex — she has slightly thinner arms than Steve, but plays exactly the same way as he does. Now, all new players get to choose from eight Steve skins and eight Alex skins, as well as any extra DLC they’ve purchased. This update is completely free, and available for all PlayStation platforms.


Oh, and the other thing, we’re also bringing a more familiar set of skins this week: The Simpsons, and a bunch of their closest friends, enemies, and acquaintances are coming to PlayStation. The pack includes the whole family along with Principal Seymour Skinner, Groundskeeper Willie, and everyone’s favourite… Dewey Largo… you know who he is, right?*

There are loads more characters in the pack, too.


*He’s the music teacher dude.

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  • This will make me play Minecraft again! I also hope for more The Simpsons games. :)

  • Sorry to go a bit off topic but I LOVE the Simpsons, can’t believe it’s still on after premiering the series a month after my birth. I own all the season DVD’s released so far, sadly i heard the DVD’s won’t continue (I heard it on

  • My kids can’t wait. How much will it cost?

  • Free! You don’t hear that word very often when talking about DLC. I don’t even think Nelson could laugh at that. Thanks!

  • This is great news. I’ve been on a Simpsons marathon from the first to the fifth season. This will fit well with my mood haha.

  • Oh Yeah!

  • Wohoo!
    I can finally open up a Moe’s

  • When will it be available in PS Store?

  • WOW, TOO BAD I’m always broke!!! Love where you’ve taken minecraft, however i’ve been noticing occasional lag. i cant find a horse yet on my current world but i waaaant ooooone! next psn card i get im buying skin and skyrim/fantasy packs. tunno if only skyrim/mass effect have special music, however its rude for their worlds to be forced above players worlds. please take that to heart and keep up the amazing improvements!

    if there was a dlc dirt clearing device to speedily level an area for settleming and such i’d pay $9.99 for it. such tedium wastes life lol. the creative amasing… lifedraining minecraft lol! holy cow its 10 hours later!!! best wishes!:)

  • No cross buy though right? You should inform us of this up front as I dont like buying things multiple times.

  • great joke teamgreen. haaahaa.

    um… this week right, so… the store only updates every tuesday fyi ibas (8)

  • Minecraft easter egg in BL2, best ever

  • Every new vita should come with Minecraft, Sony make it happen it’ll help sales. Start a new vita package bundling Minecraft and tearaway together, it would show off the awesome features via tearaway and it would cross promote tearawy unfolded coming to ps4. Oh and a lot of ppl like Minecraft FYI. Do it and we will get vita to 20million in sales.

  • Yay for more female character options! My daughter will be delighted, thanks! :)

  • Please make it very clear if the Simpon’s DLC is cross-buy or not. The Mass Effect DLC wasn’t clear and I bought it on PS4 and couldn’t play it on Vita. Very disappointing when buying all other DLC that was cross-buy and then having Mass Effect not be. Sony support didn’t care if all the Minecraft DLC is worded the same in the store whether it’s cross-buy or not. Still wouldn’t give me a refund. Any thought on making Mass Effect eventually cross-buy? Not going to make that mistake again and buy non cross-buy DLC.

  • You should already know the answer to that question.Minecraft is cross buy for Vita and PS3. All PS4 purchasses are separate

  • cool stuff sony! :)


  • My mistake, I misread the article. I guess only the first part is free.

  • Is the dlc actually gonna work when the store updates or are we going to have to wait days like the last few times for our purchases to actually work?

    Any ETA on the Doctor Who skins and what not? Really want them. They’ll be a day one purchase for me. So will the Simpsons.

  • So its only for Play Station Or Xbox??? I Got Both The Versions but I Don’t Play The Xbox Version That Much. I Heard That One Is Better.

  • No way! Thats awesome.

  • Micorosoft ownes Minecraft so i can see how that would be the case.

  • How is the xbone version better? I think that is a bunch of rhetoric being spread by Microsoft shills. I think Minecraft pretty much has reached it’s ceiling. I could honestly see someone create something better, effectively turning Minecraft into a forgotten relic – think how everyone loved MySpace and then facebook came along. Not like nobody could replicate the incredible engine which runs Minecraft, it is so old already.

  • Yea but you know how microsoft is with their sequels…Minecraft 2 confirmed

  • Where is the Star Wars and Doctor Who skin packs? They came out like a year ago on the Xbox 360, why not PS platforms?

  • Sony should really get a PS Vita Slim bundle with MineCraft going. Throwing in a great game like Tearaway or LittleBigPlanet Vita would make it even better.

    You’ve already done enough bundles with hardcore games, Sony. Making one that’s sure to be popular with kids (And increase chances of parents buying them one) would greatly increase the interested player base, many of which probably never see the Vita.

    Maybe then there’ll be a few more players to help persuade a few more devs to keep creating games for this amazing handheld. Nintendo certainly realized that including the younger audience helps, so a “family-friendly” bundle (Instead of the Borderlands 2 one) can’t hurt.

  • The xbox version has been out a lot longer than the ps3 version. At least a year difference. I know for sure there is much more dlc on there, like the Doctor Who stuff. The xbox may even be a few patches ahead. One day we’ll get caught up. Even though Microsoft owns it now, they’d forever be fools to not support the five million platforms minecraft is on. Heh.

  • @Yombies maybe I didn’t make it clear. All minecraft dlc including Skyrim mash up is vita, ps3, and ps4 cross buy except… Mass Effect. And the store is not clear, for instance Skyrim and mass effect, whether it is or not.

  • @27 astroking – You literally said the same thing I did, see #13. A Minecraft & Tearaway Vita bundle you had to of gotten that from me.

  • It’s funny that microshaft couldn’t create something original and creative like LBP or Minecraft so they instead just buy Minecraft.

  • Microsoft also didn’t have anything like uncharted so they throw $ at tomb raider (and lie about it being exclusive). Envious of God of War so they try and fail with ryse. They see how insomniac created a hit on a new system with Resistance FoM so they throw $ at insomniac to make sunset.

  • @zappajustin Skyrim and Mass Effect are not cross buy for all systems. Everything exsept thoes two and the festive pack and skins is cross buy. I found that out by reading * gasp *

  • @ iamtylerdurden1 Am forever A Gears of War fan though! Halo 5 looks like Call of Duty now smh

  • Dear playstation,for ps plus may you should put minecraft for ps4,it is a very fun creative game that many people will enjoy!:)

  • @30:
    Heaven forbid two people having a good idea…?

    Anyway, while I might not agree with all of MicroSoft’s decisions, insulting them online isn’t going to do anything. Especially if you want them to work with a competitor to help jumpstart a platform. While I’m quite a bit annoyed at Square Enix’s business practices as of late, I’m not going to try and get them to listen to their fans by trashing them.

    I’m just hoping that Sony will try a new younger-oriented bundle for the Vita. I can’t imagine how many parents probably bought a 3DS with Mario grinning on the box for the kids instead of a Vita with the Borderlands 2 guy mimicking shooting himself. Including an insanely popular game to entice a purchase and an extra amazing game to back it up (Plus promote potential upcoming entries) could improve things a little bit.

    Of course, this may be entirely wrong, and the financial side of it just wouldn’t make any sense after this much time has passed, and they pretty much confirmed that first party AAA games would stop.

  • This is going to be so sick!!!!!I can’t wait.

  • This is going to be so sick!!!!!I can’t wait.No but seriously it does not cost money.

  • Very 1st episode i watched was the 1 where bart did maths on that train n now simpsons ps4 minecraft only one thing to say WOOHOO all we need now is a simpsons minecraft edition with the whole town

  • Simpsons skins cost about £3.29 other minecraft skins free

  • @Yombies So you want to be a jerk? apparently your reading comprehension of my post is lacking *gasp*. I KNOW when I bought Skyrim Mashup, that I paid once and got both the Vita and Ps4 version. *BOOM* I was hoping for some interaction from Mojang in the blog, not from people like you.

  • This gives me hope that we might see the Star Wars or Doctor Who pack in the future

  • @30 a stroking – I just found it ironic we had the same idea, the same good idea. Why not trash Microsoft when they are the one’s paying you tubers to pretend to love the xbone and forcing them to never admit they were payed with a non disclosure clause. When they lie about things like tomb raider being an xbone exclusive when it is only a timed exclusive it causes advertising and exposure and it tricks ppl in believing the lie. Many ppl still believe these lies ign left the tomb raider story up for weeks even after it was exposed as fraud. I’m simply trying to counterbalance their bs. I owned the original Xbox and loved fable and I owned a 360 and loved fable2, im no fanboy I just call it as I see it.

  • @43:
    It’s fine to criticize them, I just think that doing so in a more respectful manner will make your words more likely to be listened to. I’m certainly not a fan of any of the things that you mentioned, but Nintendo and Sony have done countless other questionable things. Besides, if anyone wants a MineCraft Vita bundle, then it’s going to rely on a lot of goodwill from not only Sony, but MicroSoft as well, to make it happen.

  • @4: Ha, ha indeed. But not free. $3.99 for the Simpsons pack.

  • Not cross buy like older dlc. I didn’t enjoy finding that out after I’d bought it on the ps4. I will never buy dlc for this game again unless it is cross buy. It was worth the 3.99 when I thought it was cross buy dlc, but it most certainly isn’t when I can’t use it also on my vita and ps3 versions of the game. After all if none of it is cross buy then your some how expecting people to pay nearly 12 dollars for it to be on all the systems. And that is certainly never going to be worth that.

  • The Vita version of Minecraft, which supports PSTV, should also support local multiplayer (Splitscreen) just like the PS3 version (2 controllers, 1 PSTV system). This would be a selling point for the PSTV (and help increase Minecraft sales, too). Just think of it, PSTV is the most affordable console to play the mighty Minecraft, a game I’ve had many friends purchase a console just to play. Please, Sony and Mojang, make this happen, for the sake of PSTV and its owners.

  • YUUSSSSSSSSS how much does the pack cost

  • yess

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