PlayStation Underground: TowerFall Dark World

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PlayStation Underground: TowerFall Dark World

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our online show about video games. Today, we go underground with TowerFall Dark World, the upcoming expansion to the critically-acclaimed multiplayer “shoot-a-thon” TowerFall on PS4.

We sit down with Designer, Creator, and All Around Cool Dude Matt Thorson, who shows off the new characters coming to the expansion, as well as the brand new arenas and a new four-player co-op mode. Yes, he pretty much added everything you could want in Dark World… including terrifying portals that look like ethereal void squids.

We also welcome developer relations expert Nick Suttner and his glorious beard to add his own unique insights (see: awful puns) to the mix. Enjoy the nearly 20 minutes of gameplay, below!

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show.

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  • Starting to watch it now! Thanks for another Underground Mr Clements and great to see Nick on there too! Now would you kindly post that May PS Plus Post? =p

  • This should REALLY be tagged as PS Vita as well, since it’s coming to Vita too. Sony’s general apathy towards Vita is really disheartening. =/

    • Thanks for pointing out the missing tag! I added that in, my mistake. Yes, Dark World is coming to PS4 and PS Vita.

  • Yes Ryan, “would you kindly” post May’s PS Plus Lineup.

    (Kudos if you get the reference) ;)

  • Thanks for showing off Dark World. Super psyched for this expansion.

    @Ryan Clements
    Any plans to expand out Underground beyond segments like this? Nothing wrong with this format, it just would be cool to have like an underground weekly release with all kinds of goodies to be excited over.

    • Thanks for watching, Kaze! Appreciate the feedback. Yes, Underground may change, but in the near future we’re going to stick with this format. ^_^

  • We need a PS Underground App. Lot’s of people don’t tune into the blog on a regular basis and ALL PS4/Vita/PS3 owners should experience the greatness that is PS Underground. Great Show and I’m glad to see Tower Fall getting some new content.

  • OMG I miss Playstation Underground haha…. I need to look through my boxes to find my old issues.

  • GAHHHH!!! RELEASE DATE?!?!!??! 4 player quest mode?!!! NEED!!! WANT!!

  • My favorite character is the Vigilante Thief by far. Also, Anita Sarkeenian doesn’t deserve to be in the game at all.>:(

  • Best local game that my friends i play getting it day one when i comes out! So excited cant wait!

  • Thanks for everything you do Powerhouse!

  • Best game ever! So stoked for the expansion.

  • Without exaggerating, this is one of my most beloved PS4 games. Could not be more excited! Thanks PS.Blog for shining the spotlight on a small gem like this one!

  • Looking forward to this. Towerfall is STILL the most-played multiplayer game on my PS4. And with good reason!

  • More Underground!

  • Wow, nice to see Nick “Beard-to-be-feared” Suttner! Looking forward to seeing more Playstation guests as well (maybe Scott Rohde someday?)

    With all that said, I really enjoyed this episode. As someone who’s never played Towerfall, I can say my interest is definitely piqued now!

  • Any chance for PS3 port someday and bot support?

  • I rarely play mp or local mp so towerfall only went so far with me. I’d really like some information on Deep Down and Forgotten Memories (vita). Maybe something on the Ratchet e Clank reboot, Gravity Rush 2, mercury steam’s new project, or perhaps ask code masters if indeed they are planning on making a next gen Overlord. Amazed that we got the Shadow of the Beast story.

  • Maybe you could ask Nate Fox why he basically assured us inFAMOUS: Electric Souls was a real game coming to Vita, what happened to it? At least we were told about BioShock Vita’s demise.

  • when is it coming out? been playing towerfll ascension 2-4 local and it’s super fun and highly addictive. they should as powers for each characters: teleport, flash speed, strong punch/shield… and online play

  • I love this game a lot when I have people to play with or against. Not having a Mulitplayer Online ruins the game for me. I needs Online Mulitplayer and I will play it none stop.

  • looks cool

  • So is it cross-buy? What’s the price point and release date?

  • This game needs online multiplayer to expand its audience now, not more content. I’ll love playing the Dark World mode (I personally am a bit disappointed that it’s not an “Adventure” mode featuring all of the levels, but oh well), but other people will need more.

    Also, I’ve accidentally found out a bit of lore about the game, and it’s pretty interesting. Adding a “Codex” or some kind of reader filled with info on all of the stuff could be a great addition, and another way to keep supplying players with unlockable content.

    That comment about inFAMOUS: Electric Souls hurts me. I really want an Uncharted: Golden Abyss kind of game for the Vita. Maybe not set in Empire City after inFAMOUS 1, but something in the time gap where the D.U.P. are asserting order could’ve been great, and connected the series more fully.

    …I’m really disappointed that Sony Bend’s inFAMOUS idea (Whatever it was) wasn’t greenlit. I’ll make do with Soul Sacrifice Delta, but the PS4 isn’t the platform that needs more support, especially since all the other first party studios are working on it. Having a western Vita developer to appease the non-JRPG/Monster Hunter fans was a pretty smart idea.

  • Too bad there’s no online multiplayer. I’d buy this game if there was.

  • I’ve been saying it for weeks now: Underground’s current format is really LAME and boring. >_>
    So Ryan…PLEASE reconsider that whole “in the near future we’re going to stick with this format”.

    Until that changes…you can count me OUT. -_-

    Sorry and Good Luck anyways. ;)

  • Dear playstation,for ps plus may you should put minecraft for ps4,it is a very fun creative indie game that many people will enjoy!:)

  • Please add the ‘Playstation Underground’ tag to this post. I really enjoy this new show that pays homage to the original Underground and would like to go back and relisten to episodes. It helps when I can just look up the Underground tag. Thanks

  • Nick with his “Oh my, Scandalous.” was priceless.

    Great video, looks fun.

  • Looking forward to this coop!

  • Hm, kind of hoped for more information being brought to attention rather than just y’all playing unreleased games only a minor part of people who check out the blog care about. Nothing wrong with giving them insight but with certain updates not being pushed out at the times it typically has been since i have been using the blog for a couple years, only concerns me more about where this is heading. Why I goto ign to keep posted because they have more worthy news. PSU in this format would be nice if it hit on bigger titles a majority of the community cared about.

  • I can’t wait! I loved the game and am so happy to see it get DLC!

  • Towerfall is the best; watching other people play against each other is so much fun lol

  • PS Vita release please!!!!

  • L1qu1dat1on: it is coming to Vita. See the 2nd comment and response.

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