Zombie Vikings: How to Make Comical Co-op on PS4

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Zombie Vikings: How to Make Comical Co-op on PS4

For almost a year now we here at Zoink have been chomping away like mad berserkers on our little gem Zombie Vikings, a one- to four-player co-op brawler with an insane story written with Zach Weinersmith.

We finally thought it would be a good time to invite you into our studio so you can get the inside story of how we develop games. Find out how we write our games, make our art, animate and voice our characters and much more in this behind-the-scenes video. Enjoy!

Zombie Vikings: How to Make Comical Co-op on PS4

For all you who don’t know what Zombie Vikings is, here’s a quick re-cap:

  • 1-4 player co-op brawler from the creators of Stick It to The Man!
  • Dead funny adventure written by comedic genius Zach Weinersmith.
  • Losing your head doesn’t mean you’re dead. You can still attack, so chomp away!
  • Over 40 unlockable unique weapons with names like Stinknir and Blunt Fish Trauma.
  • Stitch all your friends together into a giant mega Zombie, it’s fun working together!
  • Equip your zombies with Viking Runes to gain new abilities like double jump and skeleton puking. Mix up your style of playing!
  • Choose between four unique Zombie Vikings who each has unique power moves.
  • Co-op couch play as well as online!
  • Out in August 2015!

Häck you later!

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  • It’s great to see something new from you guy, I love your art style day 1 purchase definitely!

  • Oh Zombie Vikings, just yesterday was thinking about you, game.
    Stick it to the man was the first indie title I actually preordered. My expectations were met)
    ZVs will be the third. (Ray’s the dead second)

  • Looks good. I am always open to more co-op games, especially ones that focus on being entertaining and have co-op gameplay elements (not just more players in same game acting independently).

  • Game looks great, I think the voices are a little off, but outside that, I’m looking forward to try it.

  • Looks like great fun. I’m so glad to see so many new couch coop games. Zombie Vikings will be a welcome addition to my PS4 library. Thanks for sharing!

  • Looks great, sounds great, and I LOVE local multiplayer (especially brawlers)! It really seems like you are trying to go above and beyond to make this game something special. I do worry the name is a bit generic, so I hope the game can find its audience based on its other merits!

  • This look like a lot of fun! I missed the boat on SITTM but will be all about this one on day 1. Good work!

  • Looks very cool, great art direction and humor. Its always great to see a new IP.

  • Stick it to the Man was brilliant on every creative level. Really glad to see more of that art style and humor.

  • Looks a bit like a hybrid between “belt-scrolling beat’em up” (a la Castle Crashers) with a budget “Rayman Legends” look about it. Seems interesting, actually

  • Hi peeps! Just wanted to say thanks for all the great feedback, if you got any specific question just shoot away!

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