Rocket League PS4 Closed Beta Starts Today

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Rocket League PS4 Closed Beta Starts Today

We’ve been a little hush-hush since our last PlayStation.Blog post, but it’s because we’ve been hard at work finishing our PS4 sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, aka Rocket League.

Rocket League

Sign up for the beta

The good news is, that just last week, we officially hit our “Feature Complete” milestone — which means that all the features we intended for the final version of the game are now in and working. From this point forward, our attention will focus on testing and polishing Rocket League as much as we possibly can to ensure that our game is as good as it can be.

Development is in the final stretch, but given that we’re running out of spring months, our target release date is changing to summer 2015. Our number-one priority is bringing you, our fans, a fun, high-quality game and we want to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

…Which brings us to how you can help us achieve that goal — by participating in the Rocket League Closed Beta.

Earlier this week, we began rolling out beta access to select members of our existing Rocket League and Battle-Cars community, but starting TODAY, we want to expand it.

All you have to do to take part is head on over to and fill out the form shown on the page. To qualify, you will just need a valid email address and a PSN ID.

Rocket LeagueRocket League

Beta Key supplies ARE LIMITED, so not every applicant will get a key. We recommend submitting your name while you can. If you’re not granted access immediately, that doesn’t mean you’re not in the running — we’ll continue to expand the player count as the Beta moves along. Keep an eye on your inbox for more!

And now, some important notes:

  • Server Times will run from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Pacific.
  • Because this test is specifically for matchmaking and server functionality, most final-game features are disabled.
  • Season Mode and Car Customization are not included, only one stadium is available for play.
  • These keys are for North America only.
  • This initial beta phase will end at a date to be determined in early May.

That’s it for now. We hope to see you in the Rocket League beta soon. Thanks again for all of your continued support!

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  • I spent a ton of time playing SARPBC on PS3, can’t wait to play this!

  • Looks great! Going to sign up for the beta now :D

  • Can’t wait

  • been playing battle cars for 7 years now, I can’t believe I’ll be able to experience this all over again!

  • Oh man – after the hours put into SARPBC on PS3 and if I may gloat, beating the devs on the first day of Playstation Experience. I can’t wait to get this back in my life :)

    • We had a blast at that event and we learned a lot from it.

      As for kicking our butts…

      Uh, no comment.


  • This is and has been my 7 year old’s go to game for some time…….many others have passed on his interest but Rocket Cars is has FAV!

  • Already downloaded the beta!! can’t wait to try it out when i get home :D (Got the beta early thank to a gameplay stream on Kinda Funny’s twitch channel)

  • I loved this game on the PS3. It was definitely my favorite for a year or two. Can’t wait to get back into it.

  • I used to play the heck out of sarpbc on ps3.” I must has a beta codes, all the beta codes are belong to us”

  • Been slingin’ SARB since ’08. I can’t wait to make my mediocre skills to the next level with RL. Yay Psyonix!

  • I got in! cant wait to get home and play it today. I’ve never heard of the game before until i saw it on Greg and Collin live!

  • I bought and enjoyed the origunal game on PS3. It’s nice to see a new upgrade to that title and for it to be brought to PS4.

  • I hope that amazing intro music is still in the game! Can’t wait to play it!

  • Seriously, getting all the stars in SARPBC was one of my proudest gaming moments. Can’t wait for this.

  • Oh man. I can’t wait for this game. Even my friends who don’t play videogames had a blast with the previous one.

  • I am so hyped for the Beta! I hope I will still get in because I registered today :)
    I played SARPBC hundreds of hours and I am looking forward for the Sequel. I am also very proud to be a part of this community! Maybe I am able to score the First Air Drag in Rocket League like I did in SARPBC! I LOVE YOU GUYS <3

  • No vita?

  • Sou um Youtuber brasileiro, gostaria muito de ter a oportunidade de jogar e ajudar a divulgar esse novo jogo da série que parece estar incrível! Realmente é com empresas como vocês que conseguimos ver o espírito dos gamers. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores.

  • Yay, I got the beta! Thanks guys!

  • Hey Jeremy, glad to hear the development team is Feature Complete. Looking forward to playing the final product!

  • got the beta, can’t wait to get home… to start downloading =P

  • Until when is the Beta playable?

    • It’s playable now. Sign-up with the link up there. As I write this, it will be going for several more hours today before recovering for tomorrow!

  • Sweet, can’t wait to play this. One of my friends just asked me a few days ago If I heard any recent news about this game. Now I just need to tell him to sign up =)

  • My Rocket League Beta Key dont work :(

    tried it 20 times wont work :/

  • Loving the beta so far.
    I wish you could let us play solo and split-screen against bots when the servers are down. It’s gonna be a bummer having to stop to playing after 1am.

  • Ahh I’m a huge fan of SARPBC… I hope I can get an early taste of Rocket League!

    I can tell from the trailer that this is a day 1 buy for me, but I can’t resist trying it out right now.

  • I missed it? NOOOOO! I really want a Mario Kart like game on the PS4 and this one looks like tons of fun! I want to play the beta :(

  • Me la dieron es lo mejor se siente como manejar un carro verdadero

  • I have been waiting for this game FOR-EVER. This was one of my all time favorite games on PS3. Have 100% Trophies! I can’t wait to BETA Test! So AMPPPEEDDDD

  • I can’t wait to play this game and review it for the site i blog for :)

  • I’ve been waiting / anticipating the sequel for sarpbc for almost 6 years…hope to get in on the beta to relive some college memories from the original!

  • Me and my mate at uni smashed the original for two years until ps4! I haven’t received an email yet, please allow us all mighty gods of rocket powered mightiness.

  • Loving the beta, me and my friends can’t wait for the full game! Please make sure to support the game after launch with lots of new content! :)

  • Im trying to sign up it saying my email invalid what do I do I really want this beta

  • I’ve been playing sarp for 4 years and it was my favorite game of all time. I really hope I get the beta key to get back into the action and beat Snake, Demic, Lachinio, and even some of the devs again. Watch out guys the U.S. marine’s tank is coming into play. :)

  • Tried to sign up and when I submit my info it just says “Keyword Required” in red letters. Ummmm…. if I had a keyword there’s not even a place to enter it. LoL.

  • First Game On. (7 – 1) 5 Goals by Me! Welcome Back the Best Game EVER!

  • I’m in the closed beta Awesome thanks guys

  • I’m in the closed beta Awesome thanks guys when will full game come out

  • Played a few matches today, I can’t wait to pay whatever the full game will be. Can we share gameplay on facebook and the like?

  • I heard, last year, a sequel was in progress, but hadn’t come across any solid information. I’m stoked it’s happening. The beta feels very much like the original, but seems smoother, and looks much, much prettier. The “lobby” is also a nice touch. You guys must include the original theme song in this game, even if only as an Easter egg.

    My beta experience:

    That 6:25 save/goal.. Damn.
    And that 7:20 save.. so elegant (nevermind how I set the goal shot up against us.. for the second time).

  • servers just went down as scheduled, the game is somewhat fast paced. easy to pick up hard to master, easily a family / friend party type game that can have a serious side good fun wish there was 4 v 4. the connection was smooth, no one in the 3v3 had a ping over 70

  • Whatever you guys do with this game…. just make sure it has a super awesome intro song like SUPERSONIC ACROBATIC ROCKET-POWERED BATTLE-CARS did…… cause it needs that!

  • When did the game drop to $3?

    Man if I knew that I would have been pestering my friends to buy it!

  • Most people seem to be getting their beta keys within a couple of hours… I signed up yesterday and – nothing.

    Is it just lagging behind the (reported) average? Or are you excluding Canada from North America?


  • I don’t remember being this bad at the original game, but it’s fun!
    Apologies to my teammates.

  • Got an invite to the Beta this past weekend and gotta say I’m loving this game !

    Day one purchase.

  • Nice!! The first game is osooom!

  • My son loves this game!! Reminds me of Atv off-road fury 2 ice hockey matches!!!

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