PlayStation Blogcast 162: The League of Extraordinary Rebels

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PlayStation Blogcast 162: The League of Extraordinary Rebels

Welcome back to PlayStation Blogcast! We have another jam-packed show today, and we mean it, too! We talk with one of two devs behind the ambitious space scoundrel simulator Rebel Galaxy on PS4. And an old friend stops by to chat about the high-flying antics of Rocket League. Plus, your listener letters, Nick’s great comedic timing, and more of Sid’s pasta sauce. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Rebel Galaxy
  • Rocket League
  • Shovel Knight
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Hornets
  • Pasta sauce
  • Other amazing things!

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanNick-OutOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Justin MassongillOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan Clements

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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1 Author Reply

  • Enjoy the show!

  • Great, just in time :D

  • I hope your using farm fresh ingredients in all these sauce recipes :)

  • I think Toukiden is pronounced Toe-key-den, but not positive. I do know that it isn’t a new release this Tuesday though, since it was already released in March. :P

  • I have long pondered if it were possible to seethe quietly while simultaneously giggling. Thank you Ryan you have removed that question from my backlog. BEYOND!

  • You guys are dangerous. Your show is addicting. Like crack. But also funny. Not like crack.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, children, is… Don’t do most drugs. Stay in school most of the time. And always listen to the Playstation Blogcast. Thank you.

  • Another very, very funny show, especially Sid’s recipe. “I’ve consulted with the ancient Roman culinary experts…”

    Also Ryan, I’m pretty sure the game you were thinking of was Spy Hunter. Your car can transform into a boat and motorcycle if I remember correctly.

  • I’m sorry Sid but the way you said “it excited me” just sounded so not very family friendly lol

  • lol Nick and his Beatles are going to be the reason California eventually falls into the ocean. which reminds me, that movie with the Rock looks interesting. What’s it called again? Oblivion?

  • Another entertaining blogcast. Nick killed it in this one and Ryan did a great job with the devs interviews.

    ps: You all have great voices but Sid´s luscious and smooth vocal chords would make any woman weak in the knees.

  • Is the PS1 cop game Ryan’s talking about Future Cop LAPD? Obscure PS1 gem from EA.

  • hey guys great blogcast one thing drives me insane about it. could you please silence your phone i hear someone sending/receiving notifications the entire show! except when sid talks so i feel like its him. how rude! silence please.

    • Hmm really? Pretty sure none of us were using our phones during this show, so that’s a weird one. Let’s blame Sid in the meantime though, I’m cool with that.

  • I must say, out of the handful of podcasts I listen to this currently sits as my favorite. You guys have come a long way and now I always look forward to my Friday night commutes. A quick question if you will. For quite awhile there has been a faint repeating sound in the background of all the podcasts as well as the interviews. Almost like intermittent mouse clicking but the true answer eludes me. Do you guys know what it is? Did you even know it was there? I’m not bothered, just curious with a boggled mind.

    • Wow thanks! High praise.

      I think that sound is our ancient mics getting a bit crunchy, as Ryan has pointed out to us recently. We intend to replace them soon. Though it could also be an African wood beetle slowly boring its way out of Sid’s skill, which would also make sense.

  • Another fine show gentlemen.

    Sid, use real cheese for goodness sake!

  • it sounds like the facebook messenger notification like a little bubble pop. a beetle in sids head would explain a lot though.

  • Would be rally nice to be able to download this directly to my PS4. PS Vita also needs some kind of RSS feed like the PSP had. I would relly like to get into listening to this every week, but as is, it is difficult to get this on PS4 and Vita.

  • Yeah, or put it on Spotify maybe?

  • LOL! @Nick my bad, I forgot the spelling was different.

    But hey, why can’t it be both?

  • I love you guys but that pasta description made me feel sick to my stomach. Canned cheese is just the worst! Can’t wait to hear more MKX talk!

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