Naughty Dog Charity Livestream for Operation Supply Drop May 16th

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Naughty Dog Charity Livestream for Operation Supply Drop May 16th

We’re running a livestream for Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute again this year. We’re not celebrating our 31st anniversary or anything like that. Why do it again? Well, we get a lot of fan mail. Few have meant more than an amazing email we received from Jeff Bullock, an Iraqi war vet. Head over to the Naughty Dog blog to read it in full. It’s the inspiration for year two of this event.

As before, we’ll be collecting donations on our Team Naughty Dog page for the 8-Bit Salute. If you’re able to donate we’ll be awarding some very cool prizes to our top donors.

Operation Supply Drop

Pretty cool stuff, right? See the full list and tier breakdown on the Naughty Dog blog. These prizes are available only to fans who are residents of the United States. So please donate early and often if you’re seeking any of these prizes!

Team Naughty Dog starts live streaming our support of Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute on Saturday, May 16th. Tune in from 12:00 PM Pacific until 9:00 PM Pacific to our official Twitch channel to watch and game with us.

To make this event even more fun, we’ve teamed up with the LA Chapter of Operation Supply Drop and we’ll have some very special guests — including voice actor Troy Baker — coming to the studio. Our good friends Brandon Laatsch and SanchoWest will be hanging out and hosting the live stream for us.

Once it’s later in the day and into Sunday, our PlayStation MVPs will be taking over and doing some streaming for the cause. Check out the full schedule on the Naughty Dog blog. During all livestreams, codes for DLC and full games will be periodically given out to the first people to redeem the codes. The codes are valid for residents of the United States only and cannot be redeemed in other regions. The codes will be redeemable for items such as the Helldivers full game or Uncharted or The Last of Us DLC grab bags. So be sure to tune in for your chance to get some really cool giveaways!

Operation Supply Drop

Again, grab the full scoop on the Naughty Dog blog. Be sure to share our team page and pledge your support! Hope to see you online!

Operation Supply Drop Inc., 9301 Alvyn Lake Circle, Bristow, VA 20136, (412) 370-3665. Operation Supply Drop is a 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID: 27-3842517, mission statement:

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  • I donate a word of advice: stop fighting to fill rich men’s wallets and desire for world domination.

  • @smokeAdellic- LOL of course that’s clearly what this is about. It must be tough being so self aware.

  • Be sure and check the Naughty Dog Blog post for the Streaming Schedule, 24 Hours of epic streaming by many of the MVPs as well as the Dev Team

  • It’s about supporting the troops right?

  • So you believe the troops are rich men who have desire for world domination? Nice guy.

  • No they exist to fight for rich guys wallets and power.

  • If you don’t know kid…now ya know!

  • Please tell me those covers are coming to the Skylight Beta…..

  • Wow really Smoke? I had no idea! Where do you work? I’d be willing to bet a large amount of your friends/family work for big banks, who fund a lot of these operations, including weapons building, supplying those weapons, etc. All of us contribute to these problems unknowingly, or even knowingly. That being said there is no reason we shouldn’t appreciate their efforts.

  • Lol read what you just typed out loud wow keep going with program! Everything is Okay!

  • Great cause, great prizes!

  • Smoke do you use a bank? Do you use the roads? Do you reside in the USA? Just as a heads up, that’s all controlled by the government. We shouldn’t support anybody who does their job. Every cop is bad thanks to the unfortunate leniency on the racism due to their “brotherhood in blue”. Troops go their to keep our lives safe and fight the war. Some people go their because they have no other choice. You’re being so shortsighted it’s insulting.

  • What you saying is to just accept things because they are there but that’s a defeatest mindstate and as for what I use that’s personal… we always have a choice.

  • Defeatist *

  • You’re wrong I’m sorry.

  • Your brainwashed I’m sorry

  • You people are all out of your minds. If you don’t want to donate, don’t. Personally, I only donate to charities that move me in some way. I don’t donate to anything like this. Although, I did spring for the Extra Life donation just to get freebies. But yeah, if you’re a big company trying to woo me out of my money, then I want something for it. I don’t ‘feel comfortable giving money to ND anymore as it is. If I want to support troops, I won’t be doing it through their cause.

    • Any money is going to Operation Supply Drop. They seek to make the tension and stress of war more bearable for the troops that serve their country and choose to endure it.

  • That’s great, but you made a long post that doesn’t tell us anything about the things that matter, because you want us all to go to Naughty Dog’s website and seek information ourselves. What you did discuss was a livestream, giveaways and Troy Baker. You may be doing a nice thing with your cause, but it feels like it’s equally set up to promote ND. Similar to how people naively believe Oprah and Justin Bieber do great things, when in reality their good deeds are set up by their managers and producers because putting their faces on something “charitable” gives them good publicity.
    But I get it; you are using your fame for good instead of for money. Except, in the end, ultimately gets you more money (more UC4 and merch sales and whatnot). If people dig it and they actually provide something, that’s great. I’m just not a fan of this stuff. Jerry Lewis telethons are more moving.

    • Hope you read the email. Iraqi vet Jeff Bullock is flying out and coming into the studio as well as the vets from the LA chapter of OSD. All will be on the livestream with us. Hope you can tune in and find time to chat with them and show support. We’ll be giving away stuff too so hopefully you can donate and support the OSD cause.

  • Afghanistan veteran here, proud of anyone trying to help any vet organization. Keep up the effort ND.

    How about we keep politics out of it people. If you don’t like it, sit there, shut up, and don’t donate.

  • Sit there and shut up and listen to your master’s! Lol

  • Serving our country with a big platter of fascism!

  • Wake up, sheeple! The guy named SmokeAdellic has got it all figured out! Lots of Reddit in between the bong rips has made him an expert on foreign affairs

  • That’s why we need to be able to change our psn ids…haven’t smoked in years but Yeah it don’t take much logic to figure out war is wrong and is orchestrated by those who want power and control using us as pawns especially a nation built on a foundation of genocide, theft, and slavery.

  • @23 – Of course war is awful, but not everyone is in it voluntarily. And sometimes it is necessary for a nation (or more) to get involved if there is one that is doing horrible things. I really can’t give much of an opinion on what’s gone on in Iraq and Afghanistan, as I think there are probably both good and bad reasons for the U.S. to be involved, and we’re never going to know the full truths. But as far as supporting the troops, I don’t have a problem with that. If there weren’t people willing to join the military and fight for our government and country – whether it be for justifiable reasons or for bad reasons – we’d likely be seeing a draft again, and there is no way I want any part in it. Not sure if a draft would have been imposed for the current goings-ons – we probably wouldn’t have even gotten involved in the Middle East f no one was willing to go there – but there would definitely be one if the U.S. needed immediate defending.

  • Lol I’d like to see them try a draft right now

  • If you support the troops, you support war. Period. There’s no way around that. People always trying to create separation where there isn’t any…

    P.S. – Nothing wrong with bong rips. My preferred method.

  • @SmokeAdellic It’s funny how this is the first post, but there’s more to think about then just war. These soldiers are human, and some do go through a lot, whether or not they want to be there or they know they’re being played like a puppet by the government.
    Either way, the fundraiser is supposed to help these people, right? With a videogame supply drop. I guess it’s just to comfort these people, and I don’t see any problem with that. The only other decision that I could think of with video games is to give it to families that can’t afford that sort of entertainment.

  • @26 – Flaunting your ignorance, as always. Not everyone join the military with a desire to put their life on the line. There are many different reasons people join; They need a job, they want to travel, they want to further their education etc..
    My brother served in the military in the 90’s and he never saw combat. What he did was work, see the world, meet and spend time with many different people, and gain life experiences and skills beneficial to the career he has now. Of course, the primary purpose of having a military is so that our country is prepared against violent threats, but the individuals who join have their own motivations. There is a difference between supporting people and supporting conflict. But you have proven time and time again that you are a very narrow-minded person. And to finish your attempt at making a point by displaying your pride in using drugs? The amount of times you discredit yourself in one post is just redundant.

  • Ho hum… it never ceases to bewilder me… how the pseudo-intellectuals repeatedly attempt to pull me down to their level knowing full well they don’t have a chance. Ugh. Make it stop.

    I never said ‘everyone joins the military to put their life on the line’, did I?

    There couldn’t have been any “ignorance” in my post because I only stated a bona-fide fact, followed by a declaration of personal taste.

    And, keep in mind that neither SmokeAdellic nor myself ever criticized the good-natured individuals who joined out of naivete only to be used as pawns on a global chess board that they don’t even know exists. It’s the ruling class objectives that we disagree with. Pay attention, brainiac.

    You just did exactly what I was talking about – attempting to create an imaginary disconnect between the various branches of the military and it’s overarching objectives. You might as well say that the leaves at the top of a tree aren’t associated with the root system… just… because… uhh… yeah, umm, they’re like, distant in a way, and uh, yeah, I got nothing and I know I’m wrong but I’ll keep claiming that I’m right anyway because I’m a haughty little bastard who won’t ever admit to folly.

  • I’ve had friends and family in the military too, many of whom also never entered combat. But that doesn’t mean that our military isn’t a vehicle for global conquest, because it is. Physical force isn’t the only way to usurp a vulnerable target. There are other methods as well – many that work even better than violence – and those gates need tending to. All that crap about “protecting our freedoms” is just something they say to get you to support them (or, at least not to oppose them). The military-industrial complex is a bully, and anyone without blinders on can see it plain as day. Just ask anyone in ANY other country, blind patriot…

    As for the other thing, there is no “pride in using drugs” here. Only a rightful lack of shame, which is why I don’t mind talking about it. On top of that, cannabis isn’t a drug anyway. It’s an herb. That’s yet another bona-fide fact that you can’t come to grips with for some reason. Your patriotic indoctrination obviously has a strong hold on your thought processes.

  • On top of that, EVERYONE does “drugs” anyway. Yes, everyone. Whether it’s the Advil you take to ease your little boo-boo, or the caffeine in the “Gamer Fuel” you ingest to prolong your noob-fragging, or the game itself, or music, or sugar, or, in your case, the endorphin release you get from incessant stroking… everyone has their vice. All of us crave a “fix” of some sort because mammals have a hard-wired intrinsic desire to seek and feel “pleasure”. So, you can stop that indignant self-righteous hypocrisy any time you’re ready, Mr. Perfect.
    Oh, I bet you’re going to respond with one of those goofy “legality” arguments, am I right?

  • Oh yeah, forgot to address your misleading claim that, “There is a difference between supporting people and supporting conflict.”

    If you support the people (especially ONLY ONE SIDE) participating in the conflict – and in this case, a VIOLENT conflict – then, YOU SUPPORT THE CONFLICT. That’s a fact no matter how you try to spin it. Because there are always other methods for resolving disputes. If you disagreed with the conflict, you’d express your disapproval followed by stepping aside, entirely (if you couldn’t persuade the combatants to cease fire), and hope for the best for any involved loved ones.

    I don’t support my fellow humans destroying each other’s bodies, lives, and families over political power-grabbing. If you don’t like that, too bad. The issue is much bigger than you can obviously grasp. It isn’t about country, patriotism, freedom, or any superficial crap like that… it’s about our species, our global family, our evolution and our potential future together, you NARROW-MINDED buffoon.

  • Learn the concept of “less is more”. I’m not going to read any of that,

  • * Bong rip *…..This is amazing.

  • Awesome cause! Our troops deserve every ounce of support we can give them.

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