Road to Greatness 2015 Tour

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Road to Greatness 2015 Tour

The Road to Greatness tour is back for 2015, hitting music festivals and live events across the United States with the latest PlayStation experiences. We’re kicking the tour off at Stagecoach again this year and hitting a new location almost every week through November. Take a look at the first few confirmed stops:

Event Date Location
Stagecoach Music Festival April 24 – 26 Indio, CA
Rock on the Range May 15 – 17 Columbus, OH
CounterPoint Music Festival May 22 – 24 Rome, GA
Rhode Island Air Show May 28 – 31 North Kingstown, RI
Free Press Summer Fest June 6 – 7 Houston, TX
Summerfest June 24 – July 4 Milwaukee, WI
New Jersey Festival of Ballooning July 24 – 26 Readington, NJ
Musikfest August 7 – 16 Bethlehem, PA

Fans on the truck will be able to play more than 30 new and unreleased games, compete for PlayStation prizes, and take home exclusive PlayStation goods that can’t be purchased in stores. On top of that, starting in May we’ll have an ongoing Ultra Street Fighter IV King of the Hill tournament that will last throughout the tour. The person with the longest win streak will win a trip to watch this year’s Capcom Pro Tour finals in December!

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to check for tour updates throughout the year.

My Road to Greatness

Don’t see your city on the list? Do something about it! From now until May 10, we are accepting submissions for My Road to Greatness events. To enter, simply submit a video or photo at the Road to Greatness website that explains why you think we should go to your hometown. Four winners will be selected for their own personal My Road to Greatness celebration in their city. In addition to that, each winner will receive a PlayStation prize pack worth over $1,000, including a custom PS4.

Check out last year’s winners here:

We look forward to seeing this year’s submissions!

My Road to Greatness 2015 Contest begins 4/22/2015 and ends 5/10/2015. Must be a legal resident of the US and 18+. Void in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and where prohibited. Video submissions must be in mp4, flv, mov, 3gp, wmv, or avi format, and must not exceed 2 minutes in length. Photos must be in jpg, png, or gif format. See Official Rules for details.

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  • Canada please.

  • Glad to see your guys are in GA, but that’s really close to MomoCon in Atlanta! I’d love to drive over to Rome, but I’ll be fully in the MomoCon mindset by the time that happens. Hopefully you guys come down to that convention one time!

  • Where is Boston?!

    • If this were “PlayStation’s Tour of Michael’s Favorite Cities,” Beantown would definitely be on the list! Unfortunately I can’t always get what I want… But you could! You should send us a quick video explaining why you think we should add Boston to the My Road to Greatness stops. If you win, you’ll have a pretty incredible celebration coming your way :)

  • ^^^^ Boston is in Massachusetts, on the north east part of the United States, about 215 miles away from New York city, hope this helps, even thou just could’ve used google maps, but it’s cool.

  • WOW 1 West Coast stop……uh bravo?


  • Maybe you guys should come to Hartford. I live closer to there than Boston.

  • Wherever you go, please don’t forget about the Vita! Many of us love that little guy and we are tired of it getting treated like the red headed step child of the Sony family.

  • Turkey. Turkey have more PlayStation consoles then almost every other country and şe love to see that truck over here. :)

  • Wow, another PS4 party! Cause what’s a Vita? <__<

  • @3 Heck yea, come to Boston.

    @4 lol

    @6 I’d be ok with that, too :-P

  • I felt really old watching that video.

  • I would love to see y’all come to North Carolina. Too bad our only “big” music event is Carolina Rebellion next month, which I refuse to attend ever again.

    • There’s no reason we have to wait for a big music event to go to your city! We’ve opened up a couple stops on the tour for places that you guys want us to go to. If you submit a video, you could bring My Road to Greatness to North Carolina as its own “big event”.

  • Wow two stops close to me the New Jersey festival of ballooning and musikfest i know what im doing this summer :)

  • Come to Buffalo, NY please.


  • Boston needs to have a playstation road to greatness

  • where’s chicago lol i came to vegas for you all, can you come chicago for a lil playstation love here? haha

  • There no love for Austin, TX. D:

  • ::Points and laughs at Karvel Lewis’s game collection:: Soul Calibur V? LOL! That game sucked monkey manure. And I used to be a Soul series until Soul Calibur IV and V ruined the series. And don’t get me started on the most recent two games, Lost Swords and Unbreakable Soul.:P

  • Will we be getting the details of the event later? Like, the event timings and whether there will be an entrance fee? I noticed that on last year’s thread, you did say there would be no additional fee to enter the event. For the Rock on the Range event in Columbus, would I need to buy a ticket for an entrance ticket for Rock on the Range to enter or could I just go straight to the PlayStation truck?

    • For most of these events, you have to go to the larger event to come check out the truck. Sometimes admission is free, but it varies from stop to stop. With that said, every “My Road to Greatness” event is absolutely free for everybody.

  • I’m upset that there are no cities around me (Spokane, Washington). Heck, there’s nothing even in my state.

    • Don’t forget that the list in this post is just the initial 8 stops. We still have plenty more to add! If you REALLY want to see this go to Spokane, you should also submit a video telling us why at

  • Ive actually been to that balloon fest in NJ. It was stupid. But maybe id go to play some demos. Seems the only way to access demos anymore….

  • There are times where I wish Canada wasn’t so close to the US… because then it wouldn’t suck so much to see us getting constantly excluded out of almost everything.

  • Hey that’s me David Ferrer! Can I enter again for this year? lol

  • It would have been so cool if you guys were coming to EDC New York :p or Boston!

  • Go Jays!!

  • Please come to Canada!
    Please come to the Calgary Stampede!!!

  • Hey Im 16 and i want to enter but i have to be 18 to enter. is it o if i have my mom in the video and she says its ok and i just put her name, and info on everything will it still count or no? and for some reason my other psn account i cant change the password on it because when my bro made it for me he put a random date. so im using my friends psn to comment, is there still a way for me to change my password?

  • It Wouldn’t Feel Like A Tour Of Greatness if There Wasn’t A DriveClub Competition At The Milwaukee Stop.

  • @shrekislovelife3 Bro seriously…give us a call 1-800-345-7669

  • You guys better stop by Las Vegas and say hi we working hard out here .

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