Sketchcross Coming to PS Vita on April 28th

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Sketchcross Coming to PS Vita on April 28th

Hey Everyone! This is Kendal from Spiky Fish Games. We are proud to announced that our puzzle game Sketchcross is launching next week (April 28th to be exact) on PS Vita and PS TV.

Sketchcross, if you’re not familiar, is a “Nonogram” logic picture puzzle game. In Sketchcross, the puzzles form a picture which can aid you in the quest to solve the puzzle. The numbers on the rows/columns are groups. The value of those numbers represents the connecting blocks of the group. Each group must be separated by at least one blank space. When you correctly solve the puzzle, you are rewarded with the reveal of your picture.


Sketchcross launches with 50 puzzles featuring a variety of subjects and sizes. Small puzzles are 5 by 5 while the largest puzzles are 30 by 30. The game offers 3 difficulty settings allowing for casual play as well as beat-the-clock play. Difficulty also dictates the use of the Check Button which you can use to find any errors or get hints.

Sketchcross also has Frenzy mode which is a randomly generated mode. Frenzy mode gives the player just 30 seconds to finish a completely randomized 5 by 5 puzzle. This fast pace mode keeps you on your toes. Watch out, as you never know what it’s going to pop up next.

A quick note from our last blog. We have updated all the art in the game, and we hope you agree that it is a huge improvement in the pen and paper theme. You may also notice the new button in the UI. This is the Center of Puzzle button which will allow you to quickly zoom out and see the whole puzzle. This is a very useful tool when zooming in and out of large puzzles.


I would also like to announce our post-release plan to bring you guys more puzzles to solve. Starting in June, we will be releasing 20 free puzzles as a DLC download and will continue to offer free packs in the months ahead. We are excited to bring longevity to the game and keep you guys scratching your heads for months to come.

We worked hard to make Sketchcross come to life and are really proud of what it has become. Check it out next week, and for PS Plus members enjoy a launch week discount! We can’t wait for all you guys to get your hands on it and take the challenge that is Sketchcross!

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