PS HEROES: Your Chance to Play Adam and Shu at E3

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PS HEROES: Your Chance to Play Adam and Shu at E3

What do Shaun White, Snoop Dogg, Steph Curry, Yasiel Puig, Shuhei Yoshida, and I have in common? Up until yesterday, absolutely nothing… but as of today, out of some bout of dumb luck, Shuhei Yoshida and I are this month’s PlayStation HEROES, complete with our very own superpowers! Check it out:

Anybody who purchases the limited edition Koi Pond dynamic theme and registers online will be entered for a chance to win a trip for two to E3, where you’ll play with or against us (We haven’t decided yet!) in a game of our choice. Even if you’re not interested in going to E3 and playing video games (Why are you reading this blog again?), you should get these themes because 90% of the proceeds benefit the charities Make-A-Wish, The V-Foundation, and USO.

Themes can be purchased through PlayStation Store here, and you can register for the sweepstakes here. Don’t forget to do both if you want a chance to win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A purchase will not increase your chance of winning and is not tax deductible. Game begins April 21 2015 1:00PM PST, ends May 19 2015 1:00PM PST. Must be legal resident of the US and 18+. Cannot re-purchase the same theme. Purchasers of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum themes cannot also purchase Heroic Bundle. Limit 31 entries. Void where prohibited. Official Rules: See PARTICIPATE tab in PlayStation Heroes App or

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  • So we have a chance at two entries? Im hoping to get into E3 this year since Im of age :P

  • Also can it be any Koi Pond?

  • It says “don’t forget to do both if you want a chance to win!” and “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY”

    Which one is it? Do I need to spend money to enter?

  • I don’t know if I’m registering correctly or if it’s broken. I click the register button and nothing happens.

    • The registration page should be working correctly now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • May I throw in the suggestion for Nidhogg as the game of choice? Or maybe Sportfriends? Either would be tons of fun!

  • Same here as #4–tried 2 different browsers (Chrome and FireFox) and I keep clicking Register and nothing happens…

  • Yeah form is busted for me too.

  • Still can’t redownload it Sony :(

  • Adam Boyes, I’ll utilize your post here on PS.Blog to share something that’s bothering me.

    Back at the PS4 reveal in february 2013, Sony said that EVERY game on PS4 would have a DEMO on the Store. If you go to the store right now, you’ll see the POVERTY of demos the store has.

    I can understand the third party demos, because it’s up to those companies to decide if a demo will be on the store, but what about Sony’s first party games? There’s just ONE first party game available to download(at least in the American PSN Store).

    So was that a LIE? Apparently it was.

    It looks like Sony doesn’t have enough confidence in it’s first party games.

    Me and the rest of the gaming community will be waiting for a explanation on this topic.

  • Aw… weak. I would’ve paid for the HEROIC theme if I came across that one first. Ah well… 5 entries it is then. Good luck all.

  • If I win, the main thing I’ll be doing at e3 is bugging Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Boyes to please bring back SOCOM…the biggest online game in the ps2 days, the most voted for HD remake on SONY’s own website….and yet it’s one of the only big games Sony HASN’T brought back….

    This has to change…. For the gamers, and for the socomers that played the recent socoms and knew they werent even close to the quality of the older games…. Bring back classic SOCOM already ;)

    Or, support SOF STUDIOS, a company that is trying to make a spiritual successor to socom on their own… ;) It’s BEYOND time to bring back the shooter with no aim assist, radar, killstreaks and perks….just skills+team tactics….SOCOM!

    If you think I’m annoying now, wait until you see me on my knees at e3 begging you!! Lol.

  • Anyway, always been a big PS fan + wished to be in the middle of gaming heaven (e3!), hope I can get there with this great contest+cause. Hope to see more gaming themes+charity.

  • I wish I could get the app working.

  • Is it weird that I’m 30 and the only people on the list that actually excite me in getting the chance to play with them are Adam and Shu? I follow the industry pretty regularly and work in software design and development and I’m a fan of the business model they’ve helped craft. It’d be interesting to just sit down and talk with them about their experiences. (change their to your if Adam happens to be reading this)

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