Journey Vinyl and Limited Edition Art Print Revealed

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Journey Vinyl and Limited Edition Art Print Revealed

Hello again, PlayStation fans! Here at iam8bit, we’re huge fans of Journey. It’s a masterpiece — and we can’t wait to relive its epicness when it arrives on PS4! Last week, I had the pleasure of sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the Hotline Miami 2 Collector’s Edition vinyl, and I’m back today with some very special news about Journey.

iam8bit is proud to announce the soundtrack from the critically acclaimed PlayStation-exclusive video game Journey will be available on vinyl for the first time. The result of a superfun collaboration between SCEA Santa Monica Studio and indie developers thatgamecompany, Journey features stunning visuals, innovative cooperative gameplay, and an amazing music score performed by live orchestra and featured soloists. Composed by Austin Wintory, the music from Journey tells a story of its own and enjoys the honor of being the first video game soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy Award.

Journey Vinyl

We teamed up with acclaimed artist, Mark Englert to create an original album cover that honors the beauty and emotional voyage that players experience when traversing the world of Journey.

iam8bit began 10 years ago as an art show — so naturally, we view EVERYTHING as a canvas, including vinyl records. This set includes two picture discs, featuring unique art on each side (For math junkies, that’s FOUR different sides of visual goodness!). The scarf of the Traveler wraps around the album’s perimeter, creating an almost hypnotic effect as it spins. If you pay close attention to the Traveler’s robe, you’ll notice that the embroidery becomes more ornate as you progress from side A to side D — just like each time you beat the game.

Journey VinylJourney Vinyl

The gatefold jacket opens up to reveal the soundtrack credits, as well as the beautiful ancestor painting seen in the game.

Pre-orders for the vinyl open at 10:00 AM on Thursday, 4/23.

But wait, there’s more!

Journey Vinyl

We know that not everyone has a record player, so we’ve also had the gorgeous cover art EXPANDED into a gigantic 12 x 36-inch screen print that’s just dying to be framed and hung on your wall. (For printing nerds, it features nine colors individually layered atop one another, creating the illusion of a wide spectrum of both texture and tone). We’ve even applied some specialty inks, including pearlescent metallics, which give the sand a stunning, shimmery effect that catches the light in a pretty magical way.

These prints are available in a very limited edition of 350… and come signed and numbered by the artist.

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  • Some of the best music in gaming period????

  • These guys did a fantastic job with the Hotline Miami 2 pressing (I have the first edition PC one), super looking forward to this. It’s funny, I was joking with Austin Wintory last year about wanting it on vinyl and he said “Man, I wish…”

  • My gosh these are both so beautiful…..wish I had the $100 to blow


  • Thank you so much. I would be more than happy to support this.

  • Man that looks SICK. Love the design on those records!

  • Love the game, love the music, and love this artwork! Is there a limited press on the vinyl too?

  • Great, because only someone with a $9500 paycheck would think buying this was a good use of money.

  • BWAAHAHAHAH!!! what a waste of money. Journey is the most over rated crap ever.

  • What is it about releasing vinyl with games now?

  • Only $35 for the vinyl set is cheaper than I was expecting! These look absolutely beautiful.

  • Does anybody know what the update was for?

  • Sold :)

  • Looks beautiful, buying it for my hallway. And when is the PS4 version coming? Been eagerly anticipating this since last year.

  • Fantastic collection. Can’t wait!

  • So you can just jam Records in the PS4 blue ray drives now. EXCELLENT
    cool art work though!!!

  • I’ve already got a pretty great collection of Journey on Vinyl… This is a beautiful package, though.

  • How do you play these vinyls? Yes, it’s true they do sound better, from what I’ve heard musicians say. But, does this mean we have to have an old timey record player? Who has those? Not many I’d guess.

    But, the soundtrack from Journey is the most beautiful of any game I’ve heard. Journey is a masterpiece of a game, but not for young players who only like fast-paced, action, shooter games. This is a cerebral and emotional experience so that will not be appreciated by many gamers.

  • Most overrated and over-hyped game in history, even more than Destiny. I consider myself a HUGE tgc fan, so you can believe I fully expected to love Journey. For a game that spent so much time in development, it feels rushed. It feels incomplete. And really – in retrospect – it’s obvious that it is. You can tell by the developer interviews, in which the same things are said every. single. time. Because there is just nothing to talk about.
    Gamers, you don’t love Journey. You love the idea of it so much that you have convinced yourself that it’s good. It’s not. This is a fact. And if you played flOw and Flower and claim that Journey is a masterpiece, shame on you.

  • Journey!! On…. vinyl.

    Oh. I’m waiting with bated breath to hear about the PS4 release. :)

    But yeah, I’m not excited by vinyl. I disagree with the audiophiles that say vinyl sounds better. Even if it potentially can, I’d imagine that’s only if the audio is played by real instruments and only recorded analog on its ‘journey’ to vinyl. ;) But if any step before the vinyl was digital, then what’s the point?

    Also, I loved Journey and do believe it was one of the greatest games of its generation. To borrow a colloquial expression from the young’ins, “Haters gonna hate.”

  • I want that 12 x 36-inch screen print.

  • Journey wasnt even a game. more like a interactive art. it was the most boring game i bought but i did like and can appreciate the relaxing music and pretty as hell sand, specialy when the sun light hit it. these are really nice looking disc by the way.

  • PanTheMan16, opinions, not facts. Sorry you didn’t like it, but I actually enjoyed it better than the previous two games from thatgamecompany. They were all good though. I’m surprised you didn’t knock flOw of all their games, but I respect your opinion if you liked it better than Journey. I’m sorry, as you put it, THOUGHT you liked it better than Journey. :P

    Anyway, I just wish we’d get a concrete release date. Can’t wait to experience this at 60fps. Sure it won’t be the same, but it was a wonderful experience each time I played and I can’t wait to fondly revisit this masterpiece.

  • You just missed Record Store Day.

  • My god, this is so awesome! I can’t wait to get this!

  • @24 – It was a huge step backwards. Flower, in it’s own right, feels like a huge game. And both Flower and flOw are incredibly unique. Journey’s attempts and uniqueness are just to “take things away”. It’s a 3rd-person adventure game with all interaction that you’d normally have taken away. It’s a co-op multiplayer game with the ability to communicate taken away. It’s just 2-ish hours of moving from point A to point B with no real story or reason. In all previou games, you were actually accomplishing things. Yes, it’s beautiful. And considering who made it, it had heaps of potential. Instead of being a tgc masterpiece, it’s just another terrible, indie failure, what people tell themselves is good just Because it’s a tgc game. I still consider myself a fan of the developer and will likely buy any game they make on the day it releases, but this was a dud. flOw was amazing, then Flower was infinitely greater, then Journey was a massive step backwards, which, by comparison, makes it a bad game from thatgamecompany. Maybe I should mention Cloud… but that was never released on console so no one around here considers its existence.

  • LPs are 12″ in diameter, right? I think if I framed these up well I have a spot for the print and the records in my kitchen:) would need two LPs sets for the art but they are cheap… hmm.

  • @27 – Mate I think there’s probably a few million people worldwide that will disagree with your. I accept that you didn’t enjoy it as it’s your opinion but please accept that many others have a different opinion to yours. I for example loved Flower but preferred Journey. It really had a emotional effect on a lot of people so while I accept your opinion it is by no means fact.

  • *sigh* Will we EVER get a Vita version of the actual game? That one pic on the bottom left is kind of a slap in the face.

  • I really want this <3 I loved the game so much!

    Hey any news on the PS4 release? Thank you!

  • It’s a shame that this is being released only on picture disk, because they’re notorious for not having the same audio quality as vinyl and don’t last through as many playbacks. The Journey soundtrack is something that I would probably like to throw on whenever I need some background music, but this format just will not be good for that. Oh well.

  • ^ I meant BLACK vinyl. ^

    And to everyone who knows nothing about vinyl, which is fine because it was not popular for so long: True audiophiles know that vinyl definitely has a warm cast or filter to it. It’s not really 1:1 sound reproduction. A large part of this is the way that bass frequencies are reproduced by a preamp (all turntables need a preamp, which is something everyone learns when they get a turntable), as full bass simply cannot be cut into vinyl because it would make the needle jump out of the groove.

    The closest we can get to 1:1 sound reproduction today is by recording in hi-def digital and playing back hi-def digital. The best analog format for sound reproduction, of course, is tape, but it degrades just like any analog format.

    The reason vinyl has surged in popularity is because CDs are becoming obsolescent as digital music doesn’t need to be sold on a physical format. And vinyl gives you nice large artwork and feel more collectable. And people seem to enjoy the physical act of putting the disks on the turntable. Finally, people actually enjoy the warm sound that vinyl records produce, even though they have to deal with the occasional pop and crackle.

  • I ordered the Hohokum vinyl a couple of months ago from iam8bit, and the quality of the packaging was fantastic. The only problem was the inner sleeve was made totally out of paper and not really audiophile-grade (chemicals in a lot of paper can have toxic effects on other materials after a long time), and it was a bit too tight for the record—I really have to tug it out. I hope that was just normal variation in the production process.

  • Wow…

    The print sold out in less than 5 seconds….such crap.

  • Seriously?! I clicked at bang-on the release time and nothing. Not possible surely?!

  • Wow awesome. Sold out before pre orders even opened.

  • No it didn’t – try again people! Quickly!

  • It doesn’t cost $15 to ship a record. This is kind of ridiculous. I was in at the $35 level, expecting $3-4 Media Mail shipping (which is how I have all the records I sell / buy sent), but this just became a little absurd for me. Passing on this one.

  • at first the site was getting slammed and said all the prints were sold out within like 10 seconds, you had to hit the update button a few times for it to work. They’re sold out for real now, not even 2 hours o.o So glad i nabbed one.

  • Bleh. I tried for a little bit to refresh over and over to no avail. Eventually said sold out. I wanted something of this so I got the vinyls instead, though the shipping cost was a little wtf.

  • Yeah, I was refreshing right at the start and the second it went “live”, it was showing sold out. So I knew there was an issue, or one person bought all 350. After the 20th anniversary PS4, I knew to just keep trying, as it would let me add qty, just not check out, so I assumed the site was slammed. For the PS4, it took me almost 2 hours of refreshing to finally get my order through, so I just kept trying, as I figured the qty was there, the system just couldn’t handle it.

    In regards to their high shipping, trust me, these guys package right. I deal in rare items, LE, and collectibles all the time, and some of the shipping practices for un-replaceable items boggles my mind on a regular basis. The poster tube they use alone has to cost near $10, as it is a tank and weighs a ton. So to those saying shipping doesn’t cost that much, your right, “standard” shipping doesn’t, but I’ll gladly pay double, or even triple shipping cost to insure safe delivery of rare items. I wish Amazon and other retailers would take notes, this is shipping done right.

  • It was sold out and I couldn’t order one. Anyway I agree with Eenos, nothing sucks more than to get a sold out limited edition collectible smashed or crushed that can’t be replaced because of terrible packaging. It’s worth the extra cost.

  • I wish they would put Bloodbornes CD Soundtrack on a CD or a Vinyl Record! Instead we got what? A voucher card for a digital download which was worthless, because before I even go that digital download card, the MP3s were already for free on the net to download. :P So much for that I guess. Can someone talk to FROM SOFTWARE and ask them to do something like this?

  • Wow, I’m looking forward to the vinyl release. Bookmarked.

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