Introducing Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations on PS4, PS3

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Introducing Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations on PS4, PS3

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations is the newest game based on the hit Cartoon Network series. It takes our heroes and the Land of Ooo to a whole new dimension of gameplay and visuals on PS4 and PS3.

What new dimensions, you ask? Read on!

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations

At its heart, Finn and Jake Investigations is a modern take on a classic adventure game, a genre that has seen a recent resurgence. Gameplay is based on exploring, investigating, and puzzle-solving. Through the course of the episodes, you get to interact with dozens of your favorite Adventure Time characters all over the Land of Ooo, including the Candy and Fire Kingdoms, Wizard City, and Castle Lemongrab.

And there’s a reason for all of this investigating! Joshua and Margaret — Jake’s mother and father, who also raised Finn — were seasoned detectives back in the days before becoming parents. They received their assignments from a machine called the “tickertype,” which printed out information on various cases. Now, Finn and Jake have unearthed the tickertype and decide to go into the investigation business themselves.

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake InvestigationsAdventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations

Rather than following a single story arc that spans the entire game, the adventure plays out as a series of separate (but related) adventures in which Finn and Jake must travel the kingdoms of Ooo in order to solve the tickertype mysteries, set around the middle of the sixth season of the show.

Investigating and puzzle-solving are the heart of the game — but, wait! There’s more!

The game’s not focused on fighting, but what would Adventure Time be if Finn couldn’t solve at least some problems with his trusty sword? Combat is fast-paced, pitting Finn against a variety of familiar foes who drop lots of collectibles and loot (as game enemies so often do). When you go back to the Tree House after each “episode,” you’ll see piles of dosh grow in Finn and Jake’s treasure room.

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations

The depth of the story and the amount of character interaction really immerses you in the game — and the icing on the cake is the visual presentation. For the first time ever, you get to see the Land of Ooo in 3D. We have gone to great lengths to faithfully capture the art of the show as it’s never been seen before. Hey… we’re all fans of the show, too, and we’re doing it up right!

Finn and Jake Investigations hits the shelves this fall. Be there!

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  • Finally someone gets it over there. Last 3 games of adventure time were poop. This looks amazing. Now bust out a regular show game worth playing.

  • Out of everything that’s coming out from indie games,remastered games &Free to play games & last but not least Announced games this is the least interesting in that even on my radar.

  • So much for continuing the Vita versions …

  • Awesome, day 1 buy! :)

  • Adventure time!! Yes!!

  • I am a big fan of “Adventure Time” but haven’t heard great things about the previous games and never tried any of them. I am intiruged by this one.

  • Our family loves Adventure Time and couldn’t be more excited for a PS4 entry into the series. After looking in to the developer I discovered they are responsible for Robotech: Battlecry, one of my favorite games on the original XBOX(and PS2) so this gets me seriously excited! Can’t wait to see more.

  • FIIIINALLY! day 1 buy

  • Damn I’m happy to see adventure games making a comeback. Thank you for adding one more game to the genre and helping it resurface. Don’t know anything about adventure time but will definitely keep an eye on it.

    • We’re happy to see adventure games making a comeback, too….and we thought that an adventure game was a perfect fit for Adventure Time. Adventure games are all about exploring and interacting with characters, and it’s hard to think of any world that is filled with characters as interesting as the ones in the Land of Ooo!


  • @10

    9:33 A.M here

  • C’mon grab your friends

  • love adventure time and would look into this.

  • Why isn’t this on the Vita? :(

  • Game looks like it was soooo made for VITA. There is nothing next-gen or cutting-edge about the game for it to be home console-only. But it would look waay better on a VITA OLED or LCD screen. Why are developers of games like this always fighting the VITA magic, VITA is written all over it. This is clearly a game for VITA. I’ll buy it only If it were on VITA.

  • @14 racing_sloth : Because Vita (AKA “PS4’s Most Expensive Accessory”) has been DEAD since 2013.
    Problem is that most Vita owners haven’t realized it yet.

  • Off topic : since the PSN was renamed Sony Entertainment Network i can’t post my trophies on facebook anymore, now it only says which games i play each day.

  • please make a Regular Show game that’s in 3D like this game, I’m not into Adventure Time.

  • @17 If you’re talking about PS4 trophies, you have to do it manually (they’ll upload to facebook, but show ‘only to you’ aka no one unless you go in and change it).

    My vita ones show up automatically.

  • @ rogerfsa: What jabber said is correct. PS3/Vita trophies will still post automatically if you have FB linked. But very shortly after the PS4 launch, FB itself changed how the PSN app interacts with the site and made the trophies hidden from your public timeline by default. They did this because for some strange reason, Sony made the PS4 post every single trophy as a separate activity, rather than how the PS3 would post 10 trophies to a single activity. It was clogging up a lot of news feeds, and engineers at FB probably didn’t appreciate the deluge of PSN auto-posts. Sony has decided not to fix this issue, so FB has never reverted their changes either.

  • Looks good. I love this series. Very clever show!

  • At first I was kind of ignoring all of the Vita comments, but the fact that it is coming to 3DS means a Vita release is totally founded.

  • Just read the official announcement that it’s coming to the 3DS and not the Vita. I’m completely dumbfounded.

    Way to go.

  • So, 3DS is getting this game. What about the Vita?

  • I adore ‘Adventure Time’. Seriouly, I am a massive fan. Sadly, if we are speaking artistically; this game looks like a third year project, by an undergraduate student, enrolled on a ‘Game Design BA’, at one of those ****** ex-polytechnics.

    Little Orbit doesn’t have a good track record with game development. Give the license to a development team that can actually make video game, with the ability to at least allow a human to vaguely emulate the instinctual psychological known as ‘joy’.

    The shading on Jake looks abysmal. Has he been coated in varnish after being baked in a kiln?

  • YES ! , Will it be like Sam & Max type of gameplay ?

    • Yes, the gameplay is similar to Sam & Max–lots of exploring and character interaction. We’re finding that this type of gameplay is a great fit for Adventure Time.

  • at least this game isnt like anything from a super nintendo. is thsi coming for wii u, it would be more convenient to own it there because i bought a wii u to play nintendo games. adventure time reminds me of a bunch of nintendo games mishmashed together.

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