GT Academy 2015 Begins at Midnight Tonight

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GT Academy 2015 Begins at Midnight Tonight

Gran Turismo fans, start your engines and get ready for the fifth season of GT Academy! The 2015 competition officially starts April 21st and will be open to all entrants* through June 16th.

GT Academy 2015

Beginning at midnight tonight, the next gamer-to-professional-racer prospect can enter the GT Academy qualifying rounds accessible via a special Gran Turismo 6 in-game event. At the end of the 8-week competition, competitors with the 20 fastest in-game race times from the online competition will compete head-to-head in person this summer at the US Nationals.

GT Academy 2015GT Academy 2015

In a change from previous years, the U.S. region will for the first time participate as part of the International competition where only the top six will advance to the International Finals. There they will try to prove they are one of the best in the world, deserving of a shot at the dream job of a professional racing placement for Nissan.

GT Academy 2015

All four Nissan GT Academy winners from past seasons will see plenty of racing action this season. Bryan Heitkotter, the 2011 Champ, is racing the full 2015 season in the Always Evolving-GT Academy Nissan GT-R GT3 in the Pirelli World Challenge. Steven Doherty, Nick McMillen, and Nic Hamman will divide time co-driving the #41 Doran Racing-GT Academy 370Z NISMO in IMSA’s Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge Series throughout this season.

Do you have what it takes?

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*Terms and conditions for GT Academy 2015 can be found here.

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  • Checkered flag flies! FIRST.

  • How about Gran Turismo on PS4 and Vita already?

  • Make Gran Turismo for the Vita. We have waited long enough!

  • We want GT for the PS4. Just release the same GT6 with solid 60fps.

  • @4

    That’s what they should have done in early 2014. Too little too late. I want my full-fledged GT7, and I hope they take a hint from the GT Academy they sponsor and make THAT the career mode for the game.

  • Will we be able to watch on Hulu when it airs ?

  • @MarinoBrea Better to have GT6 running on PS4 now than having to wait a couple of years to GT7. It couldn’t be that hard to port to the PS4.

  • Gran Turismo on PS4 is useless. PS4 has no wheel support other then the cheap GTwhatever ****. Bring the G27 compatibility.

  • Hope when they decide to make GT for PS4 they know it HAS TO BE 60FPS. Sony, listen to me on this.

  • No Canada again. It’s sad, I would participate. :'(

  • I’m still hoping one day Quebec, Canada will be able to participate in this event.

  • I hope there are plans for a Gran Turismo game for the PS Vita!

  • I’m hoping someone fix Shareplay, Results Too Low reading for a person that has 50 download and 5 upload should NOT be seeing that message!

  • Gran Turismo for PS4 and VITA.
    GT Academy for South America. Argentina and Brazil had and have great drivers…

  • Senjutsu_Dav: Canada was elegible last year. Unless it was another one of those contests that exclude quebec

  • But what about GT on PS4 and Vita?

  • @snarls200: Yeah sadly excluding Quebec again. I think they need to have a french version of the contest page for that, but frankly, it should not be long to do… I could do it for free lol. Anyway, still hoping.

  • Senjutsu_Dav : Alot of times it has to do with Quebec’s laws on contests that keep your province out of contests

  • I’ve been a Gran Turismo fan since 2001. I didn’t owned GT 1 and 2 back then because I wasn’t a PS1 owner . I did played them however . Anyway I’ll pass on this challenge just like last year.

  • PS4 release or we dont care!!

  • I am so angry. Tried to load Gt6 on my ps3. Tried everything you told me. Going through failed updates after failed update. Followed instructions. Nothing. Now telling me my console is broken. How come my other games work?

  • Looks fun. But yes, GT on Vita and PS4 would be nice. I think GT7 might be talked about at e3 though. My favorite Gran Turismo is Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec. I still play it today.

  • Will enter the competition! Love the GT Academy :)

  • Please just re-release GT6 on PS4. Driveclub is really good but a lot of people do not consider PS4 to have any good racing games because the review scores got bruised by launch issues.

  • Yessssssss.

  • It’s too bad that Canadian competition is not allowed. No reason. Last years academy had several Canadians in the top 10 for North America.
    But EVERYONE knows that North America is the US alone. Canada and Mexico just cease to exist. For god’s sake don’t look at a map. (FYI, Canada has a larger population of half the competing countries this year, including Australia )
    For GT exec’s (Kaz), Sony exec’s, Nissan sales…….please provide a REASON why valid competition is being stifled. Are you afraid you cannot manufacture an American winner with fair competition??? Do you think the US drivers are so feeble that they wouldn’t be able to stand toe to toe with a Mexican or Canadian challenger??
    Seems like it !!

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